I know im looking crazy, but me and my son, just i just picked someone from work and stopped at wendys so im about to do a quick little mukbang. I got mia. Let me see if i can get it right. My bad yeah im keeping on my glasses because i look a mess but uh. I got me a jalapeno, salad, jalapeno, popper salad. I dont like wendy salads, so im gon na try this with yall thats the idea they come with croutons they actually spicy jalapenos. Sometimes yall know that aint keto, though i asked him for salt and pepper. Did you put some more in the bag? Coffee, the guy that um took our order? He was real, not helpful at all so heres, my salad jar. Hopefully you can see it. I look pretty good down at yall, hopefully yall can see it look washed out to me, but im gon na just dress it up a little bit. It come with ranch dressing and i got me a few um nuggets and poppy on the side of me. He got um nuggets and whats. This called a frostino. You said its gross, though okay, that aint that bad, he said just tastes just like coffee, its very comfortable. So i hope everybody is doing good, make sure you like comment and subscribe and its the dressing that come with it. So hopefully yall can see. Hopefully, yall can see that might be too much right.

People customer service, though suck these days it really sucks, but the review man um probably just did at um the red crab. My service was so good, so good and they even came on my instagram and asked me: could they repost my story that i put up there? Its called the um cheese sauce and i said yeah and i told them yall customer service was excellent. You dont get that everywhere. These days, like people just i dont know, i dont know if its the pandemic or what but they dont like to give you good service but heres, my salad jar. It looks so washed out im. Sorry uh. I never had a salad with jalapenos on it. Thats actually good, though all right nuggets all right. Salad is good. Hi, wendys, im! Sorry, if its too much like yall. Maybe i should turn okay theres too much light heres a quick! Well, my uh, i dont know what it is about. One of these next i mean styles that i didnt like, but this one is pretty good and just a fun fact. Wendys was my very first job, nothing, i no napkins. How do you go to a restaurant and now get your napkins all right? No matter what job i have, my customer service is always going to be at one and the sad part, the guy that was taking care of us. I think he was a manager. This is called, you can feel it.

Why would you give us some cold cheese sauce? I dont know. I think i just ate one of them when you go to restaurants like this uh, they dont give you right customer service. Should you complain, you should expect it honestly, you should expect it that it aint gon na be right, why you say that its never do you think it got like this since the pandemic, though no i was before, i just think, whoever, if somebody take your order And they might your food yeah and he definitely sound mad didnt. He yeah he sounded like he didnt want to help us. Do nothing put someone down a little bit. I really just think this is straight coffee yeah. So it says coffee with a frosty. Creamer is what it says. I work with people every day and if i had the attitude that some of these people have, i dont think i would be on my job for 20 years. I dont even understand how these people keep their job. It just dont make sense no smile. When i came to the window, pay me no attention. Yall got to do better with your customer service. I was gon na say or go into business for yourself if you dont, like your job but thats your attitude, thats gon na, be your attitude with your business and it aint gon na go far because thats just you when you got a chick filetto, you never Get that kind of treatment, though, do you always everyone? I dont know who hiring over there or how they get their employees.

But when you go to chick fil, a the treatment is always a one, always wendys nuggets and cheese sauce was always my favorite. I probably got it right away at mondays, because i will walk past and always give me some nuggets and cheese, sauce, fries and cheese, sauce and right now: im eating cold cheese sauce because im hungry, but overall my jalapeno popper salad was delicious. That was good. My nuggets all right, its four oclock, you know im just not even so so that was a quick little meal, a few things that two things that could have been better sorry, i saw um got my elbow looking ashy, these probably would have been even bomb on There but i didnt eat my cooking. I had the extra salad dressing i dont know put that over there soon. Oh, they did give us nationals. It was right here, so i take that back all right guys. So oh scoot, there we go. I have to get the food on my table. I hope you all enjoyed this quick little mukbang your girl out here about to go, get some stuff together to make some sauce. I got a case of sauce to make and um. You already know, keep it key. Delicious i love yall thank yall for always coming to support me.