A lot of light playing around in the us also the illuminated star, will be allowed. You can see here the top hood still in black contrasting color. It looks kinda almost the same as the normal g class, but we see the electrified image, definitely also, for example, with illumination along the sides here right there. This will be illuminated in night, for example, 22 inch wheels here still in the concept car style, but they look also very interesting indeed, and it will also feature the very classic leather frame chassis with independent suspension in the front and rigid axle in the rear. To be even you know as rough as before four electric motors. Actually, so you will be probably able to control the wheels individually so to speak, and this will give you great off road performance due to the big battery pack on the lower part of the vehicle low sender of gravity. And that means, together with the electric drive, a lot of power from the get go, but also very finely tuned to control it. So this one will probably be even more off road capable than the original version. It will even feature a two speed. Gearbox lets. Take a look at the rear and following the typical side also, this looks as rugged as before and as old school as before, like the 1979 model and whats interesting here at the rear, you can see the spare wheel box theres, not a spare wheel behind it, But this is in the wall box style, so as that you can, for example, store your cables in there, and this is also once again leading it to the future here for the eqg.

What do you think about this approach and they were most probably also put one of their big battery packs in it? At the moment, they have only 90 kilowatt hours, one in 108 kilowatt hours, because this money really stands against the wind. It will not be as efficient as the new eqe or the eqs and also in their suv versions, so they will definitely have less range, but i mean when the new generation here of the g class was introduced. Arnold schwarzenegger demanded an electric version and yeah. They are definitely giving it not only to him, but also to us and see here this rooftop and on top of it, when you look from above, you can see a g logo on the top of it and yeah. Probably you know at the end of the day, you will be able to put a roof box in there, for example, for even more luggage capacity and so on. So i think the styling is really really cool. It has definitely a retro style and i, like retro, electric cars. You know weve seen also with the honda ionic five that people really go for this retro design. It just brings some joy back while still transporting something to the future and exclusively for you. We could take a look here at the interior as well, of course, the prototype stage, but we can see whats interesting. It doesnt have this new eqs or eqe high capacity setup.

It rather has a rather classical g class setup so, and i think i do prefer that its not this technical overload and we can see that on the interior once again, its more you know like the traditional g class, and i think, its pretty cool that we Have, on the one hand, more traditional, exterior interior? On the other hand, we have the electrification. Of course, this might bring. Not you know might not be so efficient and overall, as for the chassis and so on, but after all its also supposed to be fun, not only sustainable but also fun, and i hope we can also see then, for example, a high grade leatherette on the interior And this one is, i think, a high grade leverage, at least it looks like it and, of course, really fancy with this all white interior yeah. It might appear a little bit bright and also while driving also with a dashboard. It might give reflections in the front windscreen but yeah im, not sure if this one will come after all, but if you would like to see such an interior for the future electric g class then definitely put it in the comments very very interesting. We also have the maybach eqs suv, so the more luxurious version with a streamlined look.