The shorter and sportier sportage is developed specifically for the european market. Since its introduction in 1993, europe has always been the best market for the popular compact, suv and kia is rewarding the loyal european fans by offering the exclusive model to better suit their taste. However, this move may be motivated to prevent the newest fifth generation sportage, which has grown by 180 millimeters from cannibalizing on the companys latest sorrento mid size, crossover, suv, the new european sportage measures, 4485 millimeters long, making it 175 millimeters shorter in overall length than the longer Wheelbase international model and just five millimeters longer than the outgoing version known also as the short wheelbase sportage, the euro sportages wheelbase of 2600 millimeters, is 75 millimeters shorter than the international sportage, with a shorter body, more suitable for the tighter european roads. Its able to offer a more stylish body that borders between a hatchback and an suv, the smaller and lighter european sportage, will get a unique chassis tune that offers optimal drive and handling characteristics for european roads. Its also expected to receive the gt line, treatment, which would enhance the sporting character of the compact crossover, both design and performance wise aside from the characteristic c pillar that resembles a hatchback. The overall design of the polarizing front end is largely unchanged from the international version. However, the rear end receives sharper and more aggressive, bumper and diffuser treatment inside the new short wheelbase sportage features the same great interior as the long wheelbase version.

That includes incredible for the segment dual 12.3 inch lcd screens for drivers info cluster and infotainment brand new technology. Such as over the air software updates and new adaptive dampers will all be included in addition to the companys latest safety systems and driver assistance technologies. Under the hood, the european sportage will offer five electrified powertrain options as well as one gasoline and one diesel. The base options are the gasoline 1.6 liter four cylinder turbocharged engine with 147 horsepower or 110 kilowatts and the diesel 1.6 liter with 113 horsepower or 84 kilowatts. Both engines are also offered with a mild hybrid 48 volt technology, which includes the gasoline 1.6 liter and 147 horsepower or 110 kilowatts and 177 horsepower or 132 kilowatts versions, and the diesel 1.6 liter engine with 134 horsepower or 100 kilowatts mild, hybrid petrol models are fitted With a six speed, intelligent manual, transmission or imt, clutch less manual as standard, also for the first time ever, both versions of sportage will be receiving the full hybrid models, and on top of that, there will be two different hybrid variants. First up is the traditional hybrid which pairs a turbocharged, 1.6 liter inline, four, with a 44.2 kilowatt electric motor and a 1.49 kilowatt hour battery for a total output of 227 horsepower or 169 kilowatts. The hybrid is expected to be 30 percent, more fuel efficient than the base gas engine and its estimated to have a range of over 500 miles.

Then theres the plug in hybrid model, which uses the same 1.6 liter turbo engine, but has a more powerful 66.9 kilowatt electric motor and a larger 13.8 kilowatt hour battery pack to produce a total of 261 horsepower or 195 kilowatt. It also comes standard with an all wheel, drive and uses the same six speed auto as the regular hybrid. The plug in hybrid models will have an electric range of around 53 kilometers or 33 miles and a two hour recharge time using a level two charger. The fuel economy is expected to be around 70 miles per gallon. All wheel drive is standard on both hybrids and optional on the other power plants, except for the base diesel model, which is only available as a front wheel, drive the all new eurosported should go on sale in late 2021, with an estimated starting price of 26 000 Pounds in the uk or 25 000 euros in germany for more information on the short wheelbase sportage. Please check out our full feature, video and dont forget to vote and share your views on the new european sportage by clicking on the community link in the comment section below after viewing the following official european unveiling presentation. Thanks for watching auto vision, your best source for the fastest korean car news and rumors dont forget to comment like subscribe and click on the notification bell see you next time with the latest korean car news Music. My name is shirt.

Kniping, im heading the product team. At kia, europe, as such im excited to welcome you at the european premiere of the all new kia sportage at kia. Everything we do is rooted in our brand purpose. Movement inspires ideas, so today we will not only unveil the all new kia sportage, but also discover the inspiration behind the ideas that shaped this exceptional suv. To begin with, lets hear from two of our european design team members, isabel hernan and antona cohen, Music. Im isabel a colors materials and finish designer for kia europe. As a designer, i love to try everything out. That comes to my mind. That was what i did when i was working on the sportage. I was totally open to inspiration from anywhere and everywhere, daydreaming, just letting my mind, find a new path through my thoughts or sometimes its the sound of rain on the window. I find that different thoughts and ideas can just work so well. Together, we create a sensorial connection between different materials in the seed. It was also about the emotional connection between the urban environment and nature. That was part of the inspiration for the new exterior color photo sportage experience queen creating a feeling that makes you want to go somewhere to be inspired by different places and experiences now lets hear antanas inspiring story of the exterior design of the sportage. I am anthony cohen senior exterior designer at pia europe as a person and as a designer im super curious about everything.

