Lets get started number one most popular lamborghini, huracan performante, spyder convertible car theres, nothing that can be said for the lamborghini huracan performante spider, that the car cant roar for itself, with its absurdly powerful 640 horsepower v10 power plant. In fact, the drop top version of this car is the most powerful of the entire huracan family. It also boasts a slew of new features, including forged composites material in its construction and the raging bull brands. New alla technology inside drivers will also find that they can switch seamlessly between driving modes. Courtesy of the anima selector system number two mclaren: 6, 0 0 lt spyder convertible car, mclarens, 3.8, liter twin turbo lt was built with the specific purpose of being exceedingly fast light and nimble, and they werent about to compromise that just add on a convertible top. So they didnt equipped with a hard top that can collapse into the body at the push of a button. This car is aggressively aerodynamic and insanely lightweight for a convertible equipped with a unique carbon fiber mono cell 2 chassis thats, so strong they didnt even have to tweak it for the drop top version. Number three ferrari, portofino convertible car ferrari and their catalog of amazing. Automobiles are about as iconic as it gets in the car world and, while theyve had a measure of drop top options over the years, their hard top portofino convertible might just be the best theyve ever produced under the bonnet.

A reappraisal of induction and exhaust design of the cars 3.9 liter 90 degree flat, plane, crank twin turbo v8, together with the adoption of some new internals conjures an additional 38 bhp of peak power capable of unleashing a massive 600 cv and sprinting from zero to 200. Kilometers per hour in just 10.8 seconds, it is one of the most powerful cars number four audi r8 spyder convertible car. It would be a bold claim to suggest that the audi r8 is the best supercar on the road right now, but we definitely understand anyone who felt that way. After all, the sleek, styling quattro, all wheel, drive system, 2v10 engine options and loads of other features make for a pretty incredible package and its helped by the fact that theres, a drop top spider trim mate that to a 0 60 time of 3.5 seconds. A top speed of 198 and a surprisingly high 18 miles to the gallon and were having a very hard time finding any faults in any version of the r8 number five maserati grand turismo convertible car maseratis modern take is a direct descendant of that classic convertible complete With maseratis signature whale shark front, grille opening and while the exterior with its sleek lines and carbon fiber accents, are certainly noteworthy. The star of the show is the racing inspired v8 engine purring under the hood. That power plant is good for a horsepower rating of 484. Perfect for hitting the highway at high speeds under the summer sun, this bad boy can do a whopping 177 miles per hour at full throttle for more details.