Its been much anticipated weve waited a long time because there was a lot of delays and things on hutchs side. But finally, its here so lets talk about that in this video. But before we begin because there was a couple of server errors, i think, with the challenges weve actually been given two free ceramic packs, so lets go ahead and open those now its a cadillac one, first honestly, probably not going to get anything useful, swung didnt. So, im probably not going to either because its just a ceramic at the end of the day, um yeah, yeah, yeah, okay, like cts, not bad, and now the lamborghini. If youre, legendary lamborghini, i will sell it totally. Okay, ford mustang on odyssey ford focus. Oh thats, a new one super impressed. Actually it looks pretty good forward standard. I like that actually and lamborghini miura roadster, okay. So now um theres actually quite a few things to talk about about the update, but i dont think its worth talking about car corrections or rq changes, because honestly theres not much theres, not much worth really talking about that. I dont think anyones really gon na be interested in that, because its just minor things like oh, your handling, has been increased from 50 to 51. Your 0 60 has been decreased from 2.9 to 2.8. No one really cares honestly and, to be honest, there isnt really that many big things theyre just a lot of small minor things to change.

I think there was a weird thing about some of the subaru, like foresters changing tires from standard to all surface, so thats just been done in this update a few small minor things like that, but otherwise, if we hit all cars and filter by the new update Tag the japan pro tour here we are here: yeah are the cars, so its mainly, i believe, nissan infu, nissan infinity, suzuki and subaru are the main ones, theres. Actually quite a lot of subaru wrxs like a lot theres. So many they all seem very similar, but they all slightly different each in their own way. So um yeah, if you like them there, you go um jdm fans or whatever theyre called. I totally know what im talking about anyway. So we have a look here. I think maybe lets just start from the bottom and quickly scroll up so theres. A lot of cool looking cars here lets try and pick up, maybe some of the ones that look a bit op things like that. Okay, this, who cares its got trash everything that is beautiful? Okay, if i get that im, keeping that instantly scroll through theres, a lot of classics here and thats interesting, a lot of cute things. Little pickup like that theres various other things: oh suzuki hustler. That looks not that looks interesting, a lot of very interesting things going on here, but as we come along, we get oh. This is interesting.

A suzuki, auto turbo, rs4 wheel, drive fuel drive performance medium tires at rq21. With that much handling that looks impressive. This suzuki car does seem quite similar to the autosam at one looks very similar stats wise. It is pretty similar. So i guess this is like a suzuki version of it, but yes, thats gon na be useful again, just like its counterpart in autozam, but this suzuki sorry subaru sumo forward. I stand the tires again its pretty light, so it looks useful. Maybe a wet twisty beast something like that: listen leaf nismo! I like that it just looks sporty. The handling is actually pretty decent once you max it out. So again, thats going to be useful, its good to see some nissan silvias coming along, maybe some better variants higher up as we come along theres plenty of the subaru forward ice and the tires. I guess that is what subaru is known for their incredibly efficient wheel. Drive system, its just got great grip. I remember seeing a video on the internet where, at some off road hill, climb a stock um subaru forest just smoked everyone, so that was pretty insane and i guess thats what thats kind of special for yeah. We dont really talk about that ugly thing. Moving on what else we got suki swift were getting okay into rare territory here, good to see some gymnasts coming along. I dont think anyone would just live without chimneys. Okay, again suzuki swift sports.

Oh, these ones arent standardized like the older ones, theyre already in the game, which would be unfortunate because they were very useful in that way, but they had insane mra, i believe, and in some of those suzuki swift. I come on what event was that we need the suzuki swift call of the wild. Why would it been called the wild though cant remember, but there was an event challenge thing that needed it and they were op. But if we now go and have a look, we got suzuki jimmy thats. What everyone really wants honestly and um. Another suzuki chimney lots of really cool cars here, some nice. Oh this offered a nissan toronto rally: car okay, that could be good. Um nissan, duke nismo, four wheel drive okay. That could come in useful at some point: uh theres, a nismo rs but thats, not four wheel, drive but again looks cool. Subaru brz ts super xv. So some of these are like updated versions of older cars. You already have so forester skylines. Oh now. This looks good. That handling is strong with off road tires. This is going to be an off road beast with traction control, abs, the full lock thats, going to be a powerful car, hey good, to see you good nissan sylvia. Everyone loves that now, as we enter ultra rare territory, things like nissan pulsar from the drive is that medium, okay, medium that could be decent for city streets.

