To look at the bigger picture as more and more chinese evs are hitting western roads and stick around, as we have british ex pat will from the china driven youtube channel on the show. Hes been living in china for over a decade now and hell be giving us his point of view Music. Welcome back to another edition of the show about the mg5 or, as you may know it, the rohi e i5, now its not exactly the same car underneath as were treated to a more powerful motor and bigger battery blake would tell you more about that later. On. The outside we will have what looks like a typical estate or station wagon. The long form estate is broken by a character line that runs this from the side of the headlight along the shoulder of the door panels and blends into the taillights roof racks up top help give what may be a bland car, a small touch of style at The front you have a closed off grille that houses, the type 2 and ccs socket and is framed by some chrome effects, strips its not exactly a work of art and a far cry from the tai can cros turismo or even the peugeot 508 estate. But its not trying to be that type of car either it wants to give you a good range and a good space at an affordable price. And if you can wait a little bit depending on what market youre in, you may even get the lifted version, which will be a lot sharper, modern and stylish, but now its time for blake to jump inside and take it out for a spin Music.

So what better way to learn about the mg5 than actually taking it on the road now lucky enough to have this car on loan for a week uh, i picked it up a few days ago i drove home on. It was actually quite surprised at the efficiency, but i plugged it in overnight charged up to 100. So it starts to get a feel for the car in terms of range and be able to give a good update so ive had it for a few days now. Lets run through some of the basics of the mg5 and see what were talking about here. Weve got a usable battery of just under 50 kilowatt hours. Lets just call it 49 to round it off and its got a wltp range of 345 kilometers. Now, for the price of this car, which were going to say, were going to keep saying that for the price of this car for the price of this car im, saying it again for the price of this car. That is just fantastic numbers. Considering the size that youve got in the back as well, weve got 115 kilowatt motor, which gives out 154 horsepower and 260 newton meters of torque. So this thing is no slouch at all its going to do the 100 kilometer air sprint in 7.7. Seconds continue on up to 185 as a top speed, so theyre not astronomical numbers. Now i can hear you guys in your model, wise and performance, saying oh much faster, but hey youre, driving a car thats thats at least double the price and whats it like inside.

It is relatively comfortable once again for the price, its actually very, very good. Like you know, the seats are comfortable and of a nice position here. Ive got electronic adjustment of that seat, so ive got the steering wheel, reach and rake. I can adjust it. Ive got a smattering of buttons here, so i can control the radio and ive got cruise control here. Heated seats and you know youve got aircon um. I can change the level of regeneration, regenerative braking. I can change the mode between sports, eco and regular, and the feel is not particularly good, but for the price, quite good, um im, not gon na sit here, start scratching things like a crazed cat like who gets into their car on a wednesday morning on the Way to work scratches the a pillar and goes i shouldnt have bought this car um. You know it feels the bits that you touch feel nice there. My leg is leaning against this. The center console here but theres, a nice bit of leather just there. So its relatively comfort and comfortable, like yeah, pretty good space, were gon na. Take the camera outside the car in a minute and just to show you some of that in the b roll as well. But youve got 464 liters in the boot up to where the parcel shelf is take away, the parcel shelf – and that goes well up into the 600s and then fold the back seats down and that turns into just over 1500 liters.

So its quite spacious, now ive sat in this car but as a six foot, two person ive set the seat to where i find it most comfortable. And then i got into the back and there was still space for me as well. So plenty of space plenty of space in terms of technology, its not particularly impressive. Its got a couple of things that are that are really really good once again for the price and its got a lot of stuff that yeah, you know the center screen here as well. I i found that you know ive been driving this thing for a total of, maybe six or seven hours. Now, since i got it – and i i barely look at this – you know its yeah, its not great, on what i get in here, um on the biblical just behind the steering wheel is a little bit more engaging. I can get my you know. The trip meter as well itll give you the battery voltage. What speed the motor is. Turning at what current is putting out, uh tire temperatures and pressure, so theres theres a lot there as well, if theres a gauge to see how much power youre using from zero up to 100 of the power and then the regen as well and the speedo. Actually, the main readout is in miles per hour um, so i find that one a little bit tricky. But overall you know its its decent lets say, but for the money, its fantastic um so lets go back and talk about the part that all of us, ev, nerds, know, uh, certainly love about cars and its its the battery and the range that you get.

