We are announcing the launch of our second offering for the personal ev segment. The tigor ev, the tigard ev will offer more choice to woke customers and further accelerate the ongoing ev evolution. The all new tigor ev, ladies and gentlemen, has been specially created to fulfill the need of optimal range and a safe, comfortable and enjoyable drive at a very accessible price, and to tell us more about the tigor evs evolution, its exciting features, powerful ziptron technology and the Various trims in which the tigor ev can be enjoyed. I invite sales chandra. President passenger vehicles, tata motors Music. Thank you sudeep. We all know that the technology landscape around us is changing at a phenomenal rate. Similar trends are being seen in the mobility landscape across the world and in india as well. Eevees are fast gaining popularity on the back of the solution they offer towards various mobility challenges being faced by the world. Globally, electric vehicles are taking off sooner than what was being projected urgency to address the climate change issue is shaping the regulations in favor of electric. Also, various barriers to adoption of evs are being overcome, and customer perception of evs is changing fast in a favorable way. Nations as well as manufacturers, are firmly moving towards electric mobility to ensure a better environment for our future. Countries like norway that want all new cars to be zero. Emissions by 2025 have already taken the lead, along with denmark and sweden, with close to 50 percent of the vehicle sales being electric vehicles.

The european commission has proposed to end the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2035.. Also, singapore, israel and the united kingdom are eyeing a similar shift by 2030.. In response to these shifts, we are seeing the auto manufacturers, including jlr, committing towards going completely electric adoption of evs among customers in developed countries, is growing at a fast pace. The trend seen across the countries is that the initial adoption rate is slow, but then there is an exponential growth characterized by the classic hockey stick growth curve. India has a history of adapting very quickly to emerging trends and technologies as soon as they become accessible and provide value for money. This is what we have seen with the adoption of mobile phone internet usage and upi based transactions. We believe that the adoption of electric vehicles in india will follow the same trend and possibly outpace developed countries as well. A few years ago, perception of evs in india was not very favorable. They were largely viewed as a non aspirational, expensive product that did not offer great performance or range below average, build quality and reliability added to the already low levels of acceptance of electric vehicles, which made their market almost non existent. At tata motors, we have consistently challenged conventional thinking and the limits of engineering to provide path, breaking yet accessible mobility, solutions that are extremely relevant to india, for instance, take indias, first indigenous hatchback, the indica or the first indigenous suv, the safari or the first affordable mass Market car, the nano they are just few examples of how tata motors has been pioneering to create new categories in the automotive industry.

It is with the same determined spirit that we developed our first tv custom made to the requirement of energy efficiency services limited aimed at electrifying the fleet of government departments. However, this was just the beginning. Our journey towards the future has just started. We wanted to mainstream electric vehicles in india to get a majority of indian customers to start considering an ev. It was imperative that we achieve two goals: first, to create an aspirational product that exceeds the performance of an internal combustion engine vehicle, a vehicle that could break the myths and barriers which hold people back from buying an ev and second, to put in place an ecosystem That supports enjoyable ownership, experience of electric vehicles at the same time drives progressive, localization and unique solution needed for the category. Our first breakthrough was in january 2020, with the introduction of the nexon ev it made. Consumers realize that an ev can be aspirational, providing an exciting and thrilling drive experience. It was loaded with the latest technology and, more importantly, did all this without burning a hole in the pocket. Moreover, rapidly growing charging infrastructure government incentives to push ev adoption and rising prices of fossil fuels have been encouraging more people to adopt tvs. Also, the owners of nexon ev have been sharing their personal stories of ownership experience, which is helping in breaking the myths and giving confidence to the prospective buyers. As a result, tata motors has over 8500 evs flying on indian roads, with over 6000 of them being nexon evs.

Currently, 7 out of 10 evs purchased by customers are tata motors evs. To ensure our continued sphere heading of indias, eb market. We created tata universe, a holistic electric vehicle ecosystem, where several tata companies have come together to provide ev solutions by leveraging the synergies of group companies. This includes tata power, tata chemicals, tata, auto components, tata motors finance and chroma with tata motors at the center of this universe, to build the component supplier ecosystem tata motors is collaborating with tata, auto components to localize battery and critical ev powertrain components in line with the Phase manufacturing plan under the fame 2 program, we have localized around 20 ev powertrain components. Chemicals is planning to play across the value chain from manufacturing to recycling of advanced battery cells. Other group companies like tata motors finance, tcs tata lxc, are helping to take the tata universe to the next level. Specifically talking about the charging infrastructure, we in partnership with our charging infra partner, tata power, have expanded the fast charging network to about 640 charging stations spread across more than 100 cities. These charging points are situated in several prominent cities and on inter city routes across india. Part of our key focus has been to make long distance travel possible with an ev. To do this. We have energized fast charges on key highways, such as hyderabad, vizag, chennai, bengaluru, maisuru, delhi, chandigarh, delhi, jaipur, pune, aurangabad, pune, kolhapur and mumbai. Pune lets look at one of our customer who traveled 700 kilometers from hyderabad to vizag hi.

