A lot of electric cars on the market are suvs and you know theyre expensive. 40. 50. 60. 000. Euro were looking at here is an electric state, its not 50 000 euro, its not 40 000 euro. The mg5 starts at under 30 000 euro youve, probably not heard of the mg5 mg, has come back to ireland in the last couple of years as an electrified brand, and this is this third model. Now it is purely offered as an estate. There is no saloon version of the mg5 and put into perspective. This is longer than a hyundai tucson. Its also got a very big boot. Well show you that in a minute, the irish lineup is quite simple. There are two trim levels and while this model has a smaller battery that had a range of about 345 kilometers, thats actually sold out and mg, ireland now will only offer a model with a range of 403 kilometers thats, a lot of range for under 30 000 Euro, its not a bad looking car, is it its not offensive in any way a little bit bland, maybe but its absolutely fine. Now, more importantly, charging up behind the mg badge. Here you find the charge ports. Most people will charge up at home, obviously, but those that need rapid chargers be very happy to hear that it does up to 100 kilowatts, thats, really good and actually might work very well for taxis in a rank other details.

The wheels are quite small, theyre, quite modest, theyre 16 inch alloys, which actually is a good thing for comfort and for range. Well, come back to the comfort later on other details, these roof rails. They look smart enough, but apparently they dont hold any weight and on mgs website it says theyre decorative only thats, not so good. Likewise, this car doesnt have any rated towing capacity, so you need to watch out for that. In case you are looking up specs online. You might find details of a facelifted version of the mg5 which is available in some markets thats, not here in ireland. People who are buying this car will be really interested in space thats. Why buying a state after all and the boot is big under here under the luggage cover? It holds 464 litres of luggage thats a lot its quite deep here, theres, a big lip. The seats also fall down. They dont fall down completely flat, which is a bit of a shame but still useful enough, and when you get in is very much a car i know were quite used to suvs, so maybe its a bit of a surprise where its quite low set um. The seating position, however, has got loads of adjustment. This one is electric. Actually, the top spec, however, im not very tall, and if you start rising up the seat, youre going to be touching the roof. With your head, which isnt ideal, it is nice and easy to adjust.

However, good news is that the steering wheel does adjust for in and out up and down. So you can see the instruments very well. You can get comfortable. What weve got here is the top spec model, so youve got this leather style upholstery that does make the interior look a bit. Smart feels good, too, to be fair and in pictures. Actually, the interior does look really good um. There are some shortcuts. There are some bits and pieces which arent amazing, like the touchscreen, the infotainment, which, incidentally, is standard across the two models isnt the best to use. However, its got apple, carplay, android, auto just plug in your smartphone thats. All you need saying that usb ports down here and the connectivity for that. Where do you put the phone theres a slot down here on the side, but its not really a great place? To put it, i suppose, thats nitpicking. Perhaps what i am impressed by is the fact that theres separate climate controls down here. I know we bang on about a lot, but the safety thing too not to have the climate control on the touchscreen. Actually, you want to be able to quickly adjust the temperature or fan speed whatever, when youre driving you dont want to have to look down a touch screen, find the menu and press it again happy that mg is sticking with that this enter the console. Looks quite nice, theres, no piano black and everything.

This is a drive, selector rotary drive. Selector feels really good quality. Its very simple park neutral drive in reverse, above that you have driving mode. So this cars got eco, normal and sport driving modes, and you can adjust the level of brake energy regeneration. Steering wheels up is quite simple. Its a nice leather trim to fair a bit of a flat bottom here for some reason, but it all works quite well. Um itll be familiar to people driving older golf springs and the back seats are pretty spacious. Actually, three adults will fit across here, helped by the fact that its completely flat floor, which is great now this front seat, is actually set quite low. I could just about get my feet under it if its up a little bit, it would be a bit more comfort, but you can see theres loads of knee room there and plenty of headroom too its also pointing out that this kind of rectangular opening for the Door and the fact that it opens quite wide makes it easy to get in here it could be suitable for a taxi. From that point of view, also, on the back its got two usb ports here useful for charging up devices. You got pockets in the back of the seats, its not bad. Is it now you dont, buy this mg5 estate, expecting it to be a firecracker on the road um, but its perfectly acceptable. Uh. The motor produces 156 horsepower 260 newton meters of torque and its nippy enough, its actually quite a light car its about one and a half tons, which is considerably less than uh most of the suvs, something like the id4 and enyak and all those are well over.

Two tons so its much lighter. Now, though, so its pretty much as fast as all those. Obviously, as i said, you dont buy it to be fast, you buy it and you dont expect it to be slow. Um importantly, its nippy enough around town, its pleasant to drive its smooth um, its relatively quiet. You can hear the powertrain a bit now every now and then the motor whirring way, but its not intrusive in any way, steerings quite light, its simple to drive. You know you get in you put it into drive, you drive, you steer it. There are three different modes, as i mentioned earlier, eco. If you really want to eke out every kilometer out of your battery, normal is the one that defaults to and then sport, if you want a bit more response from the throttle, there are also three different energy regeneration modes. It resets to the middle one. All the time – and you can up it so its almost like one pedal driving – we dont – have to touch the brake very much. Most people will just jump in and drive it and it works perfectly fine if you do that, whatever about the official numbers for the maximum range youll get what not a lot of people talk about yet and they will eventually electric cars is the energy consumption um. You know how much charge it uses on average. In the same way, we talk about miles per gallon or liters per hundred kilometers for petrol, diesel cars, so in electric cars, its kilowatt hours per hundred kilometers.

So how many kilowatt hours of energy he uses per hundred kilometers and anything under 20 is pretty good going for a family car for a big ish car. This one, the mg5, is averaging 14.8 kilowatts per hundred thats after nearly 400 kilometers of driving, so weve done, motorway weve done lots of country roads, weve done lots of town driving a bit of a mix really. So that is a really good result. It means that people can just drive it probably for a week at a time and hardly charge it depending on your commute, etc, and actually it could really suit taxi drivers. Like we mentioned earlier in terms of comfort, i mentioned the wheels earlier theyre relatively small 16 inch alloys. It does mean theres a nice thick, cushioning side wall in the tires, so its very comfortable were in the country roads here. Those are a bit bumpy, but its its smooth, its comfy, its great on the motorway and that point of view as well. Bigger, tires also help with noise suppression. Road noise, suppression um, so it just makes it for a comfortable car over a longer distance. So thats our first look at the mg5. There is actually nothing else like it on the market right now, certainly at the price, nothing with this much space for that price, you could get a renault zoe, its a very good electric car, but this is much bigger. You could actually go for something like a useless and leaf or a used high end ionic again theyre, not quite as big, and this is a new car with a new car warranty.

It gets seven year, warranty otherwise youre talking about big electric suvs. Now, if you want to go electric, this is a value way to do it, its not a perfect car by any means, but it is really good value. You could, of course, if you dont, want electric go for something like a hybrid toyota, corolla estate and thats about the same price.