This week we have a special double episode for you. We have not one but two lamborghini huracan evo all wheel drives to review Music so over the last four years or so weve had the pleasure of working on approximately 70 lamborghini huracans uh. In that time, weve worked on everything from your 610s and your 580 huracans. All the way, through the performantes we had a few avos, maybe we can show you a few photos of those as well and uh all the way up to the evos, the rear wheel drives and all wheel drives. But in that time i dont think weve seen two with quite as unique paint finishes, as the two you see right here now lets take a little closer look, starting with the matte blue aegis. I think i said that correctly. Someone will correct me if im wrong uh root, cant will drive Music, so starting with the blue, huracan evo uh. This one amazing matte metallic finish. I dont think weve seen one in this color in the last. Like i mentioned four or so years, this is the very first one that weve had in such an amazing sort of matte metallic blue. The owner of this one has also optioned the gloss black that you can see along the front of the bumper here, which is normally a matte finish. If you follow me, along to the side, skirts theyve also included the side, skirts there and the rear diffuser section here.

So if you quickly run around with me, the this whole section here again, thats normally a matte finish. This one has been optioned in gloss black, which looks really nice and then theyve got the contrasting blue diffuser underneath, which is just standard, looks very, very cool uh. What else can we show you? Ah, for those of you that are mechanically minded come and take a look at this little plaque right here, im going to guess that most people who look at this have no idea what that means, because, obviously its written in italian, this means order ignition, and these Numbers denote the order in which the cylinders fire its a cool little bit of information for you, alrighty guys lets give you a look at the engine bay so to pop the engine bay. You need to jump in the car. You have to put the accessories on. Then you press this little button. You want to come with me down here. Hopefully you can see that youve got the frunk at the top and the rear engine cover at the back pop voila. How awesome does that look really tidy really nicely laid out its actually even got lighting in there uh im, not sure why its not on at present theres, probably a setting or something for that. But that really highlights the engine quite nicely well see if we can figure that out and give you a bit of b roll of that its a 5.

2 liter, v10 engine 640 odd horsepower wow, you can read the brochure all right now. You know a little bit about the engine. Lets take a look at the interior alrighty guys so now were on the interior of the lamborghini huracan. What an amazing interior, firstly lets take a look at the trim, so the owner of this vehicle has expect the trim to have green inserts that are going to match the brake calipers that you might have seen earlier. Well, give you a quick look now. Weve also got the lamborghini logo embroidered into the headrests, and theyve got the carbon seats, which are a really really nice touch now. The other thing youve probably already noticed forged carbon. This is such a cool finish. Take a look at it all across the center console. The vents in the middle above the display, where else on the grab, handles as well and even the little plaque on the door sill, i believe, has forged carbon elements. Such a cool little um little feature its very unique, its a bit different to your usual carbon. Very cool in my books, um and obviously youve got green stitching as well. That matches in with the green trimming around all the the seats and the floor mats and that sort of thing as well now in true lamborghini fashion, we have the uh jet fighter style, start stop ignition switch very cool in the center console. Obviously, we have our little reverse paddle park manual mode youve got paddles on the gear sticks for shifting, which are also forged carbon fiber, a very tiny little center console here now for the most exciting part of all these videos, cold start lets.

Give you a look at the startup sequence of the hurricane, so we flip our little pilot switch toggle cover thingy there to reveal the start, stop button as with most cars, these days, foot on the brake and we press the start button and the monster comes to Life lets take a look steering wheel, has a beautiful, alcantara steering wheel flat bottom, which is uh very reminiscent of modern european sports cars. These days on the bottom of the wheel, we have our driving modes strata, sport and corsa. I dont know if you could hear that then obviously, every time we went up a gear, the valves in the exhaust opened basically saying more power. So when you want to go fast, corsa is the way to go. Also, when you switch modes, your dash display will change as well. So right now were in strata, which is your standard run around mode. If we switch to sport, esc turns off, i believe everything goes orange. Exhaust gets louder, switch it to corsa, well, full race mode. This is very strange experience if you havent driven one of these indicating with this car, so normally a lot of european cars have their indicator stalks. On the i should know this, because i have one as well left hand side they do as well but its on the steering wheel. So you flick the stick, a little stick there to the left or to the right, and you can click it in to stop it, indicating if it doesnt automatically stop uh.

