Thank you so much for joining us today. At tata motors, it has been our sincere and now long standing belief that the future of personal mobility is electric. The super success of our nexon ev, which today commands nearly 70 share of the rapidly growing market for electric vehicles, best exemplifies this evs, are no longer considered niche for their fast gaining volumes as well as popularity. They serve the larger environmental purpose and also provide a fantastic driving experience, making electric vehicles more accessible and offering more choice to customers interested in embracing green mobility is our commitment at tata motors and in line with this commitment that will further accelerate the ongoing green mobility Revolution we are here today to talk about another electric vehicle coming from tata motors, the tata tigar eevee. I now invite anand to tell us about the rich attributes of the tigor eevee welcome man, Music. Take it away! Thank you. Tata motors ev journey began in september 17 by winning the prestigious esl tender for supplying evs for government usage. Tata motors then made an entry into the personal segment with the launch of the nexon ev in jan 2020. Since then, we have more than eight and a half thousand evs flying on the indian roads, of which more than six thousand evs are next on evs nexon, eb customers have now collectively driven more than 35 million kilometers. This has helped by contributing to save carbon dioxide emissions of more than 35 kilotons, which is equivalent to planting half a million trees.

The journey so far has helped us to understand not only the needs of the indian eevee customer, but also dispel myths associated with usage of evs. These myths and concerns around evs are with respect to power ability to use during rains and monsoons reliability, suitability for long distance usage and frequency of charging. Our high voltage, ev architecture ziptron has helped us successfully address these myths and overcome the hesitation of indian ev customers. The proof of ziptron success is in front of everyone. The numbers of nexon evs flying on indian roads is a testament to ziptron. Addressing these concerns successfully lets have a look at the pillars of zeptron. There are five key pillars of ziptron performance technology, reliability, charging and comfort lets have a closer look at each one of them. The first pillar is performance. Zipron comes with high performance energy efficient motor, which offers flat torque from the get go leading to a zippy driving experience. This also results in a brisk launch providing quick 0 to 60 sprint times for practical city driving ziptrons performance tackles every road condition with no compromise. The next pillar is technology. Ziptron comes with a high energy density, lithium ion battery pack delivering maximum range, its permanent magnet synchronous, ac motor delivers instant torque, balancing performance and efficiency. It comes with an efficient liquid cooled power. Electronics for extracting maximum onboard power. Next pillar is reliability. Zipron has been driven and proven over 35 million kilometers of real world conditions across diverse and challenging indian terrains.

The ip67 rated battery pack and motor of ziptron eva architecture makes it weatherproof and gives it a worry proof performance also under zipron technology. The battery pack and motor get a 8 year warranty for complete peace of mind. Next pillar is charging ziptron is compatible with globally acceptable ccs2 charging standard, which offers both fast charging and regular charging from any standard, 15 ampere plug point. It is possible to fast charge a zipron powered car in under 60 minutes from any dc fast charger. Next pillar is comfort. It provides a silent and noiseless cabin for complete comfort of passengers and offers a very refined drive experience. We have realized that theres a need of providing a choice of ev options to customers who want to switch to electric and hence we are happy to extend the high voltage, ziptron ev architecture, to our second, offering in the personal ev segment. The tigor ev with the tigor ev, we are mainstreaming the ev technology by making it accessible to all lets. Look at the product attributes of the tigor ev in terms of performance. It gives a peak power output of 55 kilowatt and a peak torque of 170 newton meter. Tigor ev does a 0 to 60 kilometers an hour in 5.7 seconds for a zippy and exciting drive. It can negotiate the steepest of gradients without any compromise. In terms of technology. Tigor av comes with a 26 kilowatt hour lithium ion battery pack, which is efficiently packaged, providing the highest on board energy in the segment.

The battery management system, strategies of digory v are tailor made basis real world testing in india. It also offers 30 plus connected car features, including remote commands and remote diagnostics. So you can be in touch with your ev through your phone in terms of efficient energy management. The tigor ev deploys unique software strategies perfected over millions of kilometers to extract the maximum energy from battery pack. It is equipped with industry leading low rolling resistance tires with 10 percent lower rolling losses. Tigor ev deploys efficient regeneration strategies that have been fine tuned bases, real world testing in indian traffic conditions in terms of reliability. The tigar ev has got an ip67 rated battery pack and motor to make it weather and waterproof and comes with a 8 year. 1 lakh 60 000 kilometer battery and motor warranty in terms of safety. Tigor ev is based on a proven platform with rear crash compatible structure and also complies with odb64 test standard. The impact resistant battery pack casing of the tigor ev complies with ais048 standard for nail penetration at cell level in terms of charging. Tigor ev is compatible with globally acceptable ccs2 charging protocol and can be fast charged as well as slow charged from any 15 ampere. Plug point: when opting for fast charging, it will only take about an hour to charge from 0 to 80 capacity for home charging. It takes approximately eight and a half hours again to charge from zero to eighty percent capacity in terms of comfort.

