My cabs office on a capsule goes on. Im gon na have the police stand the police cruiser order, known as the stanier in gta 5. While it is, it is in gta 5 and it remains exactly the same. The police cruiser in gta 5 is different from the police cruiser in um, gta, 5 and even a taxi is a little different. So i thought you know technically. The police cruiser is this updated version of the stand here ill get more into more detail. When i talk about it, if i want to, if its a part of this view or not um, also the i just want, i just want to talk about it. So yeah i know, were adding our car to the list, but thats the last car im going to add, i think, to this list. So we only have eight to go so were gon na shuffle the list like last time, im gon na shuffle it a couple times here. Actually there we go, it is now shuffle lets uh spin, the wheel lets see what we get for a car all right. The sentiment i actually like this car, i, like the uh super secret special variant that they have so thats, pretty cool. Okay, then all right, then, were gon na be doing the 1998 uber sentinel. The supplier wanted a few vehicles in gta 4 that has a long legacy before gta 4 came out, but also continues the legacy in 5 and online, but does it live up to its predecessors? Alright, today, im going to do a parody of new radicals, youve got the music in you.

Ive got a review to do santa no ive got a review to do eight more left. This car is gon na pull through, send to know this college got a reason to live. Cant forget the legacy that it gave. That was, that was pretty good, actually, 1998 overwatch sentinel. I guess this could be a direct competitor to the sultan uber im, not sentinel. I have more money and no kids, okay, jokes aside, i never would drove this car much in gt4, believe it or not. I always prefer cars like the blister compact, fudo, hakumai, perosi or uranus. You see a pattern. Three of them are japanese, tend to be four. If what i said about the rotating revenge, import is true, i guess sentinel didnt look fast or exciting. I never had a chance to see what it was really like, driving one kind of like how i talk crap about the 886 and how its slow and overrated. But everybody tells me: oh try driving one youll change your tune, then perhaps, but that was definitely the case with the sentinel, why it didnt have the coveted xs moniker from the days of old. If youve been around the older games like me, then you know about the mafi sentinel and the sentinel xs, which was the cream of the crop. Only in gta 5 did the xs trim return. If you can call it that my thoughts on that will be for another video, however, back on topic, there was once i know i allowed for the coveted central xs did exist, but not in name ill.

Just miss it later ramble over the sentinel has existed in a gta franchise for many many years, starting back in the good old gta 3 days, the gta 3 and subsequent liberty city stories. Models were designed after a bmw, e34 with inputs from an e’ and a michelichi diamatonte. If you dont know what that is here, it is its basically an upgraded gallant there. Also, this is a special model in both games in gta 3. It was the mafia sentinel and in lcs it was the leone named after the head of the mafia, south torontoni, which you work for in lcs, m3 and spoilers. You kill the oni in three. Both models were based on an eager d6 and were essentially a tuned version of the standard model, including a body kit, beard window louvers and a rare spoiler moving on to vice city and vice city stories. The sentinel was based on a bmw e23 with influences from a second generation combat board. The higher xs model is based on the same car and features the same body kit as the mafia, sentinel and the young central. Naturally, the excess mafia and the unintentional are a vast, stereo standard model Music. Now, finally, in san andreas, we got just the standard sentinel, no xs model this time. Just this, these 10 injuries looks somewhat similar to the feisty model. Making this, i guess you could call us a facelift, i guess – and now we arrive here today at gta 4, where detentional has dropped its four door design in favor of a two door coupe.

The gta4 edition we see here today is based on a bmw. E46. M3, the e46 is the fourth generation of the bmw three series range of cars. It was produced 997 until 2006 and featured several engine options for petrol engines, a 1.6 all the way to a two liter inline four was offered and for inline six displacement engines. You could have got displacement, ranging from two to two point: three liters being a german car and a european car like the mercedes w011. There was also these alternatives: a base, two liter inline four and a two point. Nine two cigarette inland 6 was offered wow no turbo diesel bam. Okay, bro for transmission options. You could have gotten a 5 or 6 speed manual or 4 or 5 speed automatic a 6 speed. Smg2 was also offered, which is basically an automated manual transmission or a clutchless manual. The e footage was offered in a two door: coupe two door: convertible three door; hatchback thats, one of my favorites, a four door saloon and a five door wagon. Once again. Also one of my favorites – i want that wagon every e46 has a his rear drive. However, on sedan and wagon malls, with the xi or xd wow great mirroring, there guys trim had all wheel drive. Of course, i cant imagine e46. Without talking about the m3. The e46 everything was offered in october of 2000 and was available with a 3.2 liter s, 54 m tuned engine, producing an impressive 338 horsepower and 269 nice pound feet of torque.

The m3 was only offered in a two door coupe or convertible thats. The same. I would have loved the m384e46 aspects hell. Even we yankees over in america got our own performance packets as well in the form of the performance package or simply zhp for the order code. It was equipped with a sportier camshafts, revised engine tuning to increase power, output to 225 horsepower sure its not nearly as powerful as the m3, but im sure it was a lot less. As far as like you know, price zero. Switching for the zhp was around 5.6 seconds, pretty decent for the era. Oh right, we also need to talk about the m3 gtr, so bmw made a road version of their motorsport m3 and they also made a homologation model. They only made around six of them and they cost roughly 250 000 euros, 2001. thats, roughly 242 429 euros in todays money or over 400k in usd it made roughly around 383 horsepower, which was detuned from its original 444 horsepower. Most of you remember this car from neighbor speed most wanted. No, not that one there we go. This car has become so iconic that people to this day still recreate it in real life and in other games. Okay. So that was a lot of information process and it went on for much longer than i thought lets move on with central under the hood. The sentinel features a double overhead cam turbo charged in line four, while i 4s were off roading 46 no turbocharged models that do exist, but i can assume it is equipped with one of those two liter four cylinder engines.

The sentinel likes each bushs counterpart is rear. Drive and is made into a 5 speed transmission as far as handling and performance. I must say this is one of the best cars ive driven while it certainly isnt the fastest. It has great acceleration. The car does tend to lose traction at high speed its quartering, but in the hand of a skilled driver you can pull off some near professional style. Drifting move over ken block im coming to get you the gta wiki even said this car is quote. Arguably the best choice in the modern category in multiplayer racing. Of course i cant first review without talking about the sentinel xs now, while in game, it is simply called the tentacle, it features the sentinel xs badges on the trunk lid. This is one of the more rare cars to spawn in the game, and i found the best way to get this car is to steal the sultan rs hidden alternate. It resembles its older gta, 3 and 50 predecessors with a body kit, hood vents, scoop black painted wheels and a rear spoiler with std or sentinel tuning division graph on the rear, spoiler, clearly a parody of sdi or subaru. Unfortunately, the performance is the same as the standard tentacle, but it still looks great well there you have it folks. I had a lot of fun with this car im glad i reviewed it. I think i take gta version over gta 5 one any day.

Well, thats pretty much it for the uh video there um, so yeah thats the sentinel um. Like i said i never really driven this car much except for the uh xs model, and i thought the xs model was supposed to be the better version when written reality. They handled both exactly the same, but im kind of ashamed. It didnt bring back the old xs model from four to five, but you know the xs and five is okay, but never as good as the old 10 mil gta4 on it guys until next time. I will see you all in the next one bye bye.