So lets start on our expedition to review. It lets see the pickup of this car lets see. Okay, we can see its not so good, but it is something its zero to 16 3.4 seconds. Oh, the brakes ah offered Music come on come on, come on, come on, come on, yeah were back okay, so lets see 100 almost already. Oh brakes are very tight defensive, okay, so lets go now. Lets see, stop speed on the road lets. Go. You can Music lets, go its so fast, okay, 120 and increasing, and i bought this without robux, okay, 140 and increasing its 153 mps. Thats super fast, oh 154, 154 thats, so hot, so fast super fast car, 154 maximum, oh sh. Who was that? Who was there that guy just crashed into me ouch lets see the brakes lets see the brakes on full speed? Let us go first full speed and then apply the brakes. Okay, one two three go: who the okay nobodys fastest car? Okay, okay, okay, lets, go! Lets! Go lets go 153 and apply the brakes. Oh theyre very tight, oh see the speed its decreasing so fast. Oh, my god. Oh phew see you advantage, but you can say i like the color and the headlight look its like looks like a supercar already you wan na see where it is so lets go and look at the stats of this thing. Okay, if its this stats, its written that um that um, that it goes only 153 and i went to 154 and man – i always peed this guy.

Oh oh, did you look at ah that thing get that flip. Did you see the stand i did? It was like half in the air bro. This thing aint got dirty yet ill. Go fast, oh, like that thing go fast, oh who the new guy right. There stops in the middle of the road, and i dont know why. Music, why is everyone banging into me? Is there banging day today, nope lets, go okay were back going to the little ship oops too too fast, guys its too fast. Okay now lets just need nothing to be afraid of yeah im playing another game bro, so lets go. Lets go come on out of the road. Yes, you save an oh that things around the body is about to go. Okay, slow down, slow down, slow down, slow down, yeah roundabout is about to come, slow down. Look, look! Look at these guys means they dont. Ah, ah, these guys are like playing down rotation doorbeat right here. They are just look, look, look. This guy is playing dell mutation dirt. Oh so just dont come in between them. Oh did you see that that was such good stuff? Oh now my phone aint bro. Yes, okay were going to go off road into the dealership right away. 3D video boom yeah bro lets go, go, go, go! Sunscreens! Music! Oh no! Look! Look! Look! I dont with this Applause. Is there a criminal? Oh? No! Oh! No, all right! Applause! What happened? Applause? Applause, Music, Applause really entertaining okay, so its a very good Music Applause.

It is navy, Music, Music Applause, um Applause yeah. Here it is its a big class list, Music base model. I took it in the spot that wheel goes 154 very good right white.