So we have a usable battery of just under 50 kilowatt hours in this, and a wltp of 345. ive been driving. This thing around now for a few hours, ive done a total of 164.5 kilometers, since i had it charged up to to a hundred percent and ive still got 57 percent left so thats, an average of 14.4 kilowatt hours per hundred kilometers used and so im. Getting incredible fish efficiency out of this im, it looks like i dont know if the gauge is going to be linear in terms of how it drops, but it looks like im going to beat that wltp figure and i have not been hypermiling ive done. Three. Four motorway trips of about 30 kilometers, each and and one of those i i was moving safely but moving at speed um at the other times. I was taking a little bit more easy because i wasnt in a rush. I was doing 100. You know 110 kilometers an hour, something like that, so really really impressive range. I think that if youre just pottering around town dropping the kids off a crash uh, because this would make a really good family car by the way and just putting around town like that. I think this thing is going to challenge 400 kilometers on a charge in summer and in winter, is it going to get less than 300? Maybe maybe if its really really cold? But this is a solid 300 kilometer range car, very impressive for the price, incredible Music.

Well, thats enough from me out on the road i think its time to get dereks opinion on this now derek cause. You had the mg5 for a week just before me and i think you even did uh a first look there a few months back as well. So whats whats your opinion on the the mg5 tell us a little bit about your thoughts. I think its great to see. I dont think i know its great to see these types of electric vehicles with that price point and that quality coming into the marketplace. Theres gon na be a lot of families interested in it and also businesses and taxi drivers. I think it offers a lot to the marketplace so yeah its great to see it. A big fan so yeah all positive, yeah, excellent, and one of the things that we wanted to do today was to to bring in more of an international perspective. So weve been in touch with will from the china driven youtube channel hes based over in the hunan province. I think it is for the last 10 years a british expat, so lets bring on will now and get his thoughts Music, as mentioned at the start. We have a special guest joining us today. All the way from china weve got will from china driven will. How are you and welcome to the show afternoon from here? Thank you very much yeah. My name is: will im uh, i i run a youtube channel called china, driven which you can uh check out and also a twitter um at china driven, and we basically mostly focus there on chinese ev tech and chinese av technology, because theres a lot of really Fascinating fast moving stuff happening right now, yeah and um.

I think its absolutely fascinating were delighted to get you on um, because youve been based over in china now for for 10 years. You know and youre really involved in the ev space. So so for us, this is a real pleasure to have somebody on whos whos over there living it and understands it um. So maybe could you just tell us a little bit about about roy in china? You know: are they a popular brand who buys them? You know just get your perspective on that. Yes, so um basically well start the beginning, so railway um was originally bought when rover mg kind of uh dissolved in in in the uk uh they were bought by saic and saic also tried to buy mg, but were outbid by another car company called nanjing auto. Both those car companies made cars based on existing models and re badged them in china. The reason why railway is called railway is because they werent able to buy the rover name that was sold back to ra to range rover, so they basically came up with uh row a which they said. Uh sounds like lion, but also sounds like rover um in in in china, like mg, uh and roway are towards the cheaper end, because theyre domestic uh domestic brands and theyve been going on for quite a while, since about 2006. um and their ev. The the original row – a uh ei5 ev estate uh, came out, i think in 2017 and now theres a new model which the mg5 ev thats taken uh to export.

