The fat cat collections today want to share with you guys, uh another company or some products, five products actually from a company called sync wire and sync wire specializes in usb uh, wires and cables, and basically peripherals to connect a lot of your uh. You know tablets cell phones, that kind of stuff, so mounts cases, uh cell phone accessories, that kind of stuff, so they have a whole slew of products and they were nice up to send me uh five different products to share with you guys give you guys a Little bit of an idea of what they offer so, as always guys links for all these products will be a description. Every single video. I will link to the actual store on amazon and give you guys some price points on what these cost super. Affordable great quality and kind of a no brainer uh in todays tech sort of world right all right. So the first thing i want to share with you guys is um. Now there are chargers and there are charters. So the first item that i request from them is one of their uh us or not usb, but usb c chargers. A lot of phones nowadays are usbc a lot of the android devices, which is great im, glad theyre getting away from micro usb where uh you have. The the cable only goes in one way: theyre constantly getting damaged, usbc is fantastic. It goes upside down or right side up, so this charger only charges, usbc now im sure you can get an adapter cable.

If you have other devices you want to use with this. For me, i have a male usb c to usb c. Cable thatll work perfectly with this so uh. This is for basically my cell phone and a few of my other devices such as uh. You know this is a different company, but uh usb power banks use usbc in a lot of cases. Uh again, the newer cell phones tablets that kind of stuff, so uh fantastic. If you are going to order something like this uh, you want to go ahead and make sure you have the proper cables. A lot of the usb chargers are an actual usb plug, not a usbc. So keep that in mind um, even a lot of phones. You buy will actually have just a mail, you a standard usb end and a stand: a usbc mail. On the other end, you want a dual usb c mail mail, so um. So this is pretty cool now, as far as the um whats great about this device as well. Let me get to the usb information here um, where is it micro, usb cable? Now these are the cables so ill come back to this here, because i want to tell you guys about the voltage on these, because a lot of newer phones out there, probably the phone that you have a lot of people – are just using standard, uh standard, usb Power adapters and so to really charge your phone faster.

You want a higher voltage again, that is if your phone is compatible with the higher voltage so ill talk about that in just a second here: theres, a big difference between speed charge and standard charge um. So the other device i got here and thats the box of that device. There uh you guys dont, never really get to involve the boxes uh. This is another car mount uh. I believe it or not all these years, of having a cell phone and having all this tech, i have not had a phone mount uh. You know, honestly, to be flat honest with you, its a big pet peeve of my people driving and texting looking at their phone. So i really dont do that. I, like ever, i just its way too dangerous, but it is kind of nice people to play some of your tunes uh with modern cars and even the cars that i have with aftermarket decks be able to play a lot of your music, like my sister thats. All she does is use her phone uh to play music in her car, so its great to be able to have your phone mounted where its kind of up near your eyes or, if youre, going to change the track. You know lets face it guys. I mean over the years weve all had stereos in our car and you do have to kind of look at it a little bit, so it is dangerous regardless, but at least you get this closer up to the windshield uh its better.

So this one here, let me show you what this one looks like. I requested two different types of mounts: uh. This is your vent mount, so these are great. I was kind of against these in the beginning, because i was like how stable can that be, but uh. You have kind of like this kind of these pinchers on here and theyre pretty tight, and this allows you just basically slide this right into any mount or any vent and mount your phone with a magnet. So this does come with the backing plate, uh, which i have mounted to the back of my phone ill. Show you guys what i did here. You can opt to mount the plate to your phone or to the case uh, because cases kind of wear out. I always have a case on my phone um and im always having to replace it every you know. Maybe six months um, i mount it to the phone so again stay you know. Pretty low profile sticks right to the back of the phone, and this allows you to go ahead and put the case on there and then, when you mount this in the car, its a nice stable mount for the phone now um again, you know if youre going Over some pretty heavy bumps, i think thats pretty good. I dont think this is going to come loose, uh, of course, its not as stable as the next one im going to show you here, and this one is just a.

I love this mount. I put this in the salary a day and i just when i ordered it, i wasnt sure how it worked uh. This is fantastic, so you still have those pinchers on there and what you do is have you have this kind of this lower kind of foot plate and what that does is for the stress that the phone puts and wants to. You know, pull the mount down. This kind of backs up with a nice rubber pad here against your dashboard and really keeps us stable. You have a nice kind of ball joint here that allows you to tighten this down and really lock it in place. But what i like about this, too, is when you slide this onto your mount or onto the vent. Excuse me: you have a lock tab. So, basically, when you flip that tab, it squeezes these two uh pinchers together and it really is a stable mount even more stable than the magnetic mount. What i like about this, this is a great travel solution. In my opinion, uh, you can bring this with you. Your buddys car, very small, keep it in your bag. I mean your pocket, and so, if you know, if you have to rent the car youre in somebody, elses car allows you to mount your your phone there without having to uh. You know do anything to their dashboards, its a really nice way to bring that with you.

