My name is derek reilly. Today we are looking at the porsche tycan, 4s crosstarismo, so lets get started Music. This video is in partnership with energia irelands greenest electricity supplier. They are the green energy provider award winners at the 2019 and 2020 green energy awards Music. What were going to do is because this is a extraordinary ev we have asked well. I have asked on social media channels, twitter and linkedin and facebook, and even through the youtube channel, the community section. What would you like to see me doing in it and we have our top five things, nearly the top five things, and so we are going to be doing number one, seeing if we had to bring somebody to the airport whats the luggage capacity like and being Across turismo, you would hope it is up there number two im going to do some weekly shopping in my local alley. Number three im going to go and uh go from dunleery about an hours drive south motorway, m11, n11 and uh visit. A friend of mine from college called merch and hes got a food truck section that hes after doing down there in arklow beautiful right there. On the harbour and the boat yard, i think hes calling it so were gon na go visit own um and see whats happening down there, so its gon na give me a bit more time. So today, ive got this car for six hours. It wont be a full review, its more to see about the practicality of it and number four.

Then i am going to bring the dog to the vet uh. Somebody asked about bring the dog to the beach, but i wouldnt do that to this beautiful brand. New porsche tai can 4s crosstarismo and then number five im going to pick up. My godchild and niece from krish so were going to see if we can fit a childs seat into the back of it. So stay tuned its all about practicality, especially the fact that its across durismo um has the space uh. It has that porsche badge, so it has the performance, so lets see what its all about so stay tuned to the end to see if it manages all five things. Music challenge number one is to see if we can fit this luggage in the boot. Simple press button, its gon na be no problem, swallows it up, and we also have a trunk as well. So lets see if that front, that cabin size luggage will fit in the front luggage as well. Front is opened up by a button on the keypad and its got four buttons on an unlock, lock, trunk and boot, and the boot is automated. But when you pop the front it just pops it open, then theres a latch underneath a lot of people will leave the cables in there big substantial case, and this is your standard size, cabin luggage, no problem Music. This is very much an aspirational care for a lot of people, so it would be people very successful in business.

Theyre coming a bit come into a bit of money, might win the lottery, etc. So the porsche tycan 4s cross turismo is a retail price here in ireland of 112 000 euros, uh 349 uh basic level. A lot of stuff is standard on it, but there are optional extras like anything that you can get in it. Speaking of optional extras. The car on the day i had had 35 different paid extras, bringing it in at a grand total of 137 775 euros, making it one of the most expensive evs ive reviewed on the channel beautiful car to drive and youve got this gorgeous curved display in front Of the driver and on the right hand, side you have whether its the adaptive stability um is on or off. You have your notification on whether you are how youre, using the uh suspension. What setup is on it. You have your right height as well as it can be adjusted then in the middle you can configure it. But at the moment i have the um speedo in the middle ive got the map in behind that and then ive got navigation. On the left hand, side you can see, then, with regards to what is left on the or what the odometer is and then on the left on the far left, so theyve kind of done it outside of the steering wheel middle section in through the steering wheel. Its a beautiful three spoke steering wheel and on the outside of thats on the screen, and the eye line.

Youve got those additional lights, so theyve done it really really well were at my local aldi, doing a weekly shopping and it is well able to take it. Obviously, with crosstarismo its got a lot of space in the boot and it has that front front as well ill put the leverage up there. But when i put the subpost up on social media asking everyday things or ordinary things to do in an extraordinary car. Definitely going shopping with one of them, so a couple of bags and a carton of milk or a crate of milk and theres, even more so theres loads of space in it, and so very much like the airport, one with the suitcase well able for it. This video is in partnership with energia, so make sure you go to energia e forward electric hyphen cars when you get there, youve got a couple of phone numbers. If you want to talk to somebody online and the reason that ive picked energy as my partner on the channel is they have 100 green energy or about future thinking with a focus on renewable energy sources, they have some eevee specific energy products with reduced night rates. They also have numerous partnerships with other car brands, where you get free home chargers and 20 off your energy, so make sure you go to the website in the description. Theyve got some ev specific tariffs and you can even chat with them on whatsapp, beautiful, two colored leather kind of a black and a kind of a gray color.

