You see its only just arrived in australia, but its soon to be replaced by the new kia ev6, and then it comes up against some pretty stiff competition. Like the tesla model 3, which is cheaper, faster and objectively cooler, but the neuro ev is about the most practical suv ev that you can buy. Apart from the tesla model x, which right now has about a 12 month waiting list and costs just like three times as much so the nero ev definitely has a purpose. But im going to show you what i love and hate about this car. Now the kia niro ev competes with things like the tesla model: 3, the hyundai kona ev, the hyundai ioniq ev, the nissan leaf and the mg zs ev today were going to be doing a detailed review of the kia, niro, ev and figuring out. What its purpose is, and if you have not already, i would love it if you could go down there and hit the subscribe button and that notification bell, so you can see every time i release ev reviews like this today: im driving the top spec kia nero Ev sport, which starts at just under 71 000 australian dollars, drive away, though you can get into a nero ev for around about 67 grand powering. This ev, though, is a single motor to the front wheels and it pumps out a healthy 150 kilowatt of power and ‘5 newton meters of torque.

The zero to 100 or 0 to 62 miles per hour is around about 7.4 seconds, which is approaching hot hatch territory. But that only tells half the story because, like any good ev talk is instant so its when youre rolling like i am now at 80 kilometers an hour and then you floor it, oh that this thing is actually very quick and boy. Does it feel it? I was like: can we please talk about how, in the front kia have put a engine cover over the electrical components, and also there is a lot of room in there, because its shared on the same platform as cars with an engine? So why couldnt? They have put a frank come on anyway. The battery is super impressive too, because its big 64 kilowatt hour battery its a lithium ion battery thats liquid cooled too, and so the claimed range is about 450 kilometers. But you will get a real world range of around about 420, which is really good worth, noting that the kona ev has a longer claimed range of about 480 kilometers, because its a little bit lighter and its also more aerodynamic. Now one thing the nero ev does really well is regenerative braking so thats taking energy from braking and turning it into electricity, essentially putting charge back into the battery. So using the paddles on the steering wheel, you can go between level three, which is the most regenerative. Braking through to level zero, if you dont want it on at all now you can achieve one pedal driving using the nero ev, but its not the best.

You see level three as i will let go, will take you to a stop, which is very good, and if you want to stop completely, you hold the left paddle and you will come to a stop. You kind of rock back and forth, and it doesnt put on the uh rear tail lights, which is odd. The issue is that, because its just a button, you kind of have to you, know feather it to come to a stop where you want to its not like a pedal where you have analog adjustment, so thats, the only annoying thing. Oh, my god, instant torque, will never get old anyway. Well, come back to how this thing drives more in a moment. Now i want to talk about how it looks you see im not going to lie. I dont think this is the prettiest suv out there. This is painted in the eva exclusive yacht blue, but i i dont know this car is very blue man. This guys very blue. You have blue accents on the front like this anodized light blue and, like ive, gotten used to it and its kind of grown on me, but you know its a lot. The grille itself is completely plugged up, as you would expect for an av for aerodynamics. Theres. No engine to cool and its got this cool little pattern to it and its also where the charge port is, which is nice. But i do feel like in a fender bender, the most common accident out there.

That port would just get damaged very easily and be expensive to replace, so i feel like its not the best place for it. Ladies and gents, you know what time it is its uh the source time. Oh, oh, this cars, quick, its quick. I do really like the boomerang daytime running lights, though, and the led headlights are actually very bright, so no complaints there and then, with the side. I mean theres, really not much to talk about its an suv. Youve got black plastic cladding and uh roof rails. Up top but yeah its all right, the rear. Again, i dont know the tail lights like at night time. They look, really cool. Theyve got this really nice, like spider, led effect to them yeah during the day. They just look so well. Bland and boring. Of course looks are subjective, thats, just my opinion and youve got like these anodized blue bits at the bottom as well, so i mean its half decent but really of all of its competitors. I think, objectively speaking, the kia niro ev is not the prettiest out there. Some people dont care about the look of a car, but actually its one of the main reasons that people will buy a certain car. So it is pretty important but im curious when you guys are buying a car. Do you care about the way it looks or youre more concerned with its practicality? Let me know down in the comment section just below that, like button all right now lets talk about the interior, because this is really where the nero ev outshines its competition, not necessarily in the way that it looks its a bit drab a bit.