I bring this with me when my my folks are going places, but this i keep in the solar and i want to get a few more of these actually uh to keep in the other cars. So what i love about this – and this is just really innovative design when you drop your phone in there, you can see it pulls the side mounts in, so it really holds your phone in a really nice stable way. It allows you to very quickly take your phone on and off this uh, you can see when you pull down just normal gravity, pulls the two side: arms in uh, ive, seen other ones that theyre powered and all these different things thats stupid. But this is really simple and it works really well um. I love this. I know its. I know a lot of people probably have stuff like this already, but i havent added one of these to my car and i i love this um. It actually makes me, even though i have usb – and you know all the different digital all my media, um uh in my car for my car stereos um its great to be able to sometimes stream a song that you you know. I dont have in my collection right, which is pretty surprising. I have a lot of music in my car, but sometimes ill hear a song or, like i dont, have that on this particular usb drive um its nice to be able to pull this up and stream.

It bluetooth other thing too, is you know there are times where were expecting a text and we we do need that information quickly, although im totally against texting and driving um, you know some. Sometimes we, you know we are driving. We are waiting on something right, maybe buddys gon na meet you somewhere youre waiting on information or honestly maps. I know that um a lot of modern day cars have gps built in and all in the maps, and i know thats pretty standard, but my cars are older and for older cars uh you know, you know the jag. That system works pretty well but honestly aftermarket decks. Although you know ive done two reviews on the tesla style decks they work really. You know they work well for music, but theyre a little glitchy right and for maps and stuff theyre, just theyre, just not uh speedy. Now, maybe in time, thatll change, but google maps on your phone works fantastic. So this is kind of my go to if im trying to find something uh, i i bring it up on my phone well in the past im trying to prop it up somewhere. This is great a lot of times. You know me, my folks, are you know taking little trips going places and we dont always know where were going if my dads going to buy something on craigslist or facebook or whatever you know were trying to prop this thing up. This is a really easy way.

Either one of these is a great way to mount your phone safely in your car, so um, i love it. Im gon na get a few more of them, theyre, fantastic, uh so and then uh. What else we got here so ill? Show you guys that this one here is a um. This is a travel charger. This comes with two different plugs, i believe eur europe and china. I believe the plugs. Let me get to the next item here for all this great stuff. They make a little uh weather resistant carrying case, so you open it up there. You got a couple mesh screens, it does come with a couple. Uh wire, velcro wire tabs wires, not really a zip tie. But what do you call these like wire, securing devices right? Great comes with four of those and, of course, heres, the two different plugs you get for um the adapter, so im, not, i dont travel really anywhere. So for me, i really got this because of the voltage and because um its a nice portable charger allows me to plug in four usb devices, so the ta, the power adapter us plug folds out fantastic uh, four different devices. This is great im gon na mount. This downstairs, uh, probably not gon na use it as a travel charger, but nice thing about it is that if i ever need to um, i have it you know, so you have the two different plugs here.

I believe this is asia, and then europe, if im, if im correcting that – and these are really straightforward – all you do is just pop this right in the back like so, and now you have european plug, you want to pop it off real, simple jump over to The asian plug, i believe, thats the asian plug again theyll quote me on it, but again its nice, that it has those things uh and you know, like i said you have four different usbs you have uh, two of which are one amp and two are 2.4 Amps so thats going to help you charge your devices faster, fantastic device, really well made and solid. Now i want to get back to this one here before i close this power. Adapter super neat super nano style right, so this power adapter here uh, if i can find it here, let me find it im at their amazon store right now and for some reason or another there. It is okay. So this is their sync wire, um, 20 watt. Usb charger, so this will allow you to charge devices a lot faster, especially for the iphone 12. I mini 11 pro max xrx8 ipad pro and galaxy. So i know my phone is an lg volt lg volt, no lg, stylo 6. I think it is um. Mine will actually charge at a faster rate depending on your power supply, so ive been using one of these for charging my phone its a lot faster.

So keep that in mind. Just look at your manufacturers specs on the phones um. If does it the ability for rapid charge, something like this will be definitely handy and its super teeny and nano again if youre gon na pick up some of this cool stuff, get one of the carrying cases to keep all this stuff in ive been needing one Of these, for a long time, i have so much crap, all the time, uh its great to have a nice organized way to carry that. You guys know im super organized. You know obviously right so um thats really about it guys. I love the company. I think their products are high quality, theyre great price points great right now, for this charge you get 15 off uh for the usbc youre, looking at 12.99 with 15 off, if youre looking at the car amount, the magnetic one 16 bucks and then the other one, Fantastic value 13.99 shipped, so i got to buy a few more of those again but great products. Great case. I want to thank sync wire for the generosity and sending this stuff a lot of times to companies like this when they reach out. They might want to send me one product and i always tell them, you know, send me a few products, so i can share the different products. You know what, if somebody buys one item, its a good quality item, theyll be back for more, and you know in the competition that you have on amazon theres, so many different products out there, thousands of different products, all in the same category companies are always trying To get ahead and get their their brand out there uh sync wire: it works great im, happy with it, so hopefully in the near future, ill be able to work with them again.

I have a lot of charging cables. I could definitely add some quality cables to my collection here, uh, so to speak. The thing is, you know with cables too honestly. I know theres lots of cheap cables out there, but you know i i wear cables out. Pretty often you know, and then your phone doesnt charge right its great to have a backup, uh and get some quality cables and they have definitely quality cables, so ill link to their store uh in the description, so you have a link to their amazon store, ill Link to their website theyll link to each one of these five products individually and as always guys, if you guys have any questions whatsoever, dont hesitate to ask im always here to lend a hand. Try to answer a question if you guys have one. If i dont have the answer ill get you the answer, uh, as always guys, if you like the content subscribe to the channel as always guys be safe out there be kind to another and have a great evening.