Everything is big and then the blue accentuations here. This fits very, very well, of course, also to the bmw logo and they work with blue for all their bmw eye modes, so very strong front there, and also here sporty lower part here with the bumper. The headlamps here led are optional, also with the bmw laser light once again with the blue accentuations. You can see it here and, of course, this car works very, very well in white, and i remember my grandma had a bmw, 3 series in white and e30 and well. Maybe this is how the future of bmw will continue. Then there will be real drive models and also an all wheel drive model like an m50 model, so to speak soon more to the power figures. First of all, lets take a look at the site profile here and i would say we move that that sign him away, so we can see more of the vehicle. Sorry, bmw, guys there. We need a more clear look of the vehicle. Look at that these are the 19 inch wheels different size available here, also in a two color scheme and once again the bmw i blew accentuation and i think it really works very well with the white. Then we have a very, very stretched roof line. As i said more, like a four series, grand copy integrated door handles for better wind efficiency, it comes close to tesla model 3. As for the cd value a little, you know a little bit difference, not as good as the title by tesla model 3, but definitely comes already.

Quite close. The electric range yeah depends on the power output, but supposed to be some up to 600 kilometers or 500 kilometers for the more powerful m50 version. So we can expect some 300 miles, plus maybe even 370 miles then for the lower power versions in an optimum scale. Well see, of course, soon with the driving test of this vehicle. If this is true so subscribe, if you havent done it so far how to go through with thomas towards the rear, we have here shoulder forming right there and well soon. Also talk about the charging and so on, and the tail ends already beginning kinda at the side and theyre really stretched all the way across the vehicle and a very clean design in the rear, as well with the blue accentuation around the bmw logo. And if we take a little broader perspective, we can see in the lower part we have this kind of diffuser style once again with the blue, contrasting color. And you know, even you know, form photos function as well, because this is also to optimize the wind flow. The length by the way, four meters, 78 or 188 inches and the wheel sizes from 17 to 20 inch. So this one then towards the upper range as for the battery 81 kilowatt hours net, so thats, actually quite substantial and recharging 7.4 or option 11 kilowatt ac or 200 kilowatt dc. So this will also guarantee a good fast charging possibility.

Well, in the front, there is no franc just this cover, so, as you can see, we can see nothing. Acceleration figures by the way for the rear, drive model 5.7 seconds for the e drive 40, and the m50 model will have 3.9 seconds in the actuation figure. To one kilometers or 62 miles an hour, air suspension for the rear axle is standard, actually an option. You can also get an adaptive m suspension then, especially for the m50 model. It even has towing capacity like 1 600 kilograms or 3 500 pounds, so you can even put a trailer then behind this car that looks already kind of sporty even more interesting. What have they done with the interior? Well, since its like a four series, grand copay, you also have this fastback opening and i really love that its also a great advantage if you compared to the tesla model 3 – and this is then 470 up to 1290 liters in capacity. This is like just a small cover right there, and then you can lift this one up and have some more space here. The optional harman kardon sound system, the i know that you get a real base here. Why not from the subwoofer? Some are coming space right here: 12 volt power supply hangers, and we cannot fold the seats from here. We have to do that from trunk, but i mean this is actually very good in length, not too high actually.

But to me the best advantage is definitely that you have this good access here due to the fastback opening and hey since, were here. Why not test the child safety yeah thats well done thomas proof towards the interior once again here the integrated door handles, but you see here they fold out to the upper button. This is very interesting and it gives a better feedback than the porsche ones that we know to do. Oh door, closing sound is not good at all here, but it also has frameless doors. You can see it right there. No dual insulation glass, though see single glass, and we did have vehicles with frameless doors like the folk song atone, which had a dog good dog clothing song. Nevertheless, soft touch materials at the inside of the doors ambient lighting right here. This really reminds us, rather of the normal three series, what we see at the inside of the doors but really good materials, definitely and then towards the main interior. We can see once again that we have more blue situation here, also, oh from a chassis that looks, fancy right in the lower part right here, also with the blue centration right there and then typical bmw. I once again blew around the logo three series steering wheel. Here too, the display is actually completely different, so that display here 12.3 inch in the left 14.9 inch in the right, and it looks like it would go all the way through.