Things like that subaru tribeca, some nice giant, okay, theres, a super, the vorg. So this one the standard tyre one and the new one and then the old one was an all surface, which was actually quite good to come along here, theres, a lot of really nice looking cars theres this i like the look of this infinity q60s. I guess me low, okay, slow so ill say it could be an all round. Otherwise, but then this is okay that looks decent on handling. Now here we go, wrxs are coming through now, so another wrx and some crosstrex foresters. Okay, these all look quite interesting. A couple of more wrxs see what i mean: theyre like the same stats but theyre like slightly different ages. So therefore theyre like slightly different in some way, wonder if the mri will be the same or different. That would be interesting to find out. Okay, nice rally car group, a 370 s6 370z nismo, more wrx, its the four wheel, drive medium ground clearance, thats going to be interesting, helpful in a lot of events, um where you need maybe wet asphalt, city streets theres. Just so many look another one here. They just keep going another wrx, forester sti, oh thats. Actually quite interesting is that high high ground clearance? Okay forward. I have no traction fair enough um, some super legacies – oh actually, quite a few. So summer performance this ones a standard tires for the new one.

Okay, so these look quite good as we enter the epics look, how many tubby rxs there are and impresses? Okay theres! So many theres this one and this one was the difference between these two i mean whats thats, probably like the different variant like the um, the different um. What do you call it like model numbers facelifts whatever, but i mean theyre practically identical. We look at the stats 1483 weight 268 on the power. 14. 94. 268. Okay, so this is slightly heavier. I wonder if that means going to perform slightly worse, i guess we have to find out once we can start earning them. Lets keep going along more wrxs. Now this is cool. Infinity emerge thats. What it i dont know also theres this summer games tag. I dont really know what it means, but presumably one of those special challenge series things again, but otherwise that is a good looking car and i cant wait to see what this summer games is. Ive had a look at my cars that i have i mean some are good. Some are not so good, so im gon na have to widen my summer games garage, so im ready for that challenge. Series to come be prepared for it, probably within the next month or so thats, usually how it happens once they introduce the new tag, so make sure you stock up on your summer games garage, but otherwise, this car port zero to sixty sorry poor top speed by The way is handling wise, im, sure itll be pretty good um plenty, more wrxs, forrester, xti, wow, thats thats interesting is that low, still medium, okay, okay, thats decent a lot of cool wrxs now were getting to the ultimate stuff.

Look at this now. These are the really powerful stuff like 310 horsepower, fully drive medium, so they could be useful again. Some race cars, nissan premier, btcc, okay, okay, thats, quite nice, theres, a lot of other cool things: oh nissan leaf, nismo, ah rc, okay, those stats. Three point: two: ninety one: okay, the four dive stick tires. Who cares about that? But three point two: ninety one okay now were talking. These are some good stats. This is interesting. I guess its another banana car, suzuki, hayabusa, sports, prototype, okay, looks interesting and those stats definitely going to be very useful. Theres a lot of four wheel drive stuff because subaru does a lot of cool photograph stuff, but subaru estuary, st wow wow. That is a photo that is great rear wing, the bod wow, okay, that actually looks really good liking. This um a lot of more cool wrx, its like so many i dont even know, whats the difference between them honestly, just different models, different versions. Do they really sell that many? I want to know if any subaru fans down down below. Let me know what you think or what a lot of you know drives slick tires cars here, starting to see a lot more race cars coming into this game, not just um. Now this is interesting. Um see this car. You would think it has a motorsport tag, but it doesnt. I was starting to notice this and if you look at the update, the correction notes and things theres, a lot of cars that have had their motorsport tag move, namely like the mitsubishi lancer, evos theyve.

