Now you can get it in petrol. You can get it unplugging hybrid and this full on version, but its nothing to do with pole, star thats an entirely different company altogether, but there are some similarities when you get underneath the skin of this car, because the platform this was built on the intent was Always there to get a battery into it, so actually, although its not technically a ground up bv its kind of got the best of a couple of worlds well get to that in a second well also get the price which here in ireland is not cheap, but First of all, if you havent, hit subscribe in the channel or hit like or maybe later in, the video have never commented on the video. Please make this your first time. It helps with the youtube algorithm. Trust me. I often get asked to people. Do electric cars have an engine in there? Well, first of all, theres no engine its a motor, and in this case well, actually it has what has become known as a frunk, a front trunk. We could call it a fruit because we call these parts of the back boost, but let me demonstrate anyway, just like any bonus. You pull a lever inside and up it comes and theres a little catch just here its on struts. It sits into place – and here is a 30 ish liter space that you can put charging cables. I wouldnt say an overnight bag because its just not going to fit, but maybe some shopping items its also to make up for the fact that this electric version of the car has a slightly smaller boot than the non full on ev version of the xc40.

But they nearly cancel each other out by adding that in so its nice to have the option the way youll, also spot this car being different, is theres no grill in the front everything else. Apart from maybe the alloy wheels and a badge here or two, you really wouldnt know this is an electric car and some people love that we are sitting on 20 inch, alloy wheels diamond cut vibes going on a big long, black skirt along the side of the Car, which will probably protect the paint from getting scratched and stuff like that black housing for the mirrors, you do get blind spot. In fact, on the recharge version, you kind of get everything: roof rails, panoramic glass, sunroof, these back doors, dont open as wide as you might imagine, and its not that its prohibitive, but it just makes getting a child seat in youre, going to bang off things. As you do its not as wide as some other cars in the segment like even the nissan qashqai, which is technically in the same segment, kind of because its actually a bit bigger but not as expensive, strange enough weve got more piano black down here with a Rougher bumper, here the lights to kind of l, shapes and the opposite side on the left. A really imposing boot spoiler comes right. The way down over the rear, windshield and huge big volvo lettering across the back recharge twin is the badge here.

That means it has power going to the front axle and paragon to the back axle its four wheel drive and its got a serious amount of poke. Well get to that very very soon. You can also swipe your foot under the boot for keyless entry and the boots an interesting one, because volvo like, like the swedes, they like storage, so you can lift up the shelf and the boot halfway slide it into a groove there and actually divide the boot. In half, if you have shopping here – and i dont know deeper items here – theres also stores in here for some cables – your granny cable, nice, big, huge volvo bag worth of netting im, going to use that to keep things secure, you can youll find all those things Down here and theres, some small little dividers, either side of the boot as well just to keep things safe and a parcel shaft that does have to come out. If you want to get a dog box or anything like that in there, it is going to have to come out. But, yes, you get the electric tailgate a standard on the recharge version, a little bit of practicality, going on also for rear passengers. Youll get charles bottle buries in the door, pocket a little bit of storage extra down the side. Here we get an armrest that has got decent space for two generous sized cup holders, no access to the the rear via that, but its quite easy.

Theres electronic assist going on with these seats and you can drop them down very very easily and its its pretty much flat. Actually so, if youre trying to load things in from the back itll make the job quite a bit easier. If you have two child seats either side here, you will actually get a fully grown adult here. Itll be tight, but you can do it theres also a decent hump on the floor so that doesnt make that middle passengers life particularly easy, but theres heated seats, theres charging for devices two usb c ports back here, actually and theres air con that you can adjust. Although its the same temperature as up front theres pockets on the backs of the seats, the glass roof doesnt actually really impose into the roof. Headspace theres tons of it – and i think the legroom is very, very generous and the seats are massively raised off the floor. So if anyone has something to moan about here in the back id be very, very surprised, theres, even a couple of hooks to carry things and your own individual lights, which are nicely dampened and how they just softly, come on. And you touch them and they go out again. So i am very, very impressed by it. Just watch out for the isofix seat covers if you have them sticking out not using the isofix theyll stick into your back its a bit. Ouchy theyll also cut your finger.

