Now, in this video im going to tell you all about this car im going to actually use it to cook some food as well, which is a bit odd, obviously youre going to take it for a drive. Talk you through the exterior and the interior and im gon na launch it to see how quick it is from north to 60.. Anyway, im matt watson and youre watching car wow buying a new car then head to car wow, and my team will help. You find your next car at a fair price car wow, your one stop car buying comparison sites. Lets start this video by talking about the design. When i saw this thing in pictures, i thought it looked okay, but here in the flesh it is a really striking car. I really like the full length of light bar looks especially cool when you turn the lights on. There are kind of elements of the aston astomating dbx about it, thats no bad thing! Is it and look at this down here, some of the coolest reversing lights, ive ever seen on any car. One thing im not so sure about those the sort of fakey venti stuff here, but i do like this jingle jangle jewelry effect, thats nice anyway lets move down the side, so aloe wheels start at 19 start at 19s going up to 21. So these are the mid level 20s. They look nice. I love the swooping roofline of this car, the wide haunches, the side sills.

It looks awesome. It really does and its got like a cab forward design, but it still looks very sporty and beefy at the front. I think this is a great looking car, especially in this paint scheme around the front. It looks good here as well. There are a few fake vents, but really thats very little to complain about its a good good. Looking car now kias trademark grille is known as tiger nose, but theyve renamed it for this ev as the digital tiger face. Okay, now this car starts at 41 000 pounds and its not bad, considering the amount of spec you get with it and if you want to make sure youre paying a fair price on your next car click on the pop out banner up there or follow the Link below the video to go to car wow alternative after this video, you can simply google help me carway and my team and ill help. You choose the right card for you and get it for a fair price for one of our trusted dealers. I love the interior design of this kia ev6 its really really nice, the textured effect on the dash and the different lines, the blue lighting here, the screens they actually have a coating on them which helps prevent glare so that you can see them even in direct Sunlight, the quality is pretty good as well its only when you go further down things get a bit scratchy but its to be expected.

Really. I love the look of this center console. It does wobble a bit, but these shiny bits on it really nice. This armrest is comfy. I like the fact that you got a gear selector as a rotator, rather than a gear lever like you get in some of their evs, which is just pointless, steering wheels cool its a really nice design, im impressed with what theyve done the seats are lovely as Well, this kind of velour effect. Apparently the seats are made out of recycled bottles, its all very good, actually, tech, thats excellent as well, so its got kias latest infotainment system, its responsive enough. The graphics are fine, its got apple carplay android, auto. Now, if you want to use the climate control, they are touch sensitive buttons, which arent quite as easy to use when youre driving, theres actual physical buttons that move but its not too difficult, and you can do the temperature using a rotary knob and look at this. You can toggle between shortcuts for the infotainment system and youve got these buttons on the steering wheel as well, and you use the ones over this side to toggle through all the information on the digital drivers display, which is nice and clear, and very well laid out. Good comfort in here lots of adjustment in the steering wheel and in the seats as well, which is good. It feels very roomy as well, because theres a load of space just here where you can like store things down there.

Youve got various charging ports usb and usbc theres more storage under here youve got cup holders here of different decks, so thats a shallower one thats a slightly deeper one. I should do them the other way around. Otherwise, youll end up doing that thing where you lift off the top of your coffee. Well, that stereo shut up. I know i shouldnt have pressed the blooming radio button thats going to be lets refer to the map again interrupted. Quite a lot here. Lets continue. So big glove box, look at the size of that goes back such a long way and the door bins are huge too and theyre lined with felt so things dont wrap around in there good if youve got a posh glass bottle like this. Oh one last thing: i want to show you. This is very, very good for vain people. Like me, these have to be the biggest vanity mirrors on any car. I dont look as good as i thought i did. The kit ev6 feels nice and spacious here in the back seats, so look how much knee room ive got its insane now, even though this car is slightly shorter on the outside than kias big sorrento suv, because the wheels on the ev6 are further apart. The front of the back wheels youve got more interior space and because its an electric car, the batteries are underneath the floor, which means you get a completely flat forward because, unlike in a internal combustion engine, car theres not like space the exhaust or the drive shaft And the engine to the wheels at the back, so look at all that space weve got the disadvantage of having batteries underneath the floor does mean that theres not that much of a distance between the floor and the seat.

