This is karan your futuristic cordova in todays vlog. We will be reviewing uh the mg zs ev, which is indias fast, connected electric car Music, oh Music. So is this really an electric car? You know it doesnt seem so right, because the car doesnt look in that way. Apart from one logo which says im electric im electric, there is no other feature in the entire car or a design. Maybe you know which says that its an electric car thats one good thing about you – know the mg zv, so the design of the car right. So this is not something very new in the market um right, so this car has its own presence and own uh. You know type of customers as well across the globe um, so this car is actually um. You know out in markets like uk parts of europe, thailand, china and in australia, its also known as one of the cheapest car or electric car ever right. So thats not exactly true in the indian market now. Is it right? The reason why we are coming to that conclusion is because uh there are certain other cars as well in india, which is way below the um. You know the the budget watch and mgs. That is ev require right, so we have two variants in uh, the ng zv, one being the excite version, the other being uh uh, the exclusive one. So the car that we have here right now is the exclusive one.

This has um a a price tag of 25. five lakhs um on road in karnataka and uh. The other model, which is a base model um, comes about 23.5 um. You know lack in karnataka right, so there are no much of the difference here. There are about, like you, know, few other differences uh between the base and the in the you know the top end variant um. So it has the top end. Variant has a leather seat uh. It also has um. You know the electrically adjustable seats. Six speakers rain sensing wipers and even the sunroof, so these are the stuff what you get um additionally um you know in in the top end model, which is the exclusive model uh. So apart from that, there is no much of a difference. You know even in power, even in the way it looks and all of that so its all. It all remains the same. So enough of talks – and you know me blabbering about the variants and all of that id show you more about the car – and you know, give you a lot more information about the the car itself right so come on so the front of the car uh. This is how uh you know the car looks and uh the design, and all of that makes the car look very dynamic, and you know a lot more sportier than a you know, a electric car right, so this this is how the headlight looks.

This is actually inspired from uh the london eye. Im, pretty sure you know um, you must be knowing about it, and this is the mg logo. You, if you press it, you know you will find um. You know the charging sort and the ng logo is actually breathable uh when you put it for charge right, so it shows that you know its charging so thats. How um you know. You know you can get to know that the you know the car is charging. So this is a five seater car um, the max power. What it has is 140, you know something bhp and the torque as well is uh 350 newton meters of torque, which um you know it produces um and its an automatic right. So you dont have um anything other than a regular gauge shifter, so coming towards the back side of it right. So this is how uh the back side looks. It has a internet inside um. You know logo to it. Uh zv uh batching there and beautifully placed tail lamps and also the ng logo, which is very prominent. You know it shows you that you know youre driving an mg car as well and coming to the lights see this is a race inspired or a racetrack. Inspired light, it has a beautiful design to it and it looks very nicer when you look at it in a you know: in a darker environment – and this also, you know – comes with a shark fill antenna.

So this is how you get to the boot of the car. The boot has a capacity of force 70 liters. If you remove the accessories – and you know make space um. Basically, you know use the 60 of 60 40 split that the seat provides right. I think you can haul pretty much anything and everything in this particular space. You can even you know, camp in the space as well. So this is pretty practical um. You know car uh in in that sense, so thats something really good. You know something that i like personally about the car, so this is how the side profile of the car looks like right. So it has a very beautiful um. You know windmill style, uh um, you know wheels to it, uh, which looks very attractive when seen from a far distance uh. Also, you know bringing towards this logo. This is something i really dont like about the car. To be very honest, um, you know it gives out the name. Electric electric electric and this cladding is well placed, protects you from all the scratches and also the mirror as well. It is decent size and you know it also gives you that indications as well. So this is how the interiors of the car looks like you are welcome by a beautiful design of the steering. You just have to push it in to start um its basically a push start button uh to start start up the car um.

So you know, if you look at the other design as well, it has a goggle inspired cluster to it, which again you know. I i just like the you know. The mg is, you know, cluster design, the speedometer design, and even it has a power consumption um. You know meter to it as well um, so i think its its generally. You know well placed yeah so towards the left hand side of the steering wheel right. So you have these functions, wherein you know you can control the the music like you know, if you need to increase the volume decrease, the volume change tracks, mute and even you have two other buttons down below, which is a call button and a source button. So call is to call someone and the source button is to change the music, maybe from a radio to ghana or to another bluetooth, uh device right so thats how the source button you know comes in place here. So, towards your right hand, side you will have um, you know another two um, you know the same design, so you will have this. I call feature there with the star uh thing: if you require any assistance roadside assistance, anything of such you can click on that button for uh. You know the voice um, you know related feature. You can just press this button and ng comes alive. So the other thing is this: four buttons on top um, which is basically to car.

You know control the display, which is in the instrumental cluster right. So this is how the display looks like which is placed in the instrumental cluster right, so you can navigate this display using the buttons that i showed you previously right. So if you press down down button, you can um, you know, get to understanding about the current journey. The accumulated total so accumulated total is nothing but the number of kilometers which is travel. The you know the mileage, what the car is doing and all of that. So electrical information is another place wherein you can understand what is the voltage? What is the um power that the you know motor is consuming as well, so it also comes with a tire pressure monitoring system. Um, wherein you can, you know, actually understand what is the current uh pressure of the tires right, so it also um, you know, comes with a a small uh, you know diagram or a graphical representation of how the energy flows, and, of course this is how the You know the display looks like otherwise right. So if you press on towards the right hand side of it, this other three um, you know menus that you get so one is uh this menu, wherein you can schedule linux servers and also the esc off and uh. Any other warnings that you get will be displayed in the next one. This is how the display is placed. You will have a speedometer and also a energy consumption meter.