My name is uday. I work for an mnc in hyderabad as a management consultant towards the ita advisory side of the house. The trip im doing from hyderabad to vizag. It took a little bit of planning. I planned. The journey like in five lapses, the first one starting from my home in hyderabad in mayapur to surya, pat, the second being from surupid to vijayawada, the third from vijayawada to rajamandri and the last one from rajamanuri. To bizarre okay, the charging is completed and i guess were all set to go head east on national highway 65 toward maple metro deport road. So, in regards to the charging of the electric vehicles, people have a lot of apprehensions. From my point of view, its been a smooth ride so far for me in the city, it kind of delivered around 250 kilometers per single charge, with normal driving conditions and the ac on. While my experience on the highways during the long drives is that it clocked up to 270 kilometers, so the first leg of the journey is completed and we reached the seven foot court in surya paid, which has a fast charger. Another aspect that actually drove me to get an ev is its ability to not pollute that market. Here we reach a second plant charging station in vijayawada Music. For me, its real fun, going on long distance drive at the comfort of your own personal car. Nothing like it, its kind of an addiction to you know daily get into the next on eb and drive.

Here we are at our third planned charging point. Sivishankar tata motors showroom in rajamandari start the journey from rajvendi to wise at the last leg of our journey. My sincere thanks to tata motors for making this possible that today i am able to drive an electric car all the way from hyderabad to vizag, with the rapid expansion of ev charging infrastructure. Tata motors is committed to faster adoption of e mobility. We have observed the charging habits of our customers and we are not surprised that 95 percent of time any evie owner charges his or her car at home or at their workplace and hence every nexon ev owner, is provided with home or workplace charging solution. So far, over 6 000 home charges have been successfully installed across the country with many many more on the way. Housing societies and apartments are increasingly welcoming the fitment of home chargers and the installation process is completed within a weeks time and many a times even before. The delivery of the wake tata power is also exploring implementation of common smart charging points or fast charges for residents. In large societies to reduce the clutter as the penetration grows, nexon ev has performed beyond expectations and, as a result, more customers have adopted electric mobility. We are fully focused on pushing the pedal to the metal to accelerate the growth of evmarket in india, and we want to do that by democratizing ziptron technology which delivers performance technology, reliability, charging and comfort.

We also want to drive greater adoption by offering different body styles and driving attributes to suit the varying needs of the indian customers. In our next big step towards mainstreaming evs in india, we are launching the tigar ev powered by ziptron technology, as our second offering in the personal ev segment, the tigor ev will cater to customers who are looking for optimal range, a safe comfortable, yet a thrilling drive At an accessible price with the tigari v, we want every customer who is looking to buy a car to actively consider buying an electric vehicle with two mainstream ev offerings. Bringing performance and technology to the four tata motors is encouraging indian customers to evolve to electric. We unveiled the tigor ev on 18th august 2021 and received an extremely encouraging response from the market. Now lets look at the key attributes of the tigori v when it comes to technology. The tigor ev comes with a 26 kilowatt hour, liquid cooled high energy density battery pack that has an ar ai certified range of 306 kilometers under standard testing conditions for comfort. The tigor ev has a surprisingly spacious cabin with ample headroom and legroom. You can enjoy a comfortable drive that is, vibration, free and noise free. While we have always prioritized safety, we still have a surprise for you. We are proud to announce that the tigori v is certified as gn cap 4 star rated, making it one of the safest sedan in the country.

The tigor ev will be offered in two exciting colors signature, teal, blue and the daytona gray. It will come with three trim options: the exit plus variant will have projector headlamps, hyper style. Wheel covers seven inch, harman touch screen infotainment with four speakers and four tweeters rear park, camera auto fold or vms peps. With push button start, electric tailgate unlock and the tata motors z connect app powered by ira with 30 plus connected car features. The future is not tomorrow, my friends its here today and its time to evolve to electric Music evolve to a drive with more power. Music evolve to quicker pickups and longer distances evolve to cleaner technologies and quieter drives evolve to more fun. Around every corner evolve to information at a touch evolve to getting more out of very little evolve to that future. Today, a future with a lot more to come. The new tigor and nexon electric from tata motors Music, ladies and gentlemen, lets get the tigor evie onto the road Music, Music Applause so and finally, its time to look at the prices for tigar evie.