We just go to hell with the volkswagen passat im gon na, go over to honda or better yet hyundai or kia to try and get a different type of deal and a much better, much newer feeling car, i feel like volkswagen, is really pushing it between not Having enough inventory and lease payments going well above 300 on a volkswagen passat, what i want to do for you in this video is break down exactly what you can expect as far as a deal, if you plan on purchasing or leasing a volkswagen, passat ill break Down inventory in the united states, compare it against its competition and then finally ill leave you off with some insurance premiums that i think you should target in your state. What is happening guys, ari here, from boston automotive, consulting and by clicking here, or the link in the description below youll, be able to access a summary of tonights negotiation guide on the volkswagen passat on my blog negotiationguides.com, where youll also be able to connect with local Area, volkswagen dealers to get the very best price on a passat if youre new here, please consider subscribing, because this whole channel is going to teach you everything youre going to need to know so that you can negotiate your best possible deal. You guys lets get down to business as far as inventory goes. The passat has the least in terms of inventory in the united states compared to its competition.

What im, referring to in particular, is the fact that volkswagen only has 1507 passats. However, honda has 649 accords, hyundai has 5400 sonatas. Kia has 2215 kia k5s and toyota, with 4 camrys toyota doesnt even have inventory. However, theyve got camry stocked way. More than volkswagen has passat stocked now, as far as trim by trim were really seeing. The bulk of the inventory available on the se, however, if youre targeting an s theyve got about 294 of them, 795 ses and 442 r line. The r line would be my personal pick if i was going to target a volkswagen passat for myself. However, because weve got the most inventory as being sc front wheel, drives ive got an sc picked out with an msrp of and five 29305 now. Typically, what i like to target is about between four and six percent. However, weve got to stick to the lower end of that range for the time being at best, if you can get four percent off, this would land you at a target selling price of 28 145. Now, right now, volkswagen is not offering any rebates on the volkswagen passat. However, they are offering a promotional apr of zero percent for 60 months. This does expire october 4th, so youve got a few extra days past october. Until that expires, assuming you got four percent. That would land you again at 28 145, which would land you at a payment if you financed at 494 dollars a month and thats assuming youre putting your taxes and fees up front super super important that you check.

If your company is a part of volkswagens partner program, they will give you a 500 incentive if youre, a member of the military or a first responder or a recent college graduate you also get a 500 rebate as well youll, be able to access this list as Well, as the lease payment estimates for the other trims that ive prepared for you by clicking here or the link in the description below ive, put a link to the partner programs list, as well as the lease payment estimates on this blog post on negotiationguides.com. Now, if youre planning on leasing youre about to find out why it may just make more sense to just finance it at zero percent, assuming you got four percent landing at twenty eight thousand one hundred and forty five now volkswagen in my region is offering nineteen hundred And seventy five dollars in lease cash. However, this changes from month to month from region to region theyve got a residual of 49 for 36 months at 10 000 miles a year and a money factor super super low at point: zero: zero, zero, zero one! Now, plugging this all in into the lease calculator and assuming were giving just our inception fees due at start, so your first payment acquisition fee doc fee registration, all that stuff do it start wed, be talking about 320 bucks a month thats, not including sales tax. You guys again thats assuming four percent off off the msrp, if youre not able to get four percent just add back in about 30 bucks to the payment per month as far as insurance rates, you guys, since the last time i made this video, it has risen By a couple hundred bucks for the year, pretty much in every single state about a buck 50 on the lower end about 300 on the higher end, depending on where you live as far as arizona.

What i want you to try and target as far as a yearly insurance premium is about 1430 for the year 1890 in california, 2055 florida 1305, illinois, 1385, massachusetts, 2775, michigan, 1765, new york, 10, 55, ohio, 1615, pennsylvania, 1985, texas, 1090 in virginia whatever. You do make sure that the first offer you get is not the last offer that you take make sure that youre targeting a few volkswagen dealers and if you need to go out of state to get this deal done by all means, do so visit negotiationguides.com by Clicking here or the link in the description below study all this information and apply it against your deal as well as connect with local area dealers to get the very best deal on your volkswagen passat. And if you found this information useful, please consider subscribing. Thank you.