The keys ive got an idea: oi cheers nikki now electrifying. We know that there is one car that has really captured your imagination in 2021, and it is this the kia, ev6 and guess what i got. The keys to this prototype im really very excited about driving this car, and what youre going to get is my raw unfiltered first take because i literally havent seen it in the metal until around 20 minutes ago. I havent sat inside it yet, and i certainly havent driven it yet so were going to discover it together because you never get a second chance to make a good first impression right. Okay, you ready come with me lets test the new kia ev6 together, but before we get to that, please do tell us what your first impressions are of this new next generation electric kia in the comments below and of course, do all the clicks on the relevant Buttons, so you know when our next video hits the internet so come on. What do you think? I think the ev6 is certainly different to what were used to with some pure electric keyers, the few complaints about the excellent, but maybe a little bland e nero where exactly that. It just isnt, unique and interesting enough. But you cant say that kia has played it safe here, so the ev6 is actually the sister car to hyundais ioniq 5 and the forthcoming genesis gv60. Both five seat, super hatch, suv type things that seem to have slightly broken the internet by being both gloriously, distinctive and full of very useful tech, which bodes well for this doesnt it and just like the ioniq 5, the ev6 is a lot bigger than the pictures Might suggest, okay, i know im not exactly tall, but what looks like a medium sized hatchback when you see it on your phone or your laptop feels way bigger when youre standing next to it and thats in all directions, length, width and height.

This is not a small car, you know what worthy ionic is quite square and very angular. The ev6 definitely feels swoopier. I think theres more jaguar eye pace in this car than 80s hot hatch, and in my book that is a very, very good thing. It looks great, in fact, it looks quite aggressive from the front look at those eyes and the wheel arches its a bit muscular. I really do like the kicked up window line and also the roof line with the kind of little wings at the roof, although when it gets around to the back well lets just say it divides opinion once again, what do you think? Let us know in the comments below, but overall this is interesting and fun. It isnt just another bland, look alike and im all for that. Right then lets get comfy in here. Shall we um first thing: i notice is that the seats are really comfortable, a good size, nice headrest plenty of electric adjustment just seems quite easy to get a comfortable driving position. The seats are actually made from material and vegan leather, which feels like normal pleather. To me, um, you see this stripy stuff here on the dash thats made from apparently 107 recycled plastic bottles. A lot of thought went into this. Oh, there is, however, when i look through the mirror and over my shoulder quite a big blind spot back there, but the thing that really gets my attention is that worthy ioniq 5 felt like a big spacious lounge.

The ev6 feels i dont know. I guess a more engaging feel feels like youre being costed by the car. I suppose it feels a bit more like a drivers, car and the big news straight away. Is this curved screen here in front of me, one half of which is touch screen and the other half has got all the driving info on it? It looks great and its actually incredibly intuitive and easy to use. You know youve got to remember that the koreans are incredibly good at tech and it really comes across in the interface here ah down here. Youve actually got physical buttons for the climate control, which i love, and if i flick on this, you get a second screen where you can easily access all the things you want when youre on the go. Um got to bear in mind that this is a prototype. So some of the stuff isnt working fully yet, but i think it bodes well its a really easy system to use. I find it interesting theres no flat floor between the seats, even though this is a bespoke electric car, its a conscious decision to put this central section in and i like it, houses the drive selector, the starter button. Its all, very, i guess, ergonomic space efficient, makes you feel a bit more like a cockpit in here. Another thing i really like is this charging pad its right next to you, put your phone in there out of the way, its all very sensibly thought out.

Very practical generally, it looks and feels very high quality in here, and it has a very different vibe to the ionic five. They may be twins, but they are most definitely non identical twins, as for general space. Well is pretty much as you might expect plenty of room up front generous in the back, though a bit darker and more closed in than the ioniq five, with the boot thats just a little bit smaller and slightly less practical, and this sporty roof line looks great. But it does mean its a bit trickier to carry things like large dogs and wardrobes compared to the square, backed suvs and estates that are out there. Oh and theres a handy good, sized frunk too, but its not for the big stuff when it comes to charging the ev6 has that absolutely brilliant 800 volt charging system that allows for super fast charging when youre out and about stick it on a really big charger And the ev6 can run from 10 to 80 percent of charge in just 18 minutes. A 50 kilowatt charger will see the same in just over an hour and flat to fall on a typical home war box will take 12 and a half hours. It will also take 11 kilowatt ac charging if you have it so pretty much the best charging currently on offer without buying a porsche tycan or an audi e tron gt. But despite that brilliant charging capability, this is my favorite thing about the ev6 charging port.