Staying open minded and interested means that my inspiration can come from many different places. When i started on this project, i really wanted to understand the audience, the history and the legacy of the sportage from the inspiration i gathered. I had this idea this feeling and then drawing with a pen and paper. I let the movement of my hand speed up the line, shape the outcome that initial drawing captured the essence of my idea, inspiring us to create a daring and bold new expression of the sportage building on its legacy and strong history: Music, Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, inspired by our design philosophy of opposites, united science and architecture. All of this came together in the design of the sportage. In fact, with the new design direction, now was the perfect time to find new inspiration and racing. The conventional architecture of the front of the car we created a bold and daring expression of technology that will deliver a real surprise and a memorable image when people see it inspired by the movement of tectonic plates and lines in architecture. We broke the purity of the line around the c pillar, creating a more dynamic feel to the body. This all combines to create a memorable and inspiring new expression of the sportage, while maintaining its distinctive presence on the world Music. I would like to thank anton and isabel for sharing the inspiration behind the design of the all new kia sportage.

As youve seen, our latest suv has been designed to stand out with a dynamic and sporty new look its been created to move the game forward. Not only over its stylish predecessors, but also within its segment, unlike those that went before our all new sportage, is the first in its history to be designed specifically for our european customers. We took a step back and looked at what you, our european customers, most wanted from an suv. The answer was a compact, agile and sporty vehicle designed specifically for european roads at every stage of the design and development journey. We worked hard to ensure that all new sportage would be the most satisfying suv to drive and to own. Today. Sportage is the most successful model in our european history and, as such, its a true ambassador for the entire kia brand. Therefore, with the all new kia sportage, we knew we had to produce something special, something innovative, a compact suv for a new era of mobility. In order to meet and exceed this challenge, we focused on three key areas: electrification, natural design and state of the art technology. The all new sportage features a new lineup of efficient electrified powertrains that will enable you, our customers, to achieve a lower carbon footprint. As for design, our new suv has been largely inspired by the natural world, combining a daring, emotional and modern, yet organic form. This philosophy is carried over to the all new sportage interior, which features a state of the art inspiring space with a driver, centric design, an intelligent use of space, combines practicality, functionality and versatility, meaning our customers can expect class leading legroom as well as plenty of headroom And luggage capacity weve also ensured it features the very latest technologies designed to make each journey fun, intuitive and safe step inside and drivers are met with a beautifully sculpted integrated curved led display combining a high tech, 12.

3 inch touchscreen with a 12.3 inch digital instrument cluster. This system combines the latest in connectivity and communication features, including over the air update functionality. Its easy to use thanks to its intuitive operation, with the multi mode touch, display and incredibly, clear graphics. Safety is our number one priority, so we designed the all new sportage to be one of its safest vehicles in its class, with an extensive list of active and passive systems for your peace of mind. In short, the all new kia sportage has been designed to give you our customers the space and time to be inspired and bring your own ideas to life. With that, i will pass you over to stephan cost vice president of operations at kia, europe, who will tell you more about the heritage of sportage, as well as the future of the kia brand Music. Thank you short, as you have now seen our amazing all new sportage introduces stylish sporty new design, a spacious high tech interior, cutting edge safety and all powered by the latest efficient and electrified powertrains. With the introduction of sportage back in 1993, it didnt just launch a new car. We were one of the pioneers of the compact suv class that is so popular today. We managed to do this by simply putting our customers needs at the heart of what we were doing after truly understanding those needs. We went on to further urbanize off road car by keeping the advantages, such as higher seating position and deducting the driving performance from off road to on road with each generation of sportage.

We have introduced the latest design trends with advancement and technology to both the product and its segment. The best proof of the quality of the sportage are the 2.5 million satisfied customers around the world. However, not only were we one of the pioneers of the suv segment, we were also one of the first brands to offer customers a variety of powertrain options, starting with the first all electric vehicle back in 2012., the all new fifth generation sportage features a range of Efficient electrified powertrains that deliver a lower carbon footprint without compromising usability or practicality. Once again, sportage will live up to its reputation as a forward. Looking suv that offers much and delivers even more moving the game on in the csuv segment class. Additionally, its not only sportage, there are a lot of innovations and products on their way to the future. Today, kia is at the forefront of passenger vehicle electrification, theres a wide range of evs, phevs and agvs within our portfolio, but this is just the beginning. As a part of our plan s strategy, we will introduce 11 new electric vehicles by 2025., seven of which will be based on a dedicated electric architecture, so an exciting and eventful future is ahead of us. I would like to finish by thanking you all for joining us today: Music kia movement that inspires Music in.