That fell, fall back from being the tournament challenge, king. So today were leaving unboxing him theres a car. We do have this blue one. We need to go over and open it up, so um the batman that one right here. I forgot to tell that in the last clip in the last video that if you all watch batmobile batman movie, you can put a comment down below and let me know and um also in this todays video we have zombot from patel game series. I got this in the nine pack, so if you all havent saw the first ever tournament challenge you can go, you can all check that out and the tournament challenges or a race worth playlist or you can check it out in the description below and i will Put a link out so yall can check it out so uh. Also speaking of tournament challenge and um racehorse, you do have a little goodness and bad news. The good news is, we will have the tournament challenge for regular and the race wars for um, for the regular race wars but and the nascar diecast tournament. These three will resume, but the bad news is chevy. Camaros and lamborghinis will be suspended in my channel. For now, until um until further knows its, not gon na be suspended forever, but you know i mean theyre, not gon na have a video of them until um. I believe toward the to the end of december, the beginning of january somewhere around there.

So um, chevy and lamborghinis will have their breaks and well see how long their break lasts. So um anyways we have for your daily darling. We will open up zombot its part of mattel game series, so um three out of five roxane saxon Music robot – and this is a fantasy model. If yall are asking, is this a fantasy real license model? I believe this is a fantasy model, so uh anyways yall can sell them to the entry. Read that out ill pause it, but anyways we offer you to do without me. Lets open it up all right. I put this red zombot right here, where yall can look at it. While i open up the other version and um so yeah, let me know whats your favorite color of zombot, by the way, which i will tell in mind just a minute. I can get the packages to open. Oh almost hit you guys all right lets open up this package, and here is the blue zombot, which right you can look at this, so heres the zombot right here, its already pretty back nine, so um heres, the red zomba. I really like this robot, its a shame that he is no longer my tournament challenge game, but um coming up in the race work were going to give him a chance and see if he can get to be the race wars, game which yall cant wait, and We need to see and what fortune defend his crown of the race course so heres, the blue zombot right here, which i really like this blue zombot zombot right there, this blue color.

This is a pretty nice color, the red. I also love it as well, but i have to go with this blue one, because this blue one is super shiny and blue is my favorite color in the world. Some of yall can disagree with the paint scheme, but i really like this blue one po2 on the base. You all may not see, and this one is the n45 base, so uh so in 2022 would be q 2023. I believe its r 2024 utters uh basic blah blah blah so um anyways, so we have a zombot right. There were going to test this bumper, real, quick. Oh it turns a little bit. You dont want to saw that the right rear can turn right here. To this part, right here lets see if the left rear is not straight Music. This part, its not straight lets do the left rear there. There it goes left rear, is now turn Music, so so yeah, this part of the hot girls online, so um our hot wheels fans on my channel and um yeah. So what let me know down in the comments down below what is your favorite zombot color? This is this blue one or this red, one or nine or so anyways. Without further ado, im gon na wrap up this todays video smash the like button. This video that lets me and youtube know that you all enjoyed this content and you want to share the share of it.

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