This compact cruiser was one of the first evs on sale in the united states. When it went on sale in 2011, it had a whopping 73 miles of electric range. A lot has changed and while the leaf is no longer the electric sales king, we learned a ton by living with it. In fact, it just might be an ev worth your consideration, Music in this video im going to walk you through the things we liked about the 2021 nissan leaf well, also hit on a few of the things we didnt care for and offer up some conclusions about. The value of the leaf, our tester, a leaf plus sl, comes with an epa rated range of 215 miles, fully loaded, its priced at ‘135, with the delivery charge, its also still eligible for the 7 500 federal tax credit, Music Applause, so heres, where the rubber meets The road or where the cheeks meet the upholstery. Well sorry about that one thats, because one thing we were super impressed by is the seat: comfort, nissans, zero gravity, buckets are on board the leaf and after nearly three thousand miles longed on our loaner. Many in the form of ten hour trips, you can really feel the difference. Those seats combined with a quieter cabin than a comparable tesla model 3 means the leaf, can be a solid road trip machine. Adding to that nissans one pedal driving mode lets the car recuperate. Most of the energy lost in braking to extend the overall driving range itll even bring the car to a complete stop for you.

After a little bit of practice. Its easy to drive the car, with one pedal while being the most energy efficient, with a good mix of high speed, highway driving and around town tooling. Our long term economy is about 3.5 miles per kilowatt hour of energy consumed thats the equivalent of 118 miles per gallon of gasoline with a 62 kilowatt hour battery pack. That means the leaf should get 217 miles of range, just beating the epa estimate. All of those are good things, comfort, quietness and range. You can count on without having to resort to hyper mileing techniques. Now onto some of the not so good things. The biggest negative is fast charging, unlike ccs ports, which are standard on most of the leafs modern competitors. The chatimo connector limits the leaf to 50 kilowatts for comparison. Our long term model 3 can charge at 170 kilowatts. Additionally, as the leafs battery gets hot, the charge rate slows in the real world. This magnet took our leaf plus 52 minutes to go from 10 to 80 charge. In a best case scenario, multiple charging stops during a road trip would cause that time to double, because the pack heats up due to a lack of active thermal management. Evs like the volkswagen, id4 and ford machi, can consistently charge at twice the rate or more. For instance, on a recent late night trip home from chicago, we were only charging at 21 kilowatts from an electrify america station.

That means it take over two hours of sitting there to get to 80 thats a long time to sit at a service plaza after a 10 hour drive. That said, nissan just lowered the price of all leaf models. The base leaf plus model starts at 33, 375 with delivery, thats for 215 miles of range cloth, interior and no pro pilot assist competitors from ford and volkswagen have slightly higher starting prices for more range and faster charging. The main competitor, though, is the tesla model. 3. itll be the number one cross shop in order to get a leaf plus with similar features. As the model 3, you will need to get the sl trim like our tester. A tesla model 3 starts at 41 190 with delivery. It has 263 miles of epa. Rated range faster charging and frequent over the air updates improve the ownership experience with better ride, comfort and better reliability from the pro pilot assist system. The comparably priced nissan leaf is a compelling alternative just without the robust supercharger network Music. So, who is the nissan leaf for after three months as one of our daily drivers heres? What we think if most of your driving is around town or a work commute that is less than 200 miles round trip? The leaf is great if you need to go beyond the full battery range once in a great while the leaf also works just be prepared for a slow recharge, mid trip.

Pro pilot assist on highway drives is also a major stress. Saver and those zero gravity seats mean youll, arrive, less fatigued. The nissan leaf is worth a test drive. If we were to order one, we would get a standard plus model and skip the bells and whistles of the sl trim. That is a solid nissan. Eb buy.