There um, you know, which shows you, how much of energy that youre using at any given point in time. It also has um energy or the fuel uh gauge, what you call it as right so wherein it shows how much of battery percentage, which is remaining right. So, even though it has other ways of looking at the battery percentage, its still um, you know has that conv, you know the old fashioned uh way of showing as well. So, apart from that, you will also um, you know, get to see other errors like your seat belt. Maybe you know your parking brake, maybe and also your cruise control. So this is how you can control the mirrors, basically move it right, left or up and down as well. So you can control each of the mirror in a way wherein you can just use the knob there to control the left or the right one as well, and you have the basic setup what you get in almost all the cars these days for the windows. So this is how you lock and unlock the car. It also, you know, gives you that small indication when the car is locked and when the car is unlocked. So this is another easy way to unlock the car by just uh. You know opening the handle twice. So towards your right is a place where you can control the the wipers the front as well as the back wipers uh.

You can switch it on um. You know just by uh, pushing it up and down um. It also comes with uh automatic uh rain. Sensing wipers right, so you can keep it in auto and also you know, uh adjust the speed on the auto settings as in you know, if you would want it uh to be um, you know functioning in a specific speed. You can do that. If not, you can also, you know, reduce the speed as well as increase the speed as well right so thats how that works and another long press towards yourself. You um you can you know wash your winch windshield as well. As you know, the wiper comes on as well right, so thats the thats, the basic stuff. What do you you know get in almost all the cars these days right. So this is where you get this function of the headlights as well as the turn indicators right. So this uh setup is commonly found in the british cast. A simple up and down movement would um. You know turn on the the headlights, the dim and that function thats how that works, and you also have the auto headlights here right so coming down below uh. You would also have this cruise uh cruise control place down um, so easy way to set. The cruise is uh just press, the middle button, uh, where you can set the screws at a particular cruising uh, speed, um, and you can also you know, a plus and a minus just by turning the knob.

You can reduce the speed or increase the speed as well, so constantly pushing it up will cancel it. So this is how the center console looks like it has a you know: the gear selector uh just turn the knob right towards your right hand, side the drive, thats, how you can start driving. You also have reverse and even neutral as well. So when you turn on towards the uh, the reverse, you get the um. You know the reverse camera on which will look something like this um right. So it also has this adaptive guidelines as well in the camera, and if you turn your, you know, steering towards your right and left. It will show you. You know where the car will be heading towards a big disappointment towards the ac side, because it doesnt have the auto ac uh, the vents. Uh, though you know it as an um. You know a class style uh vent, which i really like um. You know and the functionality as well, you know its its quite sturdy and you know its very easy to use. So this, unlike other mg cars, has a small display. It has a 20 centimeter display um and the display uh or the the setup right. So it its pretty good um, you know it will show you the weather, the navigation. It comes with the tomtom, uh navigation setup um, you know uh, which is again. You know a pretty good uh feature.

It also shows you the battery. As to you know, what are the battery percentage uh in near nearby charging stations? Maybe um all of that set up as well and also shows you the amount of um. You know co2 saved uh, just to feel good about yourself that youre contributing towards the environment right, so it also has a music player wherein you can switch between um. You know the bluetooth, music, the local music and even the ghana and all that stuff as well. Um, the basic uh stuff and again you know it will come with the apple and android car play um the i call feature so to turn on the android um. You know carplay, you would require um. You know a usb setup um. You can also. You know. Watch videos in the system, uh view pictures and even documents as well, um also coming down. I think you will get an inbox a place where and if there are any, you know important stuff from the mg it will be displayed there. Um going to the setup. You can also update um and of the basic changes of the cars as well. Um, you know, will be displayed there um right, so you can update the um the firmware and all of that uh. It also comes with a wi fi, wherein you can also. You know add in your home uh phone wi, fi or home wi, fi uh thats the easy way to do it and um yeah.

I think its its a wholesome um. You know player, so this is the uh, the top setup, basically right so um. You know you get uh, you know the place where you can control the lights um right so either you can switch it on by yourself for your yourself and for the passenger as well switch on and off you get that door on and uh. You know um off feature as well, so this is for the blinds. If you press this button, you know the blind comes on um and its a very satisfying feeling, guys right so um, if you, if you do the other way around right. So when you you press uh, you know the other button uh, which is a arrow pointing outwards. That means the blind comes off um right. So this is how uh you know. The sunroof of the car looks like um right, so you also have another uh turnable knob, which is for the sunroof wherein it comes on and basically you know it comes in and goes out as well right, so uh its a very easy knob um, a small One and a very to the point kind of a thing. So this is how the interior of the car looks like from the back seat, its a very ageless and very to the point of an interior, even the back seat as well right. So the lumbar support and a person can easily set a person of my height.

I can easily sit in the back seat up. You know they have also given a charging socket for the back side and the leather seats right. So this is the difference that you get in the the top end and you get a normal fabric seat in the usual one, so that is uh the ng zv for you guys, um. Let me know your uh thoughts below um. You know what do you feel you know, what do you feel about the car uh? We will definitely discuss the pros and cons above the car, as ive already finished about a months time using the car and also ive driven this for almost 3.5 k kilometers. So we will be getting to that, so i would you know like to understand what is that that you want to know um, you know a pro and con video is definitely coming in. Let me know your thoughts as well on the same so that you know i can also um, you know, do a a video accordingly, all right so hope you guys enjoyed this video um catch.