Of course, they are two different or two separated screens, but this is definitely a different layout than we know from the combustion engine models. As for the seeds, this one here is the animal skin seed, which is, of course not fitting to the sustainable electric concept. How do you know it is the one it has this structure here this you know like this, these different parts in this shape there you see that this is the animal skin seed. You should also avoid. However, they have a wide choice of either fabric center tech mix or a completely perforated sensortech high grade leather red in beige, red brown and black. So four different color choices, then so it will feel approximately the same. We have seen the new sensor tech materials in the bmw 5 series facelift already and they offered really great material quality. They are so looking forward to up. You update you with that one. As for the seating position, it is somewhat three series alike: electric control of the seats here, of course, and one whis, a6 or 601 still some headroom left here. This is the one with the panoramic roof. You cant open it here at the moment, not fully powered, steering wheel up and down in and out very very smooth process, as we know from bmw. So, overall, you know how do you feel its the i4 and not like the 3cs or something mainly the display, and you sit relatively low in the vehicle as well.

Seating position, i would say, could be a little bit more comfortable, but its overall suitable, hey, heated, steering wheel. Of course, one of my favorite features, i would say, lets take a deep look at this. You know impressive screen setup cockpit. All of you here, nice, mad wood, but the overall impression is yeah kinda, three series or four series, but then again with this attached display integration, i mean because it goes all the way through its kind of okay, but at the same time it looks also kind Of attached, but then again we have a good view to that and we can also still access it here for the touch soft touch here also still a manual climate knob. Sorry, not the climate knob, of course, a volume knob, but i do miss the manual climate knob. Definitely because they are gone. They would be here right there in the three series. So here we have the climate controls right there in the screen, at least they stay at the same place. Okay, then they have a completely. What is this? They have a completely new infotainment system, but definitely less overview than before. I can also control it from the lower button. This is good that i do not have to use the touchscreen while driving all the time. Okay, but then again, i think it offers less overview than before the map. Actually, we know it from the visualization he had ia motor show in munich, of course, and also close to the headquarters of bmw.

So this is kind of the same. But what what you guys think about this new infotainment software? I think the older one offered us really a better overview of what were doing. Hmm whats your take on that. If we move over to the instruments actually theres, not so much to see or to control there um you can reset here. Like the you know, the consumption figures and so on, when we drive the vehicle, then we will able we will able to see even a little bit more of that, as i said, if you subscribed, you wont miss the driving review of that one. The steering wheel itself right side here still real buttons with nice clicking sounds here, for example, for the volume on the right side, left side and everything to control the cruise control for the level 2 um autonomous driving settings, of course, with it with adaptive, screws control And so on, and so on, my you know: favorite area is rather here down below start stop button in blue accentuations and also here a normal shifting lever to get something of this. You know more classic, bmw feeling this one here we know very well. First of all, this controller here for the infotainment system and in the top part here lower top part. You have inductive charging pad adaptive cup holders and also some nice wooden structure. Matt would love that and here very well attached this armrest and usb c charging.

Can you take that honey? No, no! He cant yeah! Here we have this usb c charger now getting towards the rear. This will be very interesting and i have set the seat to my driving position and you see theres not much legroom left so um feel kind of cramped in here headphone wires. This is actually okay for tall held. Then there is a substantial middle tunnel, usbc chargers, but then getting to the middle seat yeah will be some kind of a problem. First of all lets take a look here. We can fold this one as a ski hatch, for example. We can also fold the rest of the seats from here, and this is here then for the adaptive cup holders. So what we can clearly see here, this was not thought as an all electric vehicle. They are running from the same assembly plan as a normal main memory 3 series, and you see that here like a tesla model. 3. Yes, it doesnt. Look that fancy like the bmw i4 from the outside, so the exterior is to me really cool yeah. Everything should be in order order. Then here you can sit here but yeah, especially the rear, its not such a sh in such a you know short vehicle, but its really cramped in the rear. So my verdict is, they are not using the advantages of an electric vehicle with this one here.