No doubt the popularity of electric vehicles is increasing and the penetration on the irish market is getting better week upon week. However, criticism of electric vehicles is that theyre expensive and there isnt a huge amount of choice. Well, this is about to change with models like this. This is the mg5 and its two things its about good value and its a different body style for the first time, weve seen an estate. Many of you will, i suspect, to be familiar with the mg badge. It belonged to those iconic british sports cars. Cars like the mga and the mgb and more laterally the mgf. However, the mg badge now belongs to something very different: it belongs to a chinese corporation called saic, who are huge and they have invested huge amounts of money into this brand. So what exactly are you getting with the mg5? Well, firstly, its only an estate. There is no saloon version and theres no other powertrain available apart from an ev, but as an ev youre, getting quite a lot for your money. This is an older generation model. The one you would get now has a longer range and its a 61.1 kilowatt battery and thats powered by a 100 kilowatt electric motor that equates to about 156 horsepower so for the money youre getting quite a big battery and getting quite a decent range to charge. The car, you simply push this badge at the front and your type 2 and your ccs charging points are here.

Other manufacturers, please take note. This is the right place to put your charging port the benefits, of course, of driving an estate car, our practicality and luggage space, so the mg5 is no exception in that regard. It has a 464 liter boot space without doing anything to the seats or the luggage cover that can expand out to 570 litres loaded up to the roof, and if you fall back the seats which unfortunately dont fall back flat, you get 1456 liters. Let me give you a quick tour of the cabin sure enough, starting from the right hand, side. Some of these plastics are a little bit um scratchy and possibly not the best quality, but do remember the price um moving across. We have the starter button here there, the electric mirrors, we come to the steering wheel, its a leather multi function wheel, so we have your phone controls, volume controls and then all of the various menus in the center console. We can see that there is a. It is in miles per hour this car. However, there are kilometers on the inset and obviously the digital speedo is in kilometers as well. Now you have your gauge, which, instead of a rev counter, really gives you an idea of your efficiency, whether youre driving efficiently, whether youre, actually recharging through regenerative, braking or where you are up at maximum power. This infotainment system is a little bit basic, its not the best to be honest, but, however, it does have apple, carplay and android auto.

So when you plug that in you, dont really care to be honest, because you have you know your google maps, your spotify, all those all that good stuff, so its really um, you really dont really care after that. Air conditioning system is, as it is quite simple. You do have your usb ports here, two of them so thats for connecting your phone for apple carplay, and then you have obviously the various modes which um you can see here. So your eco mode, you have your normal mode and there is a sport mode as well. So look just to be honest. This doesnt feel like a huge amount of difference in those but um. Obviously the eco mode is, if you want to get the most potential range from the car, so obviously there is um the ability to regenerate the braking as well. So you can do that a little bit more using the key ers cars. Apart from that, look its a decent enough cabin um, pretty inoffensive, but look the equipment levels are very good youre, getting pretty much everything you could possibly need here for uh in this exclusive model, which is you know, 33 and a half thousand euro, so thats decent. Okay, so what is the mg5 like to drive? Well, do you know what its much better than i thought it would be? I thought it would be pretty awful to be honest, but uh no its decent. Like everything else about this car so far, you know the steering is fine, its comfortable.

You know it handles bumps reasonably well, of course, because you know they havent opted to put 19 or 20 inch wheels on it. Like everyone else, theyve gone for 16 inch wheels, which are a decent for range and b, keep the ride, quality very, very comfortable, but just overall its a nice package. You know i love a practical car. I love an un, pretentious car and this is both its um. You know its its got. A big boot theres plenty of space in the back. The styling is completely inoffensive and uh. You know its a discreet family car that just happens to be an ev, so you know this. This car has been a real surprise to me and uh yeah id quite happily have one of these. You know it wouldnt be something that would necessarily excite me, but as a family run around you couldnt go too far wrong than this prices start at 29, 645 for the mg5 excite spec thats after grants, of course or 32 895 for the exclusive version. Add metallic paint – and it goes to 30 345 for the excite and 33 595 for the exclusive. I must say, ive been totally surprised by this car. I didnt expect to like it at all. I thought it would be a kind of a cheap nasty knockoff ev, but i couldnt be further from the truth. This is a really practical, it is what it is eevee. The price point is good.

The range is more than most people will need. The equipment levels are excellent and it just works its a practical family car with a decent sized boot plenty of space in the rear, and it has everything you could possibly need at a price point, which is quite sensible. So if you dont need a big electric suv and you dont want to spend 40 50 60 grand on a car, then the mg5 now has to be on your list.