What else lets have a look down here? Weve got a whole host of buttons. Uh weve got our headlights right there and obviously the interior lighting as well, and we have auto lights, fog, lights. Im not going to pretend to know what these are. I think these are for the dash lights. You have your lift kit for the front very useful. In these lower cars uh and a couple of other things like your park, assist auto auto off. I believe that is for when youre in stop start traffic, all righty, guys so weve. Given you a look at the blue, aegis, matte, recon evo now, lets go over and take a look at the one in verde shock Music. As we move over to show you, the huracan in verde shock. Lets draw a few comparisons between the two that we have here. Firstly, to my right: we have the standard 5 5 stud gloss black rims. On the one to my right to my left, we have the optional center lock matte black, finish rims, which are a 12 000 option, fun coupon, Music. Now, moving on lets take a look at the thing youve probably been staring at since the beginning, the insane fluoro greeny, yellow sort of paint scheme thats on this one. Now this particular huracan has whats known as the fluo capsule package. I said fluo, f, l! U o not fluoro, because thats thats what it is now. This is a standard inclusion, its one of five colors that you can select with that package, and not only does it come in some really really out there colors, but it also comes in this very unique uh sort of paint scheme combination that you dont get on The standard paint finish so if we take a look first thing: youre going to notice, obviously its fluro yellow.

If we look down at the bumper here its got painted in pinstripes. So these you cannot feel it all nice and smooth, so theres no hard edge and all this center section here is done in a nice satin black finish. If we compare that to the uh blue ages, matte this whole section here is still a body color, which also looks very cool, but this ones just giving you a more unique appearance. I suppose now, if we move around the car well get to the mirrors. In this case they are a satin black finish with a again painted in pinstripe that you cannot feel Music, the lower doors and the side. Skirts are also done in that satin matte. Black finish we have painted in pinstripes here and the lower skirt is also body color. Moving around the back rear diffuser is again the same satin finish and we have painted in pinstripes on the diffuser and then, if we go up over the top here, youll see that this section up the engine cover and the middle of the roof and all the Way down the a pillar is also also painted in that satin black finish as compared to this one that has the full uh full blue roof. So lets go over a few of the options on this car. Just to give you an idea of how much it costs to spec it the way you would like it first thing were going to talk about tailpipes.

These particular ones. Here are a matte black finish in matte black. They are a 1200 option. Moving up the car with a transparent engine cover. Obviously this is a really nice option because it gives you a good look at the engine rather than having the standard louvered option, so you cant actually see whats in there. This is a ten thousand dollar option: Music. Okay, guys so now that were on the inside of the car lets, take a look at some of the specs here very similar in some aspects to the blue color. We were just talking about this. One has a color matched toggle switch cover to the exterior of the vehicle. Now this is included as part of this paint option package uh. What else we have my cheat sheet? Okay. Now i think i was a little bit incorrect when i was originally talking about the forged carbon on the interior of the blue one. In this case, the forged carbon is actually a 12 000 option. That gives you all the vents. All the center console trim the grab handles on the doors um and a few other little bits and pieces. You can see here, but it is a very cool option. Nonetheless, these seats are a sports seat that you can option in various sizes, a small standard, a large. These are a 13 and a half thousand dollar option. Now one thing: every car needs its a cup holder right.

We always talk about these on these videos. As you can see nothing in the console here, but if youd like to option one for 1450, you get one like this. All right lets hop back outside real, quick alrighty. Now the question that i know has been on all your minds: how much luggage can we fit in the front? Lets? Take a look so it looks like we can fit. Maybe three huracan evo sized bags. We should really come up with a standard measure for this. Rather than just liters, or something like that, maybe we get some some coals or woolworths shopping back shopping bags. That might be a good medium. Let us know what you think and we can do a standardized measuring system for future videos. I think that might be a good one, but, as you can see, there is not a whole lot, but again, youre not really using this to go and get bread and milk. If you are youd, be able to fit one or two bits of bread and milk. In there very well, but um look its all about driving at the end of the day and, lastly, lets talk about why these two vehicles are here now, as youve probably guessed. They are both here for expel paint, protection, film kits, Music, both being matte satin finishes. They are getting expel stealth film over the full vehicle. So this one is a clients vehicle. This one belongs to lamborghini brisbane and is their latest demo vehicle.

So if youre a media person, you may get to drive this if youre in the market for a huracan, you also may get to drive this. So if you stop by the dealership in the next couple of weeks, youll probably see it there fully covered in expel stealth pay protection film to protect the very unique satin finish from damage. Alrighty guys that about wraps up this episode of our vehicle reviews. Thanks for watching, we hope you enjoyed looking at these two amazing huracan evo. All wheel drives uh stay tuned for a little bit of extra footage, some photos and other media that you can see across our socials over the coming weeks. Dont forget to like share subscribe and follow us on facebook. Instagram youtube tick, tock. Wherever you have a media platform. Look us up. Weve probably got one too other than that.