com today, were going to take a quick look at these sumo spring solo. Custom rear axle, helper springs. These springs will replace. The factory bump stops to upgrade the rear suspension on your 2020 and newer jeep gladiator. These will help to improve the driver, control and comfort of your gladiator to help keep your gladiator level as youre, towing or hauling. A heavy load help to absorb bumps and shocks as youre going down the road and minimize your sway. Now, when most people think of suspension enhancement, theyre thinking of airbags, these are obviously not airbags, theyre an alternative to it. So there are some benefits uh. There are some benefits to airbags. Well, go over some of that, but these are a micro, uh, cellular, urethane construction. So they are going to be very durable, theyll work in temperatures from negative 25 degrees fahrenheit all the way up to 200 degrees, fahrenheit theyll, resist damage caused by oils, road, salts and uv rays. So they are going to be very durable. One of the main benefits to these sumo springs is that it is going to be very simple to get these installed like i said they are just going to replace your factory bump stop so, essentially, all you have to do is remove your bump. Stop put this up in its place and youre ready to go theres not going to be any drilling youre not going to have to run air lines and tubing like you would for air springs.

Another major benefit to these is that they are going to be maintenance. Free, so, unlike your airbags, which you have to monitor the air pressure in there, make sure that you always have enough that its not going to collapse the bag cause damage. These are basically just set it and forget it. So once you get them installed, theyre going to automatically adjust to the weight of your load so that you never have to worry about adjusting it. So that is going to be a major benefit of these because they have that progressive load control. The springs will compress. According to the weight of your cargo, so the lighter the load, the less theyre, going to compress its going to be a nice spring. Uh soft engagement at the lighter loads, so youre going to have a less bumpy ride. But then, as you get more and more load put on there, theyre going to compress and become a little bit more rigid, so theyre going to compress up to about 80 percent for support. So these do have a weight capacity of 1 400 pounds. Now, when you hear that its typically uh pretty easy to jump to the conclusion that its going to increase your vehicles, weight carrying capacity by a thousand four hundred pounds and thats, not what that saying so, no uh suspension enhancement system is going to increase your weight. Carrying capacity uh, all of them are just going to be kind of like a back brace so its there not to help you lift more weight, but just to kind of help, support your suspension so that its taking some of that strain off of it.

So it can do its job better, so these are going to do a really good job of that for you, because they are independent and they are going to compensate for off center loads, so its going to if you have really heavy load on one side, that Spring is going to engage, get stiffer and that other side is still going to be riding nice and free so that youll have that soft engagement on that one side, so its going to help compensate for those off center loads. Its also going to help reduce your body roll, so if you are carrying a top heavy load, youre not going to have to worry about that shifting back and forth, because these will engage to compensate for that they also have minimal lateral expansion. So, unlike some of your airbags that can kind of expand out as they get compressed, these are going to be nice up and down so its going to prevent damage its going to help these to operate in tight spaces. So really a lot of advantages here. The disadvantage that the airbags have an advantage in this would be that you dont have any control over how much support youre getting so like. I said they are just kind of a set it and forget it. They do their own thing with the airbags. You do have the option to put more air in there to give you a little bit more support or take some air out.

So you dont have as much control with these. But if you are the kind of person that just wants to get it installed and let it do its thing to help support your suspension, this is probably the way to go. These do come with a limited lifetime warranty. So if you were to have any problems with them, youre more than welcome to reach out to us here at were always happy to work with our customers. Make sure that youre getting a good quality product having a good experience, and these are made here in the usa, so you can trust they are made to the high standards of quality that weve come to know and trust for products that are made here in the Us so like i said they are an alternative to air bags, theres some good to them less maintenance, easier, install the the downside is that you dont have as much control over how much support youre, getting like you would with airbags. So just kind of depends on what is most important to you, if you like having that control or if you like, having the convenience so thats, going to complete our look for today again, im michael with etrailer.