And the standard option is to use the standard 120 volt charger which can be plugged into any standard outlet and the bull ev has 238 miles of the driving range on full electricity, so theres, no gas engine and theres no transmission and anything color coded bright orange. Do not touch it, that is high voltage stuff and the bull ev has an electric drive unit and the bull ev has regenerated, braking which captures the friction of the brakes and sends all the energy back into the battery to give the car a better range and The bull ev can also be in two models like the lt or the premiere. The premiere also has an actual camera system, including one for the backup, camera and one for the rear view. Camera mirror and and one camera on the drivers, side mirror and the bull ev has the dc fast charging option at public dc fast charging stations and the bolt ev for the drive train option is front wheel drive the top speed of the bull. Eevee is 0 to 16 miles. An hour is under 6.5 seconds, and the safety recall for the bolt ev is is theres complaints about the chevrolet bolt ev owners about potential fires and theres, also five instances of fires that could be related to the high voltage batteries. In the chevrolet bull, ev, and so the target charge level should be at 90 percent in 2019, chevrolet, bull evs, and what theyre announcing is is that there is a safety recall from 2017 through 2019 model year, chevrolet bolt evs in 2017 models.

You need to change the target charge level to 90 percent heres. How to do it. Push the green energy button select energy settings, select the hilltop reserve and set to on the message will be displayed in the driver information center and the hilltop reserve is activated in 2019 model year. Chevrolet bolt evs press, the green energy button, select charging move the pointer down by tapping minus twice for both home and the way and the message will be displayed in the dreadful information center. After plugging the charge from 2019 model year, chevrolet bolt evs and the chevrolet bolt ev exterior color is burst. Orange metallic, the safety warning is high voltage systems and electric vehicles can be very dangerous if you dont have the proper tools if you are not trained. So please dont, try this at home and the chevrolet bolt ev can also be compared with other electric cars in the market, like the volkswagen id4, the kia soul, electric vehicle kia, niro, electric vehicle, hyundai, kona, ev, hyundai, ioniq ev and the volkswagen id4 audi e tron. Tesla model 3, the model x in the model y and the gmc hummer ev, and so the brand new chevrolet bull will be introduced in 2022 next year and the two models of the bolt eevee is the ev and the euv. So, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, i would like to thank you all for watching my video. So please like comment and subscribe to my channel and the website is www. So boys and girls have fun with your green light.