Just all had their motorsport tanks, because they werent really motorsport because they had multiple variants that competed in like rallies and things, but the actual version in game didnt have the modus well, it didnt have multiple stickers and things that were slightly different, but then this card, This is outright the group, a rally car, so it doesnt have motorsport im a bit confused whats going on here, but then this thing, like the nissan silvias motorsport, unless the accounting rally is not really motorsport, but it is, though, so im not really sure. Now again, some cooler things like a gtr nismo z tune r34. Yes, this is brilliant. This is made 3.487 yep thats great ooh. I like this pikes beat 2.289 four wheel, drive off road. Okay, thats going to be very helpful if you can get our hands on that eight hundred and weight, almost a thousand horsepower thats greater than a one to one power ratio. So koenigsegg one to one eat your heart out. You just got smashed by a 1998 rally. Car that is inspired, pikes peak thats, insane, okay, so theres a bit of an older gtr r35. So i guess the one that we currently have in game, which i actually have is, i think, its twenty 16. 14. 12. 13.. I dont really know i cant remember, but i know its slightly newer slightly better. We got different versions like the ego east and the track edition. This thing looks interesting, but um again summer games.

I dont know what summer games tag is see. The thing is like these gtrs they dont have summer games, but my gtr that i already have has the summer games on it. So what i dont, because normally theres always a theme that makes a car have a certain tag. It would have fitting, but i dont know why, honestly that just just doesnt have it im very confused, but anyway, as we move along now, we reached the top end. These are the peak. Oh, these are like lmp1 cars, the nissan gtr and then some of the fastest cars in all the world. I mean this is motorsport. Why is it not have a motorsport attack im really confused. So if anyone can explain this to me – or anyone knows please let me know because i will be genuinely interested to see whats going on, but here we are, these are the top cars in the game. As you can see, this ones been buffed up. I think click off four wheel drive to rq, but i think this gtr motor ill take with that rear. Wheel. Drive might actually end up being probably better and more useful than this um gtr lm nismo, because that four wheel drive stick thats, not really gon na. Do much um, but this i85v. Now that is wow. That is quite something i wonder if the is that group c, like the proportion 9 to 962c, is it like that the same generation same series, but it looks well similar same kind of stats.

But again, if you know let me down, but let me know down below, but this is a great update, so many brilliant cars um. I think theyve done a good job. Its really a shame that lexus toyota didnt really make it into this one. But i know toyota had a lot of funny licensing problems. Um, like i know, with forza horizon 4, they didnt join the game until quite late yeah only like last year. I think we and the games weve been out for two years, so that was interesting, um and so i guess and toyota have got so much depth and richness to its history with all the supras and everything and then the lexus alexis lfa. I mean we would love to have that in the game. Everyones a bit disappointed not to have it, but hopefully in the future. It will get its own update, lexus toyota. They will be joining the japanese crew here on top drives, but otherwise thats it everyone. That was a quick look at all the cars of the new um japan. Pro tour update in top drives. Hopefully you enjoyed seeing all these cars. Let me know know down below if youve got like a top five or the favorite cars youve seen here um, maybe some of those lower down looking op cars like this in front frontier attack, thats gon na be op. I reckon off road, so let me know down below what your top five are um and if you enjoyed this video found it useful interesting entertaining please consider hitting that like button and also subscribe, so you dont miss any future videos and hit that notification bell.

So you are notified when i upload, because apparently youtube doesnt always show my videos on to the feeds of my subscribers unless they have the notification bell on. So i really appreciate you ringing that bell, and this has been the big fish place on the new top drives japan. Pro tour update, thank you for watching, hopefully enjoyed, and i will catch you in the future for some more top drives and more gameplay of this new update and eventually when they release the special packs. With this wonderful gold, i have and cash ill be sure to open them in a giveaway ill, be sure to open them in a pack opening special video and yeah.