Thanks to some clever tech, you can plug in a variety of electrical items into it. Some people might go for a substandard microwave and a ready meal, but for me, being northern, i like nothing better than sitting by the roadside, having a brew and a really nice plate of biscuits tea. Anyone Music right first impressions again well its worth saying straight away that this car is, of course, a prototype because, as i said, some of the electronics arent 100 finished a slightly strange mixture of specks but its pretty much there. So it gives me a good idea immediately. The ride does feel really comfortable. The steering feels nicely weighted at low speeds like this theres, not a massive amount of information about what the wheels are doing now. I am aware of the car size right from the off, particularly on roads like this. Now this, as i said, its an early car, its been a mish mash of specs, its a gt line, its got two motors to give it all wheel, drive and its also got 321 brake horsepower, which is plenty despite its size means it can hit an altar 62, in just over 5.4 seconds, which is pretty perky top speed is 115 miles per hour. What im actually more interested in is how this car feels, and it does feel pretty good. The practical stuff is well catered for. Youve got usual brake regeneration from paddles here. Behind the wheel there you go that beep that its on and you can set it for gentle deceleration or proper one pedal driving.

Now you can choose from three different driving modes just down here on the steering wheel. Youve got sport normal and eco. They do all the usual things like just shutting up on the throttle can really feel that there in sport give a bit of weight to the steering increases that fake noise, which im becoming increasingly fond of something i never thought id say. But you know what normal mode does work well enough um. I guess i would say it does feel a little bit heavy, which is no surprise, because it does weigh over two tons and yeah even driving it at these relatively slow speeds through the bends. It does feel quite engaging to drive, definitely sportier than the ioniq 5.. I think whats really interesting is that, despite the fact that the hardware is very similar between the ioniq and the ev6, they do feel like different beasts, and i come back to that point that i make quite a lot, which is that people said. Oh, electric cars will all feel the same to drive, but these two definitely dont. I know its in the tuning of the electronics, but what really matters to me is that this car has a character of its own, its not a sports car, but its definitely sporty and sportier than the ioniq 5. got it there now in back into sport mode And on a road like this, which has got some really nice, gentle swoopy bends feels really balanced, quite controlled just enough weight to the steering wheel.

I mean first impressions im really impressed with it and anyway theres a version coming soon called the gt which will have 577 brake horsepower, which will be the properly fast one. It will also be priced at 65 000 pounds, which does seem a little bit steep, but i imagine its going to be a lot of fun to drive. Probably can hear theres quite a lot of binging and banging and bonding going on from all the safety systems which can get a little bit annoying, particularly theres, another one. If your name is wookie aka tom ford, he really doesnt like them. So i would like to point out to you, mr ford, that they are relatively easy to turn off theres a little button here on the steering wheel and you press that down and off they go and you get silence on your way. Oh okay, didnt work lets. Try that again, no that didnt work either okay theyre there for a reason, its to make sure that were safe when were driving so im going to leave them on, but there is a way to deactivate them um. If you do want to do anyway, um so yeah ive got it out in the dual carriageway now and it is really comfortable nice, steady ride, not too many lumps and bumps um feeding back into the cabin relatively quiet in here as well. But overall i mean this is a very quick first drive, but it was really impressing.

Me theyve put a lot of thought and attention into making this feel a bit more like a drivers, car and also some really lovely things. So when you indicate you need to turn you get that view of the camera, just stand there, showing you side of the road. As for pricing for the more sensible options, while there are four versions theyre all well equipped and in the uk, they all get a rather nice big, 77.4 kilowatt hour battery. Now you can have rear or four wheel drive in different outputs and prices range from just under 41 000 for the current cheapest model to just under 52 for the range topper that we have here. They all get over 300 miles of range and come really well equipped as standard all of them. Get that really quick 800 volt charging system and big screens inside and the current uk based car. The ev6 gets the usual apple carplay and android. Auto 19 inch alloy, wheels, heated front seats and wheel full led lighting, the more expensive versions. Add things like fold flat relaxation front seats, some swedish seat material, bigger wheels, electronic suspension and a big sunroof. But, to be honest, even the base model does look pretty good. So what are my first impressions and yours well were actually in a place where cars from korea are back in front when it comes to electric, but the first mainstream electric car i really fell in love with was the kia soul ev, and i think this is A card that is also going to steal my heart when i get to know it a bit better.

I think it pushes the boundaries in terms of styling and provides that class leading range and charging capability that has become a real calling card for hyundai and kia.