My name is brian roshutzki, and this is going to be another uh review of the kia soul. Ev ive had it now for about three years and were gon na load up head down to the skate park and um yeah. Go over here, Music! Welcome back everyone. My name is brian roschke. This is my three year review of my 2016 kia soul. Eve ive owned this now for almost exactly three years. It currently has 40 773 miles on it, ive, driven it to a few different cities. Here in texas, but mainly right, around austin and uh, its been a wonderful car, not a single repair. This entire time and again, this is a full electric version of the kia soul ev. It is a hundred percent, all electric goodness and uh and yeah so uh were driving down to the skate park. Me and my son are going to have a little fun skate session this morning and um kind of give you a little update on how this amazing car is uh, holding up after uh what is about five years of uh of being on the road so yeah. So anyways were heading over and uh yeah well see when we get there all right. We are here at the skate park now Music backing up. You can hear my pedestrian sound, making sure that i dont run over any uh blind kitty cats. Im sorry but uh. You know im just playing all right were here: go have fun Music, Music, uh in the bowl; okay, Music, hmm Music were gon na.

Do one of those uh unloading things here. I love seeing those uh were gon na unload everything in the car. Take it out, show you exactly how much amazing space is in electric cars Music, this blanket in there like all the normal stuff that would normally fit in the vehicle laptop all the stuff, backpack exterior, all sorts of stuff right, Music, all right, thats kind of all! The normal stuff right there but check this out. This is the part of the ev that i really want you to check out Music. Now all right check this out: secret storage boom thats. What im talking about yeah? I can even kind of hold it like that check that out. So, as a photographer, i love to keep most of my gear in here and now you can see if this wasnt here, i really i would have like almost no space with like everything else that i keep in the back of the car. So this right here is all my photography gear. Like a hammer wall mount from my wall, art i like to keep uh, you know paper towels. In there i got a boom box right here and little bluetooth speaker. We got the power inverter, so we can charge the drone batteries uh. This is my tesla adapter, so i can charge on tesla destination chargers check that out, thats a j1772 to uh tesla adapter, pretty sweet got my tripod and an extra extension cord and so yeah.

All of this, even all of this even kind of comes out whoa got my air compressor. Everything under here no spare tire, but if i really wanted to, i could take all this out a lot of extra weight, saving as well. This kia, soul, ev, still gets a great review in my book and uh ill definitely continue driving it until i get something like my cyber truck, because even with the efficiency of 5 miles per kilowatt hour, that instant torque is instantly gratifying. Music and of course, when i first bought this vehicle, one of my biggest worries was battery degradation and you know over the first few years there was a little bit of battery degradation. I think im sitting still at a 91 to 95 mile range. At my top end and uh at at best case uh, this car once saw about a hundred and twelve to 118, maybe 120 mile range. If i was lucky so you know, the amount of range in this vehicle still is amazing and i think its gon na last for many many years to come and over the years. I keep continuing to really want to upgrade this vehicle to something better. But you know the jump of different price ranges between evs to something better is drastic and uh. If i cant find something with that was the same price as this vehicle, but better then you know im. Definitely gon na just be waiting for my cyber truck theres.

Nothing else out there that has better specs for the cost and with the tesla supercharger network, the cybertrucks, probably going to be the best and last vehicle i may ever own. So thanks again for watching my kia soul, ev review. I have some amazing clips coming up right here that really going to kind of show you the performance and the off road capabilities of the kia soul ev as well, but uh thanks for watching this edit from roshetsky photography. Dont forget to like subscribe all that great stuff theres, even a link in the description. If you want to check out my patreon account where you can find perks and bonuses and all sorts of extra stuff and just help support the channel. If you think this video has brought you value, you can think about support me on patreon, but for everyone else out there, thanks again for watching the best form of support, simply being here watching my videos. So thanks again, yall guys, Music. Anything you can do. I can do electric Music lets go. Do some snowboarding at giga, texas, Applause, Music, electric car is the way to go Music. Oh so, deep over here, hey everyone! This is my video time capsule its your 2021 mid summer, and this is my electric car. I want to make this because everyone else is still driving gas powered cars. My cars electric bought it used. It was cheaper than the gas powered ev uh kia soul on the lot totally paid off.

You know i have probably saved. I dont know how much money driving this ev. It has insane amount of torque its one of the fastest cars ive ever owned way faster than my previous mazda that ive sold, because i now own this ev your car out and mazda wouldnt start. I well screw ice cars, mazda wouldnt start so were gon na take the old electric car and were gon na have a snow day in the electric car, zero maintenance since ive had it its a 2016 year model, so thats. The reason why i really want to make this so in the future when everyone else is driving electric cars, what ive been doing is buying tesla stock buying charge point stock, but mainly buying tesla stock preparing for the future. Because all of this, my artwork, my photography, everything i have accomplished, my profit margins have gone out the roof because i no longer have to pay for gas. When i drop off my canvases, i no longer pay for gas and transportation. When i do my drone photography when i fly my drone, when i do my stock photography, the profit margins are great and no pollution. All of that strictly a benefit of design of having the best product available so again time. Capsule 2021. Where were you at and what were you doing so again, thanks for watching my kia soul, ev review video, its been a wonderful three years and i cant wait to continue driving evie and cant.

Wait to get my cyber truck because this 100 mile range just aint cutting it anymore. All right lets rock Music grab the chatimo good job, nice, Music. Look! Another Music! Are you sure, can you see me? Yes, i can see you. You see me in the camera. Yeah but my but my hands are getting very numb.