Today we are going to show you this tesla model. Why long range yeah? We are now involved its beautiful. So here you can see the ocean of yours and im with my friend gista. He said nice to, let me show his car so what we can start. First yeah. We can start and see in the front because tesla have little storage space in the front because normal car only had engine but for stuff dont. Have it so see. So here is the space, so its pretty good space. You can take little out not much, but you can take a lift out, so you can see so theres some cable here yeah to bring away the new and same as this another cable. The two cables you get when you buy this car and here you see the size a decent size. I know they fit small asian people in here they were testing before but im not gon na jump in. Yes, you can fit a few alcohol beers yeah. He said yeah you can fill up with ice too yeah. If you want yeah. Okay lets go inside and see how the car is inside, because this car – i know you see video before they have you – can choose between white or the black. But my friend choose their black interior yeah, so we can go inside and see. So here is the front yeah. So here you see the door, they have uh yeah the windows front and back and here open the door.

This is the emergency opening yeah. My friend use it and then you get warning in the screen, so dont use it. Try to only use that one yeah, so heres a look inside so you see the motherboard. I have this big screen the same like the model. 3. The new things is this uh wireless thing for your phone thats very nice, and you see this is new, its not a blank, its like a more matte thing and heres a big room under yeah. Well, like see its really deep, so two cupholders under here you have some more stores, heres, the key yeah. Of course oh no theyre boats coming and then i have some glove box too. You can open the glove. Let me see if i can try to find it. Yes, yeah its, not the big one, i think only if its some paper thats it yes and they have this big glass roof and we can go in the back and see how we look in the back into the glass yeah that hit the glass. You see the glass so now we can go in there back it. My friend is 193 centimeters long. So if im sitting back of him, i still have this leg room thats, not bad at all, because hes a very long guy. For me, i want it so thats, good. Okay, i can sit on the next seat and you see i have more space here.

So i will sit normally like this and then i have very big space, a flat floor, two vents some usb and you have this armless with your couples. I like the seat back here. Is it comfortable yeah and you see here you can see that here on the glass roof, its very big and i dont feel the sun bothering me at all so thats, very good yeah, and what else do we have back here because we had a little light Here too yeah. Okay, now i have to tell my friend to open the back, so you can see how the back is yeah so there, because this car will open automatically back here, thats very good, so heres the backs of the whats car, and here we had a button for Close the seat down, so then you have the flat floor, thats, good, okay, no other big test. Can i sleep in this car? I think i have fitted perfectly so let me see. Okay. Can i fit this card? Yes, no problem. I can sleep in this car. No problem, but im only 100 centimeters. So do you think my friend hes 20 centimeter longer than me? Let me see lets see if he fits perfectly in there. We havent cheated because we havent actually tried it. No were near this no see you will see. Okay, this is the moment of truth. Thats moving through. Can he sleep in this car? Will it fit him or hes choose long? What do you think? Oh you still have the legs outside Music yeah.

You can flip this. No problem, okay, but then youll see that yeah its possible, not bad at all, so thats. My cover of this model.