Im only im not going to show any of my other cars that are just there and just yeah theyre, okay, im gon na show you my good ones, the ones that i take pride in. So when i get straight to those i dont know, if you can see it in this shot, lets see now you can ill. Take you with me. These are my good cars. These are the ones ive take pride in. They made this little thing, so these are all my yep theyre good. If im outside my all, my in the box and on top, i have my chargers, so we dont go through most of them, just like the main ones in here and all my chargers. I love my charger also so far since ive posted nice um me and me and gekko been hanging out buying their cars and chilling. We bought some of the new slide fast and furious slime um we actually bought another frosting furious, set that one up top one that came with the charger, and i think that was my first charging that landed a month ago. So that was pretty good. Um were gon na get straight into it. My favorite cars, oh yeah, photo picture. I did you cant, really see it good Music, its not really that good its not my best. One uh well get straight into the charges. First ill just pick them all up, bring it over to the desk it.

Oh this. This is really bad. Okay, well do these in the skylines, okay, like three skylines and then well, do the unboxing of the new card and well just look at them all in itself, so well start with so yeah the three fast and furious cards of this other one. The first one im going to show you is actually and is, i think, my favorite out of the organ, its a 1966 dodge gasser charger gasser, as you can see, with the its just really really nice. Is it this way notes this way? Okay, it says dodge and charger as a blower this this car cost me. I think it was 15 or 20.. I just really really liked it. So i said why not ill treat myself thats that one no one else would have this because m2 so im lucky. I got this. This is from a rare collectible shop that ill go to sometimes lets back on to um well, go with the most common, the favorite of most people if they watch the fast and the furious movies, the 70s dodge charger with the blower at the hood. Yes, i actually, this is my. This is probably my favorite car in the world. Oh one of the two ill show you just that i have so many charges its not funny my poster. There just dropped my other charges. Then weve got this charger, which is a bit bigger and then ive got a lego, technic car, which i built, which is a charger as well.

Yes, i really like the charges put them to the side. Oh yeah, its pretty similar, simple everyones, seen it theres, nothing. New about it, but its just a good good car to have front grille is good. Okay, next car ill put this up here with the other ones. Uh well go with the next one in the timeline. This is from, i think, fast, seven, when they uh do the scene, rescuing that girl and dumb takes it down the cliff. This is the um car. He says a dog child motorbike. I love child with the charger in a devil or something because something like that to make it really strong and all that yeah. I picked this up see not last week the week before this was eight dollars, so uh the the other charger would be seven yeah, and then i got from the new movie the first and furious nine, the one that just came out glasses. I got this one. This is a 60 a 68 yeah 68, not a charger. These are these headlights. Are the common ones, theres, also a hard headlights to find and theyre hard. I havent seen any yet if i do ill get it yeah, um and im sorry about the video quality, its pretty grainy, but yeah uh, so thats all the charges done. I only have four but i hope i have like a heap like the skylines uh im. Gon na review, the ones ive already showed you once and im just going to put them there, because they go with the car i bought today, so ill go grab.

Those okay lets start with the original. This is so my the 1669 actually is my dream charger and uh r32 yeah, and this is just a white version, just a white one, pretty simple nice room zone and i actually that this card of my friend and he actually quite ruined it, which im quite Annoyed about, but, as you can see, it has stuff all over the hood and the back is banged up a bit im, just not in good quality, which im not happy about, because its my only r33 skyline gtr that i have im not different rims nice ones. No everyone everyones favorite, there are 34. yeah just like that. Okay and we dont get to the car we i bought today, so well get straight into it. It is my s nissan sylvia s, 14., Music. Okay. I think it has the same rooms as the 32. Okay, quick comparison, uh, the 32 is a bit lighter, but they are the same same model wheel just a bit. These are darker black, its pretty nice inside side. Oh that back end. They actually did the silver thats not normal, for hot wheels. Oh, they did the full bottom silver thats, why its pretty nice? I love that back end. Not many people like the s14 back end, but i like it well thats, actually, all for today um, i dont know how to turn comments on. So i have to stop saying put in the comments below what you want me to do and blah blah blah.