To places like ireland, uh is based on that yeah mentioning um the mg and the the brand recognition there, but when people then realize that its a chinese manufactured ev will sometimes they look down their nose on that whats. Your experience of that over there and the difference between a chinese domestic brand, because i hear sometimes theres a difference between the quality or do you find that that thats becoming a bit more a bit more equalized. So chinese manufacturing is kind of got this reputation of poor quality. I mean thats mostly down to us in the west, that we go to china to look for cheap manufacturing right so were pushing for. We dont want high precision manufacturing. We want cheap, low kind of low quality manufacturing to get those prices down. When you talk about domestic chinese products, the view in china is drastically changing a few years ago, like people only wanted an iphone, they only wanted foreign brands, but now domestic brands are coming up, youve got highway in the mobile phone section and then youve also got You know really high end premium: ev manufacturers, neo youve, got really tech based manufacturers like expunge and chinese people are really kind of quite proud of this that you know theyre producing really good products, so i think chinese government also mentioned that they want to be more. Like germany, so they dont want to do away with their manufacturing, but they want to turn it into a more high quality.

Precision manufacturing do you think, well buy them. Locating in the united kingdom and long heat thatll make a big difference as well for perception. I think, because of being built in the uk and hes going to give mg the advantage that x, pung neo byd dont currently have, is they dont build cars with the steering wheel on the right side? You know so you wont see those cars for a while in the british isles or in ireland, but that gives mg an opportunity to really bring a decent ev for a decent price. So i mean compare comparative to its size, its tech and its price. I mean its its a good value proposition. I think i think it will say well, i think youre youre absolutely spot on. Okay. Only in the last few days, ive noticed where i am. I live in a city of you know, just under 100 thousand people, but ive seen two um separate uh taxis, which were mg5s um, which uh i couldnt have predicted. You know and there would be a lot more in the roads in the next few months. I think and uh are you: do you think, then, that the mg5, just because thats the video were where were looking at today? That theyve got a good chance over here? I think i think number one like its an estate car theres, not enough estate cars. You know and theres a theres, a big section of people that want to stay cause, theyre, saying taxes, obviously and theres a lot of people.

Dont want suvs, you know, and it gives you something different and mgs always been a quite popular brand in the uk uh its had a – and i know you guys in ireland, but hes had a very long history there. So i dont, i dont, see why, for his price point um, it wouldnt be extremely popular it. It offers a decent range. It has the the you know, the connection that most people want in in a car and i think for an ev. It looks pretty good as well. Do you see more chinese manufacturers building their presence in europe and the united states, or do you think theyre going to focus on the domestic market because its so big in china? Well, so i think it depends, and i think we know which manufacturers are going to go um abroad, its either going to be those that have a huge amount of capital behind them or those are already quite large but uh in themselves. Um, i see them theyve. All got an eye on the us because its the largest oil market in the world, so thats thats obvious, but i i believe well, i know that europe is going to be the first step that they take um with x, pang, neo and byd all already exporting Cars to norway, neos about to open up their neo house, which is like a dealership experience coffee. You know, um something youve, never seen before its very hard to explain what they are um.

They sell clothes and and and all different kinds of thing, theyre really trying to create a brand around around their vehicles, um and then from there were already seeing, i think, uh neo on their last earnings call mentioned the fact they already have a european ceo and Theyre already got 40 employees in norway and weve seen multiple job offerings floating around for x, punch and neo in other eu countries. I think belgium, the netherlands, france and germany yeah, okay, thats, absolutely fascinating. Look its been an absolute pleasure having you on here today and just them getting that perspective from from someone whos over in china now for what 10 years. So we really appreciate that and um just to say to anybody watching this as well. Go over and check out. Um wills channel china driven uh hes got some when i came across there a few weeks ago, so impressed with the production quality in it and and you have a bit of fun on the way as well. Yeah yeah. So thanks very massively sunburnt yeah cheers guys Music thanks so much to will for coming on. If you havent, already subscribed to the china driven youtube channel, make sure you do and when youre subscribing to youtube channels make sure that youve already subscribed to the eb platform. Youtube channel, let us know in the comments what you think about this todays episode and make sure that you hit the like button.