This is sriprajesh from srt tata avinashi road showroom in coimbatore. Today i am here with the brand new tata tigar ev top spec exit plus variant. The tigor ev officially is the most affordable electric car in india today, just like the nexon ev, it is based on the ziptron technology aiming to provide eco friendly electric performance without compromising on looks, features or comfort. I am going to take you through a detailed tour of this top spec exit plus tigard ev Applause. Music come on Music. First of all, in terms of design, you can easily identify this as a tata tigar. However, there are some obvious differences to differentiate between the petrol and the ev. The front grille is now replaced by a body colored panel and just like the nexon ev, most of the chrome bits have been replaced by blue accents just like the regular petrol tigor xz plus variant. This ev also gets projector headlamps, led drls, front fog lamps. Only on this exit plus variant, the lower air dam grille has also been given a dry arrow design pattern treatment quite similar to the altrus ev showcased at the delhi auto expo. Apart from these design differences, there is one obvious difference, and that is this exclusive teal blue color, which is available only on the nexon ev and the tigor ev. Apart from the steel blue color, the tigor ev is also available in daytona grey. This exit plus variant alone gets 14 inch, hyper style steel wheels borrowed from the exit variant of the tata tiago and just like the tata nexon ev, all variants of the tigor ev also get the blue ev badging on the front fenders on both sides.

Just like the petrol tigor exit plus variant, this ev exit plus variant also gets chrome, finished door handles and chrome finish window line, if not for the steel, blue color from the side profile. This tigor ev looks just like any other tata tigar. That is also the same case at the rear of the tigor ev, because the jaguar inspired led tail lamps and the roof spoiler. Stop lamp remain exactly the same, except for the blue eevee badging, with even the tigor badging remaining exactly the same as the petrol versions. On the right hand, lower corner, you can also see the ziptron badging quite similar to the nexon ev. That said, the chrome strip on the lower part of the rear bumper has been replaced by the blue strip, and only this top spec exit plus variant gets a reverse parking camera. That said, led tail, lamps and two reverse parking. Sensors are available as standard on all variants and just like the petrol tigor, the charging port is located on the left side of the car. This top spec exit plus variant also has the option of a contrast: black roof color. That was all about the exteriors lets get inside this sticker ev. Now, yes, folks, im right now inside the brand new tata, tikka ev top spec, xz plus variant, and this here is a quick view at the dashboard. First of all, this looks exactly the same as any other tata tig or top spec variant, thanks to the availability of standard features and the overall fit and finish and material quality.

The tigard has always been a really strong compact sedan in terms of safety and overall build quality. The material solidity has been carried forward to this ev version as well. However, one thing i would have liked to see better is the updated door lock design and the door handle design which is seen on the currently updated tata tiago variants, but that has not yet been introduced on the tigar range, including this ev model. The trigger still retains the old style door handle and door lock design with the door handles. So this here is the door locks which was previously seen on the tiago and the tigor. Now the tiago does not get these type of maruti 800 style door locks. Instead, it gets better integrated, better designed door locks integrated into the door pads now coming to the advantages of this interior. You get the very same amount of features as well, this being the top spec exit plus variant. You get the very same. Harman 7 inch touchscreen infotainment system, including automatic climate control ac as well, for which the controls are integrated into this touchscreen system itself. Let me just turn on the power before that. Let me just show you the key, so these here are the smart keys of this tata tigar ev, xz plus variant, so the exit plus and the exit plus dual tone variants are the only variants to provide uh smart key access with push button start. So let me just uh turn the power on, so this is how everything looks like compared to the standard petrol they got.

This instrument cluster is significantly different in terms of color, the design details, the overall elements and all because this is an electric car. Obviously you get the range display over here, so this, as you can see, is 77 currently and for the range of 77 percent. This car can go up to 173 kilometers, so this is how it is displayed over here. The tigor, unlike the nexon ev, does not get a semi digital full color tft instrument cluster. This instead is a simpler monochrome. Uh instrument, cluster with blue, highlights, befitting the ev badge. So talking about the details in this instrument cluster, you get the overall odometer over here. The transmission selection mode over here now the car is in neutral, so this is displayed over here. If i change to sports mode, it will display s, and on top is the range. Obviously, at the center is the speedometer over here on the top right hand, corner you get to see the actual battery capacity which is left from empty to full. This is almost similar to the fuel tank gauge display, so that is quite nice and on the right side, bottom corner you get to see the region, so this region gauge will be highlighted only when the car is coasting or while you are driving and on the Left side corner you get to see eco, so that will also be highlighted only if you drive, so that was all about this instrument cluster.