Bland yeah youve got soft touch materials in the places that really matter, but theres still lots of hard plastics and really it feels like an older design language from kia. When things just felt a little bit cheaper. There are some nice design touches. You got like this chrome bit that runs across the dash and the dash on the passenger side. Has this cool little effect to it? I dont even know what to call it but its its something, but otherwise its a pretty drab place if im being totally honest, its quite dark everything is pretty much black. You know its, not the nicest interior. Having said that, it is the most practical interior ergonomically. This is a true suv. I am sitting really high up and i can jack my setup very high, which is good for people who have struggled getting into like a model 3, which is a low to the ground sedan. This is a proper suv. You sit nice and high. The other thing is just practicality. It is worlds better than pretty much all of its competition. You have this massive storage area between the passenger and the driver, and you can store like a whole backpack in there. Youve also got a place just above that for your phone that theres no wireless charging, which seems like a missed opportunity in a forward thinking ev still, you get two usb ports up there, a 12 volt socket and you get another usb port in the center armrest.

Again, a massive center armrest and then in the center, where you expect your cupholders to be you get a giant just open storage area, but it does have invisible cup holders. You know you just press a button and they pop out its just so good. The amount of storage within here impressed me to no end and its certainly better again than all of its competition, and then there are these seats which yeah they dont look great, but boy do they feel great theyre nice leather pieces plenty adjustable. As i said, great lumbar support and so zero complaints with them, the steering wheel great to hold on to no frills, you have buttons to control absolutely everything feels great in their hands and has a decent design to it. And then the tech in here is everything you could really want. You have a digital instrument cluster up in front of you. That shows plenty of information. On the left hand, side is your range and its pretty cool, because when you adjust the air conditioning controls, which is single zone bit weird, but still when you adjust your air conditioning controls, it changes the range its cool to see that in real time, youve also Got your power versus charge band on the right hand, side is a nice bright, digital speed, readout and then in the center is another display where you can see just a whole bunch of different information, its very cool wow im on the most beautiful road right now.

Im in love with this, it is so cool. I love country victoria, guys. I absolutely love it, and let me tell you this thing tackles backroads with absolute ease the infotainment display. It is the latest from kia. It is bright, color, accurate, sharp as all hell. The refresh rate is really good too, so it feels like im just using a smartphone and better. Yet its not convoluted menus are really easy to navigate through. I just absolutely love it of course: theres plenty, functional 2, digital radio, navigation, android, auto and apple carplay, so really zero complaints about it and its not just a front thats. So good, the rear seats are better than pretty much all of its competitors. You have so much room back there at 5 foot 11. I have plenty of leg, room, tow room and head room. My one complaint is that the floor is quite high up because the batteries live underneath the floor. So your legs are at a bit of a weird position but eh its fine. I would much rather spend time back there than in the kona, ev thats for sure and then boot space. Another big reason that you would buy this its got about 25 more space than in the kona ev, and it feels it its absolutely massive. You could fit so much back there, its not funny and really. That is the reason that you would buy. One of these neuros its because it is just so much more practical than all of its real competition, and you know if youve got a bad back or whatever you have a real suv ride, height very easy to get in its really good for that.

Okay back to how this thing drives. First of all lets talk about charging. There are three levels: level, one which is at your home that will take about 29 hours level, two which you can install into your home or at a workplace, its about nine and a half hours for a full charge and then level three 100 kilowatt fast charging Gets about 80 in about 54 minutes, which is fairly decent, its not the fastest charging rates out there thats for sure, but of course we dont care about that. We care about giving it the sauce so wow. This thing is so fast all right, im on the twisties. Here i put the car into sport mode. There are four driving modes: eco eco plus comfort and sport, and when youre in sport mode, you have the most power and torque available to you. Youve also got slightly heavier steering now. Interestingly, suspension tuning was not done in australia like most other kias. It was actually done in the eu, but im taking a corner now and boy does this thing feel really good? It helps that the battery is in the floor. So it has a very low center of gravity but, as i said im in sport mode now, and it just it handles so well, if theres one thing that kia does very well its making very agile feeling cars. As i said, this thing weighs about 1.6 or seven tons, so its not live yet it feels like a nimble, little hot hatch to drive.

Another thing as well is that this is on relatively grippy michelin, tire, certainly better than the absolute crap nixon tires that were on the hyundai kona ev, although theyve been replaced as well. You know im on the back roads now. The instant talk is a lot of fun and the handling is superb, absolutely superb and – and let me tell you the suspension too, very comfortable and its really comfortable across all surfaces. You know ive been driving this mostly around town. Having said that, im obviously driving out in country victoria at the moment and any bumps it just takes with absolute ease, yeah im super impressed with this thing super impressed. So the question is: is it worth it and really? Why does it exist? Well, the simple answer is its just more practical than all of its competitors. This thing has more space on the inside. You have a nice high seating position. Its also got a relatively long range. 420 kilometers of real world range, thats thats fairly decent. Yes, its 70 grand, but really what ev, apart from the mg zs ev, is not expensive and by the way that car has substantially less range and less power so until the kia ev6 is released. This is a pretty good alternative, but im curious. What do you guys think of the kia nero ev? Is it worth its relatively high price tag? Let me know in the comment section below, while youre down there like the video and subscribe to the channel, i would love to have you around anyway.