If you close them without watching what youre doing, apart from that, though top job, because its volvo and theyre obsessed with safety, you can actually lock the child lock and the window locks from the drivers control panel, which does make life easier right, then give us some Bad news: will you okay, this car is about 68 000 euro as tested today, the recharge range starts at 64., and that is well over a 12 000 euro jump even from the hybrid version, and there are different trim versions that you can get, but its not Cheap now, its backed up by some serious performance figures well get to them in the drive, but when you can buy an xc60 that doesnt have a full electric battery granted for the same price, a lot of people will think. I might just hang on to the next one for an extra car and im just going to get the bigger volvo that looks a bit more impressive in the car park just for now, theres also an xc90 fully v version coming sometime in 2022. So it is very, very expensive, but it is very, very good. You get keyless on this model. Youll get extenders to the back of your legs. Also, wireless charging, a bin that you can use generous storage under the armrest for keys and stuff, and one thing that youll have to get used to is when you jump into the car theres, no handbrake and theres no on off button.

Theres a sensor in the seat and when you hop into it it knows youre here and everything comes to life, including the air con. This is the first xc40 that is powered behind the screens by google, so your maps how the charging works. How? If you put in a journey and its calculating, oh, you need to stop here for a charge. Would you like to factor this in that all works with google for the first time, and it works very, very well, including google assist, so hey, google? Okay? Indeed, how can i help whats the weather today now, when you do that it goes back out of the menu, so you actually just need to kind of get talking to it straight away. Whats the weather forecast today, please today in dublin, itll, be partly cloudy with a forecast high of 17 and a low of 12., currently its 17 degrees and mostly cloudy, and also ask it to take you to destinations. Take me to dublin airport, please navigating to dublin airport dub. It works every single time. First time which is impressive, is cristiano ronaldo insane. I dont understand because of the volvo its also very nice on the inside. The only thing i can really question is actually the steering wheel theres a weird synthetic kind of wrapping on this. Just give me soft leather, although no one gets hurt. Theres a harman kardon sound system, its fantastic. The seats are supportive, wonderfully supportive.

Yes, theres a swedish flag here, wouldnt be a volvo without it i can get the limiter to work, but i cant get the cruise control to work. I have no idea why another total bug bear of mine is this. Car will not give you the range in kilometers just percentages, you cant change it. I have tried, and also, if you dont, really like touch screens well youll kind of be bothered, because, while for example, the climate is always down the bottom, you do have to go into a menu. If you want to do anything more than just turn the icon up or down, if you want to mess with lets, say the auto function of it. If you want to sync with the driver, heated seats and heated steering wheel are also controlled down here, as are all the settings for the car, including the setting that youll turn on once and never touch it again and thats one pedal driving, because when you start Doing it with electric vehicle, you will never go back. The reverse. Camera is fantastic theres, a full 360 panorama, birds eye view of everything, and then you can select different perspectives and you want to look this way or this way or silos. You can do all that from the touchscreen uh. Your selector for gear is just drive thats it you pull it into drive and away. You go theres, nothing else to do to set this car accelerator go and thats it, but in terms of premium interior, as electric vehicles on the market today go, this is right up there.

This is volvo build quality at its finest and it should be for that fairly significant price. By the way i didnt mention anyone with somebody euro prices, that means in ireland after rvrt and all our taxes and charges. This car is about 58 000 pounds sterling. So you think you have a bad in the uk. Not quite so. Weve got a 75 kilowatt hour usable battery 78, actually in real terms, itll deliver a range of up to 400 kilometers, but i just dont know if youre ever going to see that, because this has got over 400 brake horsepower and almost 500 pounds per foot of Torque, it is a volvo that will do zero to 60 miles an hour in less than five seconds and when you look at it in its lovely color, you just probably wouldnt think that the car can do up to 150 kilowatt charging. And if you find a charger that fast theres very few here in ireland, youll be able to get the battery well over 80 in 40 minutes. Alongside that impressive 150 kilowatt charging theres an 11 kilowatt onboard charger, a wall box at seven kilowatts will take just over eight hours and volvo say you can charge to 90 regularly. Due to how much of the battery it actually uses. The state of charge can be set to a minimum or maximum also using a slider on the touchscreen and preheating and cooling of the cabin is also possible in some ways its actually a hard car to compare to stuff like the audi iv, the anyak, even some Of the tesla stuff, although tess is probably the closest, because at least that has high performance versions out now the id3 id4 and enyak theyre, just over 200 brake horsepower.