Tigor ev has got a silent cabin spacious interiors, with ample headroom and legroom for comfortable seating. It offers a superior driving dynamics and handling aided by lower center of gravity and balanced suspension setup offering a very comfortable ride. Now that we know all about the zipron technology and key attributes of the tigor ev lets have a quick look at what our ev customers have to say about it. We obviously wanted to go for an ev. It was a very slick, design, definitely attractive. The look and feel was amazing. The interiors wowed me the features that was totally pulled me off. I was taken aback by the instant torque provided by the motor. I never thought that it would be that powerful. It can adjust to changing weather conditions pretty well. The ground clearance is also quite high. It has all the ingrained features in suv. It just glides away in any kind of bumps. So you have a very smooth driving experience. Just imagine bringing the petrol pump at home. So charging the car at home is extremely simple and very comfortable. I charge once in two to three days. Fast. Charging is very convenient in half an hour. You know the charge goes to over 60 70 percent. The people on the road also find it surprising that the car is smoothly coming next to them. Yes, its far more than i imagine. In fact, i felt it was much more luxurious than cars in few categories higher.

Thank you, customers. Now. Let me invite my colleague vivek to share with us how our ev customers are evolving. Vivek, Music, all yours! Thank you, alan as the ev market, matures the needs of the customer is changing rapidly. Over the past year, we have gathered good insights into the evolution of the preferences of the eb customers in india. At the early stage, our eb customers were largely early adapters, tech, enthusiasts, environmentally conscious, well traveled and relatively open to experimentation. However, now we see that a lot of our customers are cross shopping between normal internal combustion engines and ebs. This means that evs are increasingly becoming acceptable and are a very possible purchase option for every customer. Looking for a passenger car. This is evident in the texture of leads that we get for the nexon, where more than a quarter of our customers are interested in purchasing the nexon ev. We can state with confidence that evs are rapidly becoming mainstream, looking deeper into the reasons to buy or consider to buy an ev customers are looking not just at the lower cost of operations, but also at the latest technology. A superior silent and enthusiastic drive the best in class safety and an overall comfortable and refined experience, attractive incentives being offered by central and state governments for ev adoption and the rapidly expanding av infrastructure. The av market in india can be referenced to the classical bell curve for technology. Every new technology evolves faster as more and more customers begin using it.

The last few years belong to the early adopters of ev in india, but now it is the time for an early majority to move to eb. The ev market has reached an inflection point and we need to cater to diverse customer needs and democratize. The av market. Further with another accessible and contemporary ev product, it is time to evolve to electric evolve, to cleaner technologies, to a smooth and refined experience evolve to quicker pickups evolve to uncompromised safety evolved to getting more out of very little evolved to the future today evolved to electric Tata motors will lead this evolution to mainstream evs in india and is consolidating ev products under one inspiring message evolved to electric lets have a deeper look at our second product. On the ziptron platform, the tigori v tigor evie is based on three key product pillars. Technology, comfort and safety trigger v comes packed with technology across its powertrain infotainment connectivity and charging. It comes with a high voltage, zipron ev architecture, which offers high energy density, lithium ion battery pack and a very efficient motor, resulting in optimizing the range and performance it is compatible to the globally acceptable, ccs2 fast charging standard and also offers regular charging from any 15 Amp plug point. Needless to say, every tigar ev will come with a free 15 amp home charger installed by tata motors. The tiguarvi comes with smart regeneration capability, which further enhances the range of the vehicle. Automatic transmission with sports mode is standard across all variants, providing the customer with the choice of an efficient or a spirited drive as the situation or the mood demands.

A 7 inch harman touchscreen infotainment with four speakers and four tweeters, provides best in segment connectivity and infotainment. The connected car suite ira is also offered with 30 plus features, including remote commands, intrusion, alert, remote cooling charging status time to full charge and remote diagnostics. Talking about the second pillar, the tigor ev has prioritized and providing a comfortable, smooth and relaxing drive the silent in cabin experience, spacious interiors and a suspension setup optimized for an extremely smooth and relaxing drive. The upmarket fully automatic temperature control is standard across all variants of the tigor. It comes with electrically adjustable and foldable orbms height adjustable driver seat, providing optimum driving position for multiple drivers. It is equipped with smart key with a push button start. A portable charging cable is standard on every tigor ev, the tigor evs boot space of 316 litres is expandable up to 375 liters, based on an option of removing the spare wheel. We are also giving customers a tire, puncture kit, which would help in case of a flat tire. Safety is a key pillar across all tata motor vehicles and the tigor ev provides class leading safety from crash, as well as usability point of view. Standard safety features of the tiga eb include an ip67 weatherproof battery pack and motor dual airbags abs, with ebd and corner stability, control, hill ascent, assist and hill descent assist. A week ago we saw the performance capabilities of the tigor ev in a thrilling hill.

Climb lets have a quick look at it again as we unveil the tigor ev um, Music Applause, the all new tigor eevee powered by ziptron Music, phenomenal isnt it. Ladies and gentlemen, you can now pre book your tiguary online or at your nearest tata motor showroom. The tigor ev goes on sale on 31st of august on behalf of tata motors. I thank you all for your time. Today.