I really really really appreciate you welcome feel at home away from home. This is a channel where i serve sugar, spice and everything. Nice lifestyle travel cooking, anything nice name them go sip i give it all. I serve it all so today, im feeling like i want to discuss a certain kenyan brand, its on vehicles. I really want to talk about cars and uh. Please stick to the end and enjoy because ill give you some insights and you might want to buy a car and, if youre thinking to buy a car. I think this is the right place to stay. Sit back, relax, get yourself some popcorn and get some knowledge and we teach you something new and enjoy make sure to tell a friend to tell a friend to subscribe to my channel. I really missed you guys and for all the returning subscribers. Oh my god. I really appreciate every single time that you always watch my videos. I really really appreciate you guys youre loved youre, most loved love. You guys please watch till the end Music Music through the ceiling Music. By the way, guys, like i told you earlier, were gon na discuss about cars and cars and big machines, did you know in kenya? We have a motor place like you like we manufacture cars in kenya. Wow today i dont know. If you guys know this is a company called mobius motors mobiz motors are providing cars like like cars made road made for african roads and all that yeah my base design manufactures and sells vehicles built a specifically for african mass market.

Did you know that guys? I hope you know – and i now is what im going to tell you about this car, because theyre falling in love. I wish they can give me a chance to ride this car, and specifically, they had several. They have three versions of mobiz. These mobius on me obvious 2 and mobius 3., so me particularly are falling in love with mobius too this machi. Oh, my god. This machine is looking so dull that i feel like it is you see when those people usually compare cars? You should compare this car. Is having more power than um discovery defender and and what we call um Music, what we call it prado this car price range you cant, even imagine, zero mileage zero mileage plays around 0.94, you see and its a pure clean new car. Oh, my god, i just dont know where to get the money, but i feel like this, since i love big machines, if i can get some channeling channeling somewhere, this is a good way to go, supporting our own local products and today, im going to tell you About mobius 2 and if mobius youre hearing where you are, please just give me a chance to give a ride in this terrains of the mount kenya region. I do a safari on that car because ive fallen in love with it. Oh my god, i dialect. I really i just digress a lot because im so excited to talk about this car mobius 2 was conceived by reimagining the vehicle around the needs of african consumer road terrain.

Typical vehicle loading and average income levels were important factors in the development of this vehicle, guys. The results are now suv suv. You know uvicas yeah, with the durability required to handle rural roads sold at the price of a used seat or used sedan. You know this car when its brand new, when its zero mileage, actually its beautiful its really beautiful its even cheaper than buying a secondhand car thats. Why im so excited to talk about it and im about to give you the specs of this car, because i dont know guys if youre feeling the way, im feeling im so excited about kenya, that we can produce our own cars? Big machines, because that can only serve our needs. Like you see me, im a country girl girl and we have terrains that. Sometimes you dont need small cars. You cant compare this without to do its a big machine. You can go on rocks. You can go on a safari, you can go on all pajettas on any sandy place in wagia, mandera name the places. This is a safari car, guys who love traveling. This is a safari car. You should see it and now, like i said its only 3.9, its ranging from 3.94 point its not as expensive at zero mileage, zero mileage im not even talking im, not even joking. First of all, guys, this is not a sponsored video to begin with its the love i have for this car.

I havent owned it, but i like it, i dont even where to begin, because, ah, oh my god, if you listen to the specs of this god, its gon na give you goosebumps. Yes dance, my back, oh my god, so im gon na begin. Where, where did we, i will begin with the space frame guys the space room is quite huge. You know the space frame architectural, provides added. Passenger protection supports optimal weight balancing across the you know, the space frame where you have like you put your legs, you you know: mobius is rubber steel space frame mounted onto a long interior ladder chassis. You know the space between your legs and solid rear exhale, which lowers the center of gravity, its quite uh yeah its something its something good, something good looking, so you cant get disappointed with this car and thats it and thats it and thats it in terms of The space, the engine, the provision engine and transmission system is engineered to deliver solid traction useful for driving on rough roads with heavy loads. The power train is specifically tested and uh culminated around the road and climate conditions in kenya, god god god i cant even finish. Talking about this car because it is actually canyon, the canyon, the efficiency is 16 valves guys and we will t that is variable valve timing to drive increased top turkey of the lower engine speeds, while also delivering top end power and full fuel economic, its actually, economically.

A powered car to suit your needs in kenya who doesnt want to save some coins, guys because i want to sell some coins so yeah. This is our car. How about the suspension of this car guys, you see! Um, solid suspension is key to reliable driving in the very variable road terrain of africa. You need good suspension guys and what does mobius 2 does utilize it as custom developed, double wishbone, coil spring suspension in the front and live axle leaf spring suspension in the rear, where this configuration enables responsive vehicle performance, guys, including improved drive, handling and steering stability without Compromising load capacity for transportation, heavy goods in the heat of the road so guys i dont know what youre waiting for. I dont know why you have to buy those prices. I dont know: okay, im not im, not against prado, but given this is kenyan made, who doesnt want to support their own, who doesnt want to support their own, so mobius is the way to grow. Mobius is the way to go guys im looking for mobius, because i need to ride that car and go and cruise around this ciolaros meru to our pajeta since im a mirian girl. Oh, my god, i wish i can have this car because its so customized for us huh. I know some of you asking how about the infotainment. As in how the interior looks like the exterior already im talking about the exterior itself, you can see its quite a big machine and for no bs obvious num mobius 2, because ive fallen in love with the second one because they dont havent uh.

Not really. It has a gps navigation thing inside wi, fi connectivity, multimedia usb connection, fnvc npc, actually its near field communication and bluetooth and 4.0 for hands free calling, as in you, can call well in your car, its quite modern. The high definition, eight eight inches eight inch touchscreen display also offers some seamless mirroring of any smartphone via mirrorless technology. This car has maximized access to photo, i mean to phone data and for functional for insurance functionality. So you make sure you get yourself this car because actually its having everything its customized to modernness theres, no way youll miss to have your calls on on somewhere, which is quite uh rural or like bushy places. This is the car to get so its that all for today make sure you subscribe like share and tell me: would you like to own a canyon made car whats your take about this car? Do you like it? Thank you, Music, Music! Moving like hey Music, im alive Music, so Music yeah you slowly, i cant keep on checking my phone no im out with my friends, but i think of you is that, is it all right? If i got to know you better, is it all right? If i told you how i feel, because you could be more than a stranger, so tell me what i need to hear: is it Music Applause, Music? You uh be more than a stranger. So tell me what i need to hear is Music.

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