We are in munich. We have the opel maca e that tyman is taking back to our apartment. We have the honda e thats just been dropped off that were going to explore, and my friend, andre from inside evs is taking the volkswagen id3 to shoot some videos of his own. I will link those in the description we have a ton of electric cars here in germany that well be testing. This is just a sampling of what we have in the stable right now, but this really cool honda e was just dropped off from honda. Germany, a big thanks to them for arranging to get us this car. It was no small feat thats for sure this was a pretty difficult, find, were gon na jump in take it for a drive around the city, explore its features and quirks a little bit and just see what this little city car is all about. This is the really unique and very personable honda e its sold here in europe, as this sort of i dont even want to say experimental project, its just a great city, electric car, its so neat. First of all, the styling is really pleasant. The lights are flickering here on the video, but in real life, of course, theyre not it has such a personality, a sort of a happy face to it its a friendly looking car all around this car costs very expensive. Actually is my understanding. This one does not have a window sticker, but specking them out and talking to people.

This is about 40 000 euros before incentives, of course, but still a lot of money for a very interesting intriguing little hatchback uh. This particular one has been getting a ton of attention driving it around, and people are just absolutely loving this car here there goes andre in the id3, see you later and we are going to go jump in this and take it for a little drive before we Do let me take you on a quick tour, exterior and interior and show you all around this thing. The honda e has about a hundred mile range. I dont actually know the full ratings. Of course, in epa, this car is not rated, but i did a 70 mile per hour. Highway range test that will go, live on our inside evs us channel and on the highway at 70 miles an hour. It got about 83 to 85 miles. If i remember correctly so, ive had a chance to drive this on the highway. That was just last night and it was so intriguing and so interesting and um 85 miles on the highway. Well, its better than my smart car as a city car and really what more can you ask for this car is not really meant to leave city centers just to get you around and i think its perfect for that. So you have forty thousand dollar cost, roughly uh, i you know obviously dont know what the us would be its not sold there.

Every market has different reasons for pricing more than just the direct transfer rate, so lets just say: roughly 40 grand about 100 mile range mixed driving a 35 kilowatt hour usable battery pack or so, and it just looks so cool its rear wheel drive its got quite A bit of torque lets jump inside before we jump in. Let me just show you, the charging port here, theres a little button that pulls up this flap. It does have ccs, of course, so type 2 on the top. The two dc pins it peaks at around 50 kilowatts it had about. I dont, want to say an hour and 10 minutes hour 15 minutes zero to full, well, have a full dc charging video, of course on this car. The door handles are really interesting. As i approach the car, i can click unlock they pop open. It will also do this proximity when you open up the car, forgive a few of the papers here on the ground, but look at that interior, its so pleasant. You have sort of this floating center console design with the typical honda shifter. You have a one pedal driving drive modes parking brake, really, nice tactile controls here. A split screen display theres, actually three displays across the center of the car, and then you also have your mirrors, your digital mirrors, built in on the side here now these are illegal in the united states, so this is actually the first car ive ever driven with Digital mirrors – and it took me a little bit of getting used to theres two settings inside this mirror.

You can see theres me and thats pretty funny. Theres two settings theres one, which is a narrow view setting which i didnt really like, and then i switched it to wide and it was much better. These back doors open as well, which is kind of nice, almost no leg room for me, but plenty of head room, really cool, looking seat belts. Of course, this one is a maxed out. Honda e is my understanding, so it has all of the options. The back end of this car, i think, looks ridiculously good. I love this sort of light here, this red light in the tail lights, its just such a pleasant car in terms of trunk space, its actually pretty good. If you take a look in here, you can see, it came, comes with a charging cable, of course, a little bit of another charging cable. I guess and then of course you know just your back seats into the car very standard manual trunk overall. This thing is pleasant. It looks great and im excited to get it out on the road and see how she drives. Todays video is brought to you by ev wash. You can see here im using the waterless wash solution on the hood of my electric smart car cleaning. It up very cool, more cool than whats inside of this bottle is actually the way that you can refill it once you run out of your solution inside the bottle come back here.