So to compare this to them, just isnt fair. If you floor this, you are properly shoved into the back of your seat and there is never ever a struggle for grip with power going to front and rear axle, so its a four wheel drive vehicle and it just gets the power down incredibly well. Theres. Other practical things uh such as theres a tag in the windscreen. Now i dont know if scott came up with it first or volvo came open at first. Maybe you could. Let me know in the comments below as to who actually came up with that car park. Ticket clip, but it is handy now, the inside of the door cards is made of, i presume a recycled material, but it just feels cheap and it feels like those awful carpets. You had in primary school in the 1990s and beyond, depending on what age youre in watching this video theres, also a mode to firm up the steering wheel and id switch it on and just leave it like that, because it adds a nice weight to it. It is quite light without it the fact that the battery was always intended to go into this model. It does mean particularly for a crossover that it can handle bends pretty. Well, i mean there is a little bit of lean in it. A little bit of body roll at times, but generally youre, driving something that actually handles pretty well and doesnt, suffer from that elevated weight of the batteries that you might get in the in a vehicle of this segment.

That was never actually fully intended to be an ev. How quick it can move away from a set of lights and get you up to the legal speed limit will never cease to put a smile on your face. But if you use all that power regularly its going to drain the battery, i have not seen it dip below 25 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers and that would suggest its thirsty and that would suggest if youre doing well uh. You might just about get 300 kilometers out of a an actual charge, regen braking, you switch it on and you have one pedal driving. I rarely have to use the brake. Its very very good theres also an option where you can switch on a rear brake, which means the car will sense. If someone is about to rear end, you apply the brakes and stop you hitting the car in front even in end cap safety tests for this car vulnerable pedestrians still scored 71 percent its well over 95 and some segments. It is an incredibly safe car thats. Just what valve will do Music? That would be a taxi driver who just crept out in front of a truck. Also half sounds like an ambulance im, not sure how you get away with that. But if that was me, the car probably would have. Let me do it in the first place. Volvos ambitions for ev are are pretty big, like by 2025. They want 40 vehicles by 2040.

They want to be an entirely carbon neutral company that also includes trucks and how parts and vehicles get to places how its all going to work out, i dont know, but electrification is where they are investing their money at the moment. I think the main drawback of this car is just the price. It is quite expensive. There are other options, theres other volvo options that will be plug in hybrid, for example, that people might just prefer to go for just right now. It does depend on the budget. Its by no means a bad car at all. You are getting a good one, a good electric vehicle for that money with all the luxury that volvo throws in as standard but theres no getting away from it. 66 grand is an awful lot of money. Uh model 3 tesla is under 50. and even the long range, even the performance model 3 will probably be similar to this, and those teslas will definitely do more in terms of range. If that is important to you, but if you want a familiar badge, you want something that looks good and you have to explain to anybody. What exactly your car is that youre after buying, if those things are more important, then an xc40 is a really good option. For you, because it just feels so well put together, safe and also bloody, quick, as i said at the start of the video theres loads of ways to support the channel with patreon paypal, but even commenting liking.

The video sharing the video and subscribing all help because it just pushes the video along nicely as soon as it goes live. I hope youve enjoyed this review of the xc40 recharge. Maybe ive helped you narrow it down into a short list. Maybe ive helped you rule it out, for whatever reason that just maybe just doesnt seem right for you right now either way the goal is just trying to provide reviews that help inform and help make you decide what way your next vehicle purchase is going to go.