My name is Music episode for hot special. Today we are basically the past and the present. Yes, i am shooting the mg zsev. Thank you so much to mg motors and multicast club for providing me with this opportunity so that i can showcase this brilliant electric vehicle to you all so make sure you check it out. Pura video deco for hot funny, and this car is full of surprises. Morris garages mg is a british automotive company, with a legacy of over 95 years established in india in 2017 mg motors launched indias first ever fully electric suv, the mg zs ev. It is designed to be a perfect family car with zero emission without an ounce of compromising on space and comfort. The performance comes courtesy of a battery capacity, which is 44.5 kilowatt hour. It is an ultra high density battery. The claimed range is 340 kilometers. Yes, 340 kilometers. The max power is 142.7 ps. Now that is a lot when you see the body structure, the maximum torque from that electric motor is 353 newton meters and the best part is its instantly available, which catapults the car from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in under 8.5 seconds. Safety is a paramount. The amg zscb comes with european standards: european e end cap safety, standard design, 5 star rating and ip67 dust and water resistance on the index. Amg zv in india comes with mge shield, 5 years roadside assistance 5 years, unlimited kilometer, warranty five labor free services, eight years or 150 000 kilometer battery warranty.

That is so amazing, comes in two variants: excite and exclusive. The one that you are seeing over here is the exclusive model. There are three color options: ferris white, current red and for the exclusive you also have the copenhagen blue thats. What youre seeing over here is to not worry about charging, because it has ac fast charger. Thats provided and installed by mg india at your home or office, absolutely free of cost theyre also an option for dc super fast chargers, which is available at mg dealerships, 24×7. More importantly, theres roadside mobile assistance, which is 24 7 in case of an emergency. The best part is the running: cost comes for just one rupee per kilometer, as we all know that mg hector got in the first ever connected car in the country. This car is breezing with technology. Well, let me show you a party trick, hello mg, open sunroof. As you can see, that is what is happening. Okay, so lets put it in d and lets start okay, so first impressions, my goodness like, is it even on the challenge? Because there is no engine noise? Okay, nothing because obviously theres no engine see this is an electric car. This is a pure eevee. This is not a hybrid, normally india majority cars. They are more into hybrid things. Why hybrid they get a little bit of an electrical assist on the petrol motor or the diesel motor, but this particular thing does not have any engine.

It just got electric motors, which makes it very special, obviously, Music, the cabin quality the overall fit and feel of the cabin is so so nice. Now, as this car is electric, it is very well understood that all the power all the talk is readily available. Now, im gon na check it out because im at an open stretch of road – and i need to exactly see how fast this thing goes, lets accelerate and lets see how this thing performs in one two and Music. Oh my god. Oh my god. This thing pulls man. Here we go so. As i said, this is a very silent car. What im going to do is im going to show you a small demo of what exactly this car sounds like. Yes, it does sound because theres a little bit of an electrical world. What is going on yeah, i cant actually replicate the sound myself. So what i do is i shut up for now and you guys try to listen, listen very carefully and very closely ill. Try to bump up the volume as well. Okay, i just cross this breaker and ill shut up. Okay, i hope the camera was able to capture the sound, because this is the only sound that this car makes okay guys. So this was the review of the mg motors zseb, the fully electric vehicle im pretty impressed. Okay, if i need to sum it up, it is probably the best car i have driven since a long time.

To sum up, this car in words is pretty difficult, because it is an experience in itself and you cant put experience into words. It is just awesome its to be very frank. I was not expecting the car to be this good. The level of quality, the comfort, the luxury and, most importantly, that awesome pickup. It brings a big smile to your face Music. For me, i would rate this car anywhere in the range of 4.5 out of 5, because this car is so damn good. I just love the entire experience and i would like to thank once again mg motors and multi cars club india to provide me with this opportunity locally Music, because this thing is electric. This thing is so awesome. This thing is the future, and the future is now electric cars. They would look a little bit different because of first generation cars. They actually look different, but this car, it Music – that you are an eco friendly person who loves the environment. More importantly, loves to have some fun so with that said, i hope up to your review know the drill just hit that, like button, more importantly, till then take good care of yourself and also follow me, multicast club and mg motors in the links in the description Below instagram page, i can follow tj for latest updates and also follow on the facebook page. So take good care of yourself ill see you soon.