This is a sustainable, washing company again branded ev wash you take your biodegradable refill. Pouch that you purchase on their website fill back up your bottle, its a lot less expensive and better for the environment than just buying new bottles. Every time you run out, ev wash the link is in the description, use the code out of spec 30 for 30 off your full ev wash kit order, support the companies that support us for making these videos possible. Welcome to the inside of the honda e and, first of all, its just such a pleasant and different experience. The car feels very wide, considering the width of the car, also not having any door mirrors means um. You know the car just kind of ends right at the door, which is a very odd thing to think about. It makes squeezing, through tight places, really nice. I will say over here by the climate controls. My knee actually hits the heated seat button when im driving. So, if im kind of driving in a little bit closer driving position like on the autobahn, if were going quick, my knee tends to turn on the heated seat control. So i will say: ive tested the heated seats thoroughly. They heat up really fast, so they let you know right away, lets see this infotainment system is good. We can go through all this when we do a full review of the car. This is more of a first taste lets.

Put it in drive. Lets put the drive mode in normal, make sure the steering wheel is adjusted all good and lets take it for its first little. Oh, i got ta hit, drive again drive one pedal driving on there we go. This is just so so neat. The steering wheel is really nice leather in it sort of this wood integration here in the middle as well its a very small car and lets just go to the right and well test the acceleration, its fast, its really fast to about 50 kilometers per hour. This thing is tuned for just off the line jumping in front of the car. Its actually really impressive were at about again 76 state of charge right now and its just such a a pleasant driving experience. You have you feel, like youre sitting, you know, sort of in this little tiny machine and but theres screens everywhere. I dont know how to describe this to you. Its really really kind of a cool experience lets go into sport mode. We have a little bit of open road here, so lets foot down, yeah good acceleration, still moving, really good acceleration overall, a really fun package on the road. It feels quiet at speed and it has an air of premiumness to it. The seat materials are really nice. This natural wood throughout the cabin really brings in this texture of modern, with some previous or, i should say some legacy. If you will were gon na rip around the roundabout head back the way we came so lets test some of the handling through here theres a tractor in front of us, a nice five series wagon.

So here we go. We are in sport mode and going around the roundabout whoa. It feels good. A lot of body roll though, and powering through nice feels really good and nimble and quite hilarious. I think we just scared everyone zigging through there so quickly, i have to say, thats a pretty impressive nimbleness paired with all of that torque down low. A lot of you guys may not know this, but i actually drive an electric smart car every day, which is right in the same class of vehicle and the reason i drive a smart car is because i need something: small and quick and easy and electric to Just fire up rip into town head back to my house and just plug it back in and not worry about it, and this fits the bill perfectly. This is uh, you know about the same size, maybe a hair bigger than the smart. I gain rear seats, so its more practical uh, its got so much personality. So much presence everyone looks at it. We get thumbs up even here in munich, which is car capital and people are really loving this. What do you say? We test this in some real city environment because thats what this car is meant to do and well see how it does in sort of the tight stuff. The nice thing is with the traffic lights in europe. Is they go red, then yellow then green? So you know that you can kind of get.

You know, working green, go boom, rips off the line, and then it still rips pretty good. It just kind of dies around id, say 60 to 65 kilometers per hour. Then it feels a little bit more normal. But for the 35 kilowatt hour battery pack with that rear wheel, drive grunt, i dont know the exact power output, but its got to be a ton of torque from zero. They did not hold back on the launch of this car because its rear wheel drive and you can also turn traction control off. It should mean you can kind of slide it around a little bit. I dont know if i know of a place where i can do this near munich, so i dont expect to be doing any drifting stuff in the honda e. Although, if i was back in the us you can guarantee, i would be its just crazy off the line. I would be sliding it around. I want to make a quick note about these side view mirrors. They work really well now that i have them in wide view mode, super interesting and then theres a little button on the end of the turn signal that will allow me to put these little markers on, and that says you know sort of a distance indicator. I still find, though, in tight parallel parking scenarios in situations where uh you know, i have to do tight, maneuvering in like a parking garage. The weird part is when i move my head like.

I would try and get a better view of the road uh. You know around a mirror when im trying to peek around something, obviously their camera screens, so they dont bend your field of view. Doesnt change, thats, really, the only thing thats a bit unnerving in terms of driving around normally, though its good its just like. If theres a car in your blind spot and you kind of want to peek up and see if you can get around youre, not able to do that. So i understand why ive been seeing cars in europe with the electric or digital side view mirrors. But then they put a little uh stick on mirror. On top of it, it looks pretty tacky but its at least practical, and i understand there is a benefit of having a physical glass piece there, and maybe this is something that just gets better with time. The rear view mirror is also electric in this case, or i should say digital. Why am i saying electric, but i can also put it back to a traditional glass piece but im trying to force myself into the digital world here and forcing myself to use the digital gauges of the honda e uh ill, save the whole infotainment system for another Video, because its just so interesting and really cool it just spun the tires off the line lets head into downtown munich test. This thing on some tight roads and then uh thatll be a nice first taste well, of course, do a full autobahn review of this car.