So you can feel a little bit like youre sitting a bit too low, but its not too bad its just a shame that you cant really stretch your feet out that much under the chairs in front because they are quite low but still theres so much room. It doesnt really matter. One minor issue could be for really tall people, the headroom its all right for me, but people over six foot may find it a little bit tight in fact, theres a bit more headroom in a ford mackie and if you click on the pop out band up There you can watch my full index, video review of that car theres very little to fault about this look. Youve got some posh airplane style, pockets on the seat, backs cool little usb charging ports there. Another thing i want to show you is this look fold down this? You have a cubby area there and if i do, that becomes a cup holder. Look at that its like magic. There is some through loading, but the space isnt that great you might fit. Some skis through there just another thing im going to show you is this look yeah you can recline the back seats. You can also put the rear windows all the way down. I, like that thats a good feature, and if you need to carry three in the back at once, because this seat is flat, you need all that space in the footwells.

It is doable as for fitting a baby seat in the back. This roof does slope inward. So you do struggle to get a real bulky rear facing seat in, but the doors open wide, which does help so theres lots of room to maneuver once youve got it underneath the roof. The only problem is that the isofix anchor points are a little bit hard to get actually end up, jumping away to get them located, but once in place theres loads of room, because theres so much space between the front passenger seat and these seats. That, even with those bulky rear facing seats, youre absolutely fine, the person in the front passenger seat isnt wanting for space at all now lets talk about the boot. So as standard you get an electrically operated tailgate and you have 520 liters of luggage space. However, the scada anyak has 585 litres of space and, if you want to see my fault in dip video review of that car click on the pop out banner up there or follow the link in the description. So, look, no load lip really to lift things over and you can fit the load cover underneath the false floor, its not the easiest thing to get out. Look im struggling im struggling, you can do it. You just got ta know the right way to do it. Im gon na use that in a second, because i want to show you something else: theres quite a few of the cool features like weve got nets here, weve got 12 volt sockets, and i like this, you can release the back seats and fold them down from Those handles in the boot and this one this for look.

You can slide things to the front because you have a continuous floor there with all the seats folded, thats, quite good, but im not done yet. You see you have some more storage space here under this lovely clamshell bonnet. Look, we have a front boot a fruit, so it has a capacity of 52 liters unless you have the all wheel, drive version which has another motor at the front and therefore you have less fruit space, its only 20 liters – and that brings me on to five Annoying things about this car, if you have the top of the range car with the meridian sound system, the subwoofer for it goes in the boot and it takes up 40 liters of space, which means you dont, have so much underfloor storage, which is a bit annoying Because thats, where youd ideally keep all the cables, whereas here on this card, they have to just be there. The head restraints protrude quite a way forward, so they push your head like that, a little bit which really isnt great for your posture. You want to be more like that, but you cant for a practical family car. The rear visibility is, i mean, just look, i cant see much, can you out the back window and these rear pillars create massive blind spots which is really frustrating when youre pulling out junctions, depending on your preferred seating position, the steering wheel can sometimes block the top Of the screen, its a bit of a bugger when youre creeping along in traffic, this car makes a weird groaning sound from its brakes ever listen to this sort of like the noise the tripods make in the war of the worlds you see.