So now i have turned on the power of this car by pressing the brake pedal and turning on the ignition. So you can see that the instrument cluster shows that the car is ready to move or drive. Now i am changing into drive, then let me just go into s, so you can see that the instrument cluster shows s, which is the sports mode and d for normal driving, then thats the neutral, and then there is reverse. If you slot this car into reverse, the reverse parking camera is automatically turned on in this touchscreen system. So the camera quality is exactly similar to that scene. On the tata, tiago or tigor stop spec variants, no difference whatsoever, and this car also gets adaptive guidelines, which is a really good feature to have. Let me just start into neutral again, and that was all about the displays over here. Unfortunately, i wont be able to drive this car today, because this is the only display car available now coming to other features just below the touchscreen system. You get to see this array of buttons, which includes the electronic boot release, which is available as standard. You also get the central locking button, and this here is the button provided for locking the charging port, and then this here is the button for front fog lamps. So these here are the buttons over here. Then you get the standard. Smart key access push button start over here, just to the left of the steering wheel and lower down you get to see the automatic climate control talking about the automatic climate control.

The automatic ac can also be controlled using this touchscreen system, similar to the standard thiago antigua top spec variants. Obviously the display is over here and you can also use the touching system to change the fan, speed, temperature or the directional flow everything else. So that is pretty handy. This system obviously gets android, auto apple carplay as standard along with bluetooth, connectivity and well basically thats it. Then that is the obvious reverse parking camera, which i already showed you. However, one thing to be mentioned about this automatic climate control is the availability of an economy mode for the air conditioning which was previously available only on the nexon top spec variants before the facelift. But later that was removed on the next one. But all variants of the nexon ev or the trigger ev get this economy mode again. This is to provide better economy by reducing the ac effect, probably so that is available over here on the trigger ev thats it. This automatic climate control with the economy mode is available as standard across all three variants of the tigar ev and the nexon ev as well coming lower down. You can see that this car obviously lacks a transmission lever or selector. This instead is just a rotary knob. Very simple and very neat and very premium to look at as well. This is borrowed from the nexon ev, and this is absolutely the same in terms of functioning as well, that is the neutral, reverse, drive and sports mode.

The sports mode provides maximum power and thrust for faster, quicker acceleration. Apart from that, the center console is exactly the same as before, with the very same number of cubby holes, storage, pockets and no center armrest, even on this top spec variant. This is where i have stored the cars keys. The handbrake lever is also exactly the same. Other storage spaces also remain exactly the same with the rather large cooled. Glove box available as standard along with two 500 ml bottle holders in the front doors, while the rear doors alone get large. One liter bottle holders. Now, talking about the differences when compared to the standard petrol triggers interior uh, you obviously get this flat bottom steering wheel, which does not get leather wrapping even on this trigger ev topspec variant. However, the major significant differences are, these blue highlights around the ac vents, which are exactly the same as seen on the nexon ev as well. You can see that the instrument cluster also gets a blue outlining compared to the standard chrome outlining scene on the regular petrol tiger variants. Then, apart from that, coming to the door pads, you get to see the fabric padding over here on the armrest area. This padding is not seen on the standard petrol trigger, but is available only on the tigor ev topspec variant, so this material we have already seen on the nexon ev, then, apart from that, all four power windows are a part of standard equipment from the mid level.

Xm variant of the trigger ev, with one touch driver down function. However, no one touched up function, though, that said power adjustable or vms are available from the xm variant itself, with this xz plus variant, getting auto, folding or vms as well. Apart from this, this xz plus variant also gets eight speakers, including four tweeters, which are absolutely great in terms of sound quality and overall experience. And yes, the exit plus variant alone gets height adjustment for the driver seat, whereas the xe and xm variants dont get this feature coming towards the roof. The xm and the xz plus variants get a day night switch for the irvm. However, this exit plus variant also gets a vanity mirror for the driver as well integrated into the sun visor, whereas all the other variants get a vanity mirror only for the passenger side. Basically, that was all about the features available in the front of the tata tigor evs cabin lets now take a look at the back seats. Yes, friends, im right now in the back seat of the brand new tata, tigor eevee stop spec exit plus variant, and this is how the dashboard looks like when compared to the standard petrol trigger. Almost every feature has been carried forward and this ev also provides additional features such as the blue highlights around the ac vents, the brand new instrument cluster, and you also get the economy mode for the air conditioning now coming to the rear seats.

