Look at it unbreakable on brake, cable, so its like a cable that you cant break its unbreakable on brake, a cable, cable, unbreakable. You know what i mean genius, whoever came up with it. Actually genius love this brand. I think its a very good brand um life cycle values. They will talk about build quality, so this company is all about quality products, love it. The boxer comes in, looks pretty sleek as well looks pretty good um. So this is a usbc and a usb. A car charger, its got wide compatibility, its reliable quality, multiple protection, quick charging and portable design, and i told you what is a very portable design ill, give you that. So what comes in the box obviously were gon na go straight into it with products. It will come with user manuals and all that information as well whatever you really need, but this is what comes in my box here. It is look at look how tiny that is. So i so tiny ive never ever seen a a you know. Lightning lightning. I mean a lighter car, lighter charging port, so small, so we got what seems to be pd 20 watts of usbc charging wow and a qc 3.0 um usb a so wow thats. Really good weve got the specs over here. Weve got the model number with the input dc 12 to 24 volts 3.7 amps max usb. A output is 5 volts, 3 amps, which is pretty good thats, actually pretty good as three amps coming out of that one.

There um nine volts, equals two amps 12 volts, 1.5 amp type c output, five volts three amps as well, so you got three amps coming out there too thats pretty good for that. A total of 38 watts coming out this tiny little thing. Look at that 38 watts are this small, such a compact design? This is awesome. This is so compact if i was traveling in a mates, car or im going in the uber somewhere and charge my car like charge my phone – oh this i could just put in my pocket it wouldnt even bother me – would not even realize this. There fully pull it out plug it in charge. My phone – this is awesome. This is really good. Build quality is very, very good. Its made out of this like aluminium metal, very, very nice quality, very solid. I could squeeze this and not worry about its really good quality. We do have a grip here as well, so have a grip design. So if you do need to plug it and pull it out, your nail and your fingers can really grip onto that really. Well, so its a very nice design, very solid metal tips here, metal tip here spring loaded as well, very good quality. This is really good. Quality were gon na, do were gon na go ahead and go to my car were gon na plug in and were gon na see how fast it charges now.

My phone is a fast charging. It will come up from how fast it charges so lets see what it says and were in my car, so cars a bit messy right now. So here it is ive got the ignition on go ahead and plug it into my cigarette. So right there you can see it does light up its pretty cool, so you do get a lovely blue light on the usb, a port, the usb type c port doesnt light up. However, the usb port does so ive got two cables here. Ive got a usb. A two usb type c and ive got a usbc to usb type c. Now i plugged my phone in now sorry for the screen protector, its completely battered and stuff. I do need to peel it off for a new screen protector, but i just connected my phone to my wall charger and it said 57 minutes remaining to charge the phone. So i wonder what it will say when we plug it into this. If its going to be the same speed so were going to try the usb c to see first so im going to plug that into there. Just like so and then plug that into the phone, its a bit hard for camera in one hand and then hopefully one hour and four minutes so about 10 minutes next longer, but it did say fast charging, so thats really good. So my wall, plug charger, is a 25 watt charger.

This is, of course, a 20 watt charger, so i can believe that yeah, that is probably about white – that is probably 20 watt charger right. There thats really good for an hour and four minutes only so its only 10 minutes longer than my wall plug charger, which is really good. Actually, curiosity wise. I wonder if it makes difference if i run the engine thatd be quite interesting, actually lets plug in, because then it would vary upon the car with the ignition lighter this up ring so im just going to turn the engine on see if thats made any difference. Well now, it seems to say one minute: 13. dont take a one minute. Four just probably need to adjust itself, so it all depends on the output that your cigarette is giving as well. So, of course, you do have to put that into consideration as well, but as long as your cigarette light is all good and the outputs all good, then you should be getting good speed, so lets try the usb a port so were getting one hour. Four minutes on the usb c connect support. Lets, try a usb a plug that in thats interesting, so that ones saying one hour 13 minutes lets give it a bit of time see if that changes. It keeps my face recognition. It keeps recognizing my face. No, it doesnt seem to change, so it looks like the usb c port on here is actually faster charging than the usb a port.

Now you do have to bear in mind. Cable quality can also come into that as well. So this is the official samsung charging cable car, this one isnt this one ive bought separately, so that could also make a consideration but considering its still only an hour and 12 minutes for it to charge fully where my official samsung plug and cable said 57 minutes. Its not that much longer and considering youre charging in your car thats actually not bad speed, and if i compare it, if i show you if i can compare with the usb port that my car actually comes with there so lets plug that one in instead see What it says now, two hours and one minute look at that thats almost an hour longer, oh dont be playing music or copyright. I cant even swipe off, but two hours and 38 minutes has gone up to out thats one hour and almost its almost one hour. 15 minutes more charging it from the usb plug from the car instead of using this now, i think im in love with this. I think im definitely going to be using this, so it is quite easy to pull it out, as you can see its quite short as well, which is what i really like about it. It does stay super low, dont, mind all the dust and hopefully thats around there. It does stay super low. Look at that. I love that and its really easy to just grip on it and pull it off and the build quality is super good.

So, im definitely going to be using this as my normal daily phone charger. I love this product. This is awesome. This is very, very good. Product 100 recommend this so yeah. If youre interested in posting, this link to bar will be down in the description uh overall im gon na give it 10 out of 10. I think its amazing. So if you want to push this link to buy is down in description.