The steering wheel is leather coated as well, and beautiful instruments push button knurled dials and you also have your drive mode in a turn wheel as well. Behind that, then, on the right hand, side youve got your window wipers and, on the left hand, side. Youve got your lights and bottom left. Youve got your crews um good, solid doors. Youve got three presets, because everything is electrically adjusted um driver and passenger youre, paying over 110 000 euros so its. What youd expect good solid doors, um everything electrically adjusted on the door as well, so from windows to wing mirrors and theyre retractable? Really nice lumbar support as well. Moving across then youve got on this current car that im driving youve got two screens, one for the passenger central one with home uh within that youve got navigation, media phone, etc and then some shortcut buttons to charging and climate and then underneath that, then youve got Your double events, but then you have your um climate control, so air con dual zone. You can get four zones its an optional extra and you will have that in the back. Tycan badging top of the lash youve got this beautiful analog clock that ticks around the seconds and then within the dial. You have the digital hour minute. Yeah panoramic sunroof frameless rear view, mirror big massive cup holder here behind that then a smaller cup holder and then underneath that then a armrest with a pocket underneath inside that you have 12 volt and two usb type cs.

Youve got some storage in underneath that central console as well very nicely cocooned number three was head down to air clutter to visit my good friend, owen, murta, otherwise known as merch to his uh food yard or food trailer in his boat. The boat yard is what he calls it wasnt there on the day. Unfortunately, i was going to surprise him, so i didnt get to catch himself, but it was nice to get. The thai can 4s cross charisma on the road. It has a wltp of 484 and real world range of about 405 kilometers, beautiful speed and great comfort. Challenge. Number three is to bring my dog to the vet. Somebody actually said they wanted to bring the dog the beach bush, and this is a brand new car. I wont be doing that, but i have put the seat covers on it there, and this is darwin: oh yeah, thats all shes interested in and and she has her safety iron is on there as well on her lead and weve got the covers up there. So, off to the vets, we go Music. This porsche comes with two ports, one either side ccs on the right hand, side and ac. On the left hand, side ac will take 11 kilowatt standard and optional 22 kilowatts, meaning overnight charging of 13 and a half hours dc is a different story with an 800 volt architecture. It has a 262 dc kilowatt fast charging capability, so it can go from 10 to 80 in 19 minutes and it has an 83.

7 kilowatt hour usable battery front corners as im looking out im seeing the wheel arches, so its its definitely um porsche. You know youre in a porsche and on the rear view mirrors, you can see the hips um of the rear wheels. Part, five of our day is going to pick up my niece from crash, so what weve done is weve put a child seat in the back loads of room and ive set the seat for myself, so um shes a tall girl but uh shell have no problem With the legs, in the background, so were going to pick her up, see which things the car and then head back up to porsche dublin to return. No, this is this, is the car i have you like it yeah. No is it nice? Do you like the car yeah you do if the window doesnt go down all the way? Is that a good thing? Is it a good thing? The window doesnt go down all the way, yeah, no Music. You like the sunroof. You can see the stars in the sky gorgeous. Is it worth the money hard to tell having it for a couple of hours its difficult, but quality is definitely there and the performance is there and it is practical from what youve seen today. Let me know in the comments what you it wont be for everybodys budget. I appreciate that, but if theyre selling a lot of them and a lot of porsche drivers are making the switch over to electric and so youre looking at this versus the plaid model s, and is this a better quality fit and finish with the new plaid model? S has it been approved on the on the existing one.

Youve got that front, and it takes that luggage. We can see from the the airport run scenario and the boot is just massive, absolutely huge, um, so plenty big for anybody and the fact that you can um theres the isofix seats in the back for the child seats and um. My niece, slash god daughter, is just coming up four in a couple of weeks and so and shes a tall girl as well. So her uh her feet were kicking on the back of the chair, but its its a solid, so theres. Nothing there that its going to affect overall ive really enjoyed my time with the porsche thai can 4s crosstarismo. If youre thinking of buying this porsche or any electric car dont forget to check out energia e forward, slash electric hyphen cars and you can see how you can get a free home charge, point and 20 off your energy click. The link on the screen or in the description had a great day, just not long enough, looking forward to maybe getting it again in the future. For a couple more a bit of a longer spin, hopefully youve enjoyed the review. Let me know what you think in the comments make sure you like the video and remember, if you think an ev is for you leave it to me and ill review.