Thankfully, this car has plenty of cool features to help make up for all this heres five, just like its sister car, the hyundai ioniq five. The ev6 has something called car 2 load, which actually sounds a bit rubbish, but its actually very cool because it allows you to plug household appliances into this device here, then you can run them off the cars battery, its really handy, if youre, on a video shoot In a bit peckish and you want to eat something appropriate, look the microwave works. Now we just got to wait five minutes same as ill just swipe out this cars heads up display, features augmented reality for the satellite navigation, so itll actually superimpose directions on the road ahead. So you dont take a wrong turn its a bit like the feature you get on a mercedes s. Class cool. If you cant, be bothered to walk all the way to your car. You can make the ev6 come to you just press a button and you can summon it well come forwards. Lets make it go backwards as well. Oh thatll do oh. I think i can make it that far. You can also use this feature for getting out of and reversing into tight parking spaces need to recharge your own batteries. While youre charging the car well with the ev6, you can actually have a power nap while youre putting power into the car itself. Look because the front seat backs will recline super low.

All right, then you have a nap. The ev6 has an amazing high definition surround view camera. I mean look at that and you can zoom in and out on the birds eye view theres lots of different views. As well so you can have a look around the car from different angles and of course, the full 3d effect. Bmw, stylee lovely now lets talk about batteries and charging and all that kind of stuff. So you can get a 77 kilowatt hour battery, which can give you up to 360 miles of range. You can get it with rear wheel, drive or all wheel drive and power ranges from 170 horsepower. All the way up to 325 horsepower in the four wheel drive big battery version. However, therell be a high performance version coming in 2022, with 585 horsepower, so that should be pretty blooming. Quick in terms of charging. The battery can charge up to 250 kilowatts. So then, lets see what this kia ev6 is like to drive now underneath the skin. It shares many of its parts with a high end, ionic five, because high end eye – and here are sister companies. However, curious set this cop to be a little bit more sporty to drive because its sportier to look at isnt it. What that means is that the suspension is a little bit firmer, so you feel the bumps a bit more so when youre driving around town, occasionally, if you hit a pole, just get a bit more of a jolt but its never uncomfortable at all.

I think its absolutely fine and driving around town its fairly easy to live with so the steerings nice and light the forward. Visibility is pretty good because youre sitting up quite high its a comfy car and, of course, youve got regen effect for the motor. So when you lift off the accelerator, the car will slow itself as it recoups energy and puts it back into the batteries, and you can increase the amount of the regen effect by pulling on these paddles. Here you can pretty much drive it on one pedal and not actually touch the brake pedal only for emergency stops and stuff like that. Overall, this car is pretty easy to drive in town now, when you get out on a twisty road, you are thankful for that. Slightly firmer suspension setup because it means that this car doesnt lean too much in the benz of say an ionic five. Now you might wonder what that noise is its its because im getting too close to the car in front because thats, actually, our camera car and im getting the car safety systems. Warning me that im about to have an accident – and if i was to do nothing the car would automatically break so on a twisty road. This car does feel quite sporty, which is a good thing, its not quite as sharp to drive as a tesla model 3, and if you want to see my full in depth, video review of that car click on the pop out banner up.

There theres also a link in the description now when you get out on faster roads such as motorways and stuff. You do appreciate the fact that this car is nice and comfy to traveling and its reasonably quiet. Obviously, theres. No internal combustion engine worrying away in front of you. The only thing you notice really is a bit of noise from the road from those big tires other than that, though very very relaxing, and you can use the standard fit automated cruise control. So you just turn that on and itll do that thing, where use a radar to keep you safe distance from the car in front and auto steer to keep you in lane really takes a strain out of longer journeys. Another great thing that makes this car relaxing to drive is the instant punch from the electric motor. So if you need to get past someone, suddenly you just put your foot down and you just whizz by speaking of the performance. I think its time to launch this thing. This 325 horsepower dual motor version of the ev6 is supposed to not 60 in 5.2 seconds. But what will it really do? Well, ive got my specialist timing gear up here. Gon na launch it lets find out were gon na get. We have a time wow. It did it in 4.8 seconds thats impressive though it does feel really quick Music. So then whats my final verdict on the kia ev6. Should you avoid it? Should you consider it, should you shortlist it or should you just go right ahead and buy it? Well, i reckon you should just go right ahead and buy the kia ev6 its an absolutely brilliant ev, plus you can use it to cook your dinner, hey if you enjoyed the video, please give it a like.

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