Also, some fresh new electrified engine options and the car now has access to more sophisticated drive systems and additional safety tech. If youd been overlooking this spanish contender, it now deserves a second glance. What, if you could take everything thats good about the drive dynamics of a volkswagen golf, the superb ride, the excellent refinement, the exemplary at the wheel ergonomics, the smooth, efficient engines and replicate it all in a better value package, with a slightly sportier feel such has always Been the appeal of the sail leon and, in that regard not much is different. With this fourth generation version, it still steers and turns in a little more sharply than its golf skoda, octavia and audi a3 vw group, family, hatch, cousins that share the same engineering and mqb platform and as before, most mainstream versions continue to persist with an old school Torsion beam rear suspension setup, which isnt to suggest that nothing has changed here. Quite the contrary. Take the engine range specify an auto gearbox with either the volume 110 ps, one liter tsi, evo 3 cylinder petrol unit or the 150 ps, 1.5 liter tsa evo 4 cylinder petrol power plant and youll get the brands latest etsi, mild, hybrid electrified technology theres. Also now a phev full hybrid plug in layon, the e hybrid, which uses a 150 ps 1.4 litre, tsi, petrol engine mated to a six speed, dsg, auto gearbox and an 85 kilowatt electric motor powered by a 13 kilowatt hour.

Lithium ion battery that, when fully charged can deliver a wltp rated all electric driving range of up to 36 miles Music. Most leon customers, though, will be wanting an engine of the more conventional kind which, if you want to stay with manual transmission, is what youll have to have with a stick shift fitted. In addition to conventional versions of the two tsi petrol engines just mentioned, you can opt for a detuned, 130 ps version of that 1.5 litre tsi, evo petrol unit, which is actually what were trying here. An engine capable of wltp rated figures of up to 52.3 miles per gallon on the combined cycle and up to 124 grams per kilometer of co2 youll also be offered the option of diesel power. There are two versions of the latest cleaner, more efficient vw group 2 litre tdi twin dosing unit, offering either 115 or 150 ps at the top of the range lies. The cupra leon hot hatch variant, which can be had with either an uprated 245 ps version of that 1.4 litre plug in hybrid powertrain we just mentioned, or with a conventional 2 liter tsi, petrol unit, developing either 245 ps in front driven conventional hatch, form or 310ps. In four wheel, drive estate guys so set out to deliver a bolder, more purposeful look for this fourth generation layout, yet a shape clearly evolved through recognizable brand dna. It was important for designer alejandro messinero romanos and his team to get this right, because visual style was apparently one of the key reasons why people bought earlier versions of this car as before, theres a body style choice between either this five door, hatch or an alternative Estate, the brands, bolder intentions are certainly very evident here at the front, with setback angular led headlamps, reminiscent of a star wars stormtrooper from the side, those familiar with the previous generation car might notice this ones, 86 millimeter gain in length in this hatch form its 93 Millimeters longer in a state guys, the rear is marked out by this porsche style coast to coast.

Full width array of rear led tail lights, which artfully disguise this mark iv model 16 millimeter reduction in width. How much of this kind of progressive characterful approach will be evident in the cabin? Quite a lot is the answer, its certainly a lot more sophisticated inside than before this car, like its vw group cousins, having gained a major dose of advanced screen technology here, housed in more angular chiseled fascia design, the seats are now more supportive. Everything falls easily to hand and theres, also a bit more of a premium feel this time around the way the window ledges and the leading edge of the dash together form. An unbroken crescent is almost jaguar, like beyond entry level trim youll be served up. The electrical fest that is, the sayet digital cockpit, a fancy way of describing that the central screen is of the big 10 inch kind and that instrument biblical dials have been replaced by a 10.25 inch screen. Assuming you avoid entry level, se trim youll be served up. The electrical fest, that is the sat digital cockpit, a fancy way of describing that this central display is of the big 10 inch kind and that instrument binnacle dials, have been replaced by a 10.25 inch screen. This center stack navi system monitor, has the brands full link, smartphone, mirroring plus theres, a built in e sim that enables you to create a wi fi hotspot and enjoy online connectivity, which allows you to access online radio and benefit from over the air system updates, plus The standard 3d sat nav system can be embellished with live traffic information.

Unfortunately, it must also cope with all the climate functions too. Controls that we think would be better separated out with physical controls. The 10.25 inch configurable driver instrument cluster meanwhile offers a fully customizable display with a choice of different layouts and full screen. Mapping, if you want it, Applause lets take a seat in the back which, by and large, is what you get an extra 49 millimeters of rear seat, legroom, meaning that a pair of six foot adults could be accommodated here in reasonable comfort, providing front seat occupants. Dont slide their seats fully back. Lets finish this segment by taking a look in the boot, the catch for which, as usual, is activated by pushing this center tailgate badge. Your salesperson may well be keen to reference the fact that the 380 litre space provided here exactly as before and the same as a golf is around 40 liters. More than youd get in a rival ford focus pushing forward the conventional 60 40 split rear bench. Freeze up 1210 liters across the load area, thats virtually flat with the seats folded. This leon has long been a strong but often overlooked, contender in the family, hatchback segment and its been usefully improved in this fourth generation guise overall, on a pure value versus quality basis. This leon has long been the pick of the volkswagen group offerings in this sector, and that also makes it one of the key segment benchmarks outside the volsberg family of brands, which in turn makes it a very good car.