The space has not always been the triggers biggest selling point, but still the comfort is really great. You get large and wide rear seats for at least the outer side sitting passengers along with three integrated headrests, but still the overall comfort is really great. You get almost so far like comfort thats, because the seats extend all the way into the doors. Then, apart from that, you also get to see a center armrest quite similar to the excel plus variants of the petrol tata tigor, which also gets integrated cup holders. You get to see the very same ivory white fabric padding on the door pads apart from the black fabric, padding on the armrests quite similar to the front seats. This ivory white padding is not available on the standard xz plus petrol tata tiger, but is available only on the ev version, especially on this exit plus variant. So, basically, that was all about the features at the back seat of the tata tigger ev top spec exit plus variant. Well, yes, that is obviously the centrally mounted cabin led light, which is available, obviously on all variants of the standard petrol trigger as well now lets take a look at the boot space and the charging function. The boot space of the tata tigor ev can be accessed by pressing the button just below the touchscreen system, thats, because there is no request sensor on the bootlet itself. The standard trigger provides 420 liters of luggage space, while this ev version provides 316 litres of boot.

Space, only this reduction in boot space is mainly due to the placement of the spare wheel in the boat space. This spare wheel is a 14 inch full size, steel wheel, neatly packed in a separate bag and bolted into the boot. Apart from the spare wheel, the boot also has the 15 ampere charging cable, also provided in a separate bag. Then the home installation charger for the trigger ev is provided in this box and, along with that, the tool kit is also provided over here in the boot space, along with the warning triangle, the main reason for everything located in the boat itself, instead of being under It is the lack of any sort of space under the board floor. This is where the batteries of the tata tigor ev is located, thus compromising boat space, but still this luggage capacity is pretty usable for a family. Despite the intrusion of a spare wheel, the nexon ev being an suv, did not have to compromise on any sort of space. Now lets talk about the charging options of the tigar ev. The charging port of the trigger ev can be opened by pulling this lever in the driver. Foot well quite similar to the fuel filling pot on the regular petrol trigger opening. The charging port will reveal two types of charging sockets. The larger socket on top is for the 15 ampere home charging, with the cable provided in the car itself. The secondary lower socket is for fast charging which can recharge the batteries from 20 to 80.

In just 60 minutes, however, the 15 ampere home charging will take eight hours for a full recharge from zero percent. The tata tigar ev has an ar ai claimed range of 306 kilometers, which can translate to real world condition. Usage of up to 250 to 270 kilometers. Now lets take a look at whats under the bonnet of the tigor ev, just like the tata nexon ev. Opening the bonnet of the tigor ev will reveal the synchronous permanent magnet motor along with all systems of the car located under the plastic panel, despite being powered by the same zipton technology. The tigor ev is lesser in power, producing 55 kilowatt or 75 horsepower. That said, the torque figure is similar to the tata nexon petrol at 170 newton meters at 170 newton meters. This motor is mated to a 26 kilowatt hour battery pack, which is also lesser in capacity compared to the nexon ev. However, the tigor ev being lighter than the nexon ev claims to have a maximum range of 306 kilometers and yes in sports mode. This motor is also capable of doing 0 to 60 kilometer per hour in just 5.7 seconds now. Lets talk about the pricing and conclude this review, so that was a detailed walk around review of the brand new tata tigor ev top spec exit plus variant. Just as i said before, the tigor ev provides eco friendly performance, extremely low running costs without compromising on looks, features or comfort.

It is also the first crash tested electric car in india, while also scoring four stars at the global end cap. Yes, the tigor ev may be more expensive than the regular petrol versions of the tigor, with a compromise on boot, space and range. That said, this could be easily the best city or semi urban car, providing a noiseless and relaxing drive experience. The trigger tv is also provided with an 8 year warranty offering good peace of mind. So meanwhile, this is viprajesh. Signing off, see you on another video.