Its not crazy fast but like every car, were testing ill, get this up to max speed and share what its like pegged at the limiter we are now inside the munich, i think its called umwelt zone. This is pretty interesting. You need a green sticker on your windshield in order to enter these zones and theyre only for emission friendly vehicles. I believe, and the way this works is, i think any modern vehicle is allowed in the umwelt zone and its possible that this is only valid for certain times of the day, for example, today its a weekend and its pretty desolate down here, but this car, of Course, being electric and new has the green little label for the umwelt theres a nice i3 a lot of little electric city cars here, its amazing driving around germany compared to the us, because uh in the u.s theres, probably eight 10 teslas 20 teslas for every one Non tesla electric car that you see here, though, i barely see any teslas, and maybe that shouldnt come as a surprise, its a german car market, of course, but it just goes to show that that, especially in cities, you dont need a ton of range. Something like this is perfect and the general public is picking up on this theres renault zoes, everywhere, electric smart cars, like i drive on every single corner. It just takes a little bit of a mindset, change theres, also quite a lot of charging points around the city.

A lot of level 2 or even 20. You know level 22 kilowatt ac. We dont have 22 kilowatt ac in the us uh for charging. This is a three phase unit and i believe the honda e does not have 22 kilowatt ac. I believe this can do 11 kilowatts uh anyway, its been more than enough. You can actually set your charge limits in this vehicle as well to say: hey, dont, charge, past 80 or 90, when youre at home or when youre at away from home, which i think is smart. So if youre out traveling, you can set it to 100. If youre in the city, but for nightly charging, you can have it only charged from you know to 50 70 80, whatever you would like, and i think thats a great feature to preserve battery longevity. Okay, now were going on some of these little tight roads and this ones not too bad, but the honda e feels right at home. I mean the the mini cooper feels big and looks big compared to this and i believe weve reached a dead end. So this is a perfect opportunity to test the maneuverability amazing turning radius. Look at that. This is just gon na, be a little three point turn, but we are in. Like the tightest section see. This is where the mirrors are a little bit weird and then were good to go pretty awesome and just tons of torque to get up to speed.

Um really a pleasant driving experience here. Uh lets go straight actually well go across the way 30 zone yeah quiet day today in the city with the honda e, but it feels right at home, its maneuverable. I can look at this maneuvering around really fun uh, its a pleasant car theres, an electric smart, of course – and i have to say, im – really loving it. I think it has the perfect size range. It actually might even have a little bit more range that i would need. It is a pleasant looking car and overall is a uh. These people are just crossing down the middle of the road. I dont understand. Oh man. This is so interesting driving around here. I have to say: germany is an amazingly diverse place in terms of automotive experiences. You get stuck in really tight traffic downtown were still kind of a little bit on the outskirts. You can go as fast as you want on the highways in certain sections and then some people dont drive that fast. I dont its very interesting, but anyway, honda e might just be the perfect city car uh. If you live in a city and not having wing mirrors is a real benefit in the city, i mentioned that the digital mirrors take some time to get used to and theyre a little bit awkward um. But when you put digital mirrors in this it just the width of the car is so much decreased that you can fit just about anywhere its really cool, really cool.

So thanks for watching another out of spec reviews video, i know this was not really like a a test per se. More of just a little experience of this in the city is the honda e, the perfect city car, i think, is probably the question that i would ask, and the answer is, i think so we have. You know i showed you the a few cars that we have right now, uh in the stable that were testing this week and whenever we have to go downtown. For example, i had to go to the apple store the other day whenever i have to do something. Sort of in the city, this is the car im grabbing the keys to because its just so pleasant, its so fast thats. What i really like about it, its got city acceleration. The 0 60 is probably nothing because it dies up top, but what you need in this environment man does it perform more than adequately well and with that i think ill leave you its so hard to see the stop light actually around this giant. Uh driver assistance, camera thing here in the center thats. Why i keep moving my head around so with that ill leave you with a quick launch when the light goes green, and then we will say goodbye until tomorrows video go Music. It is tesla like acceleration off the line.