This has really interesting dimensions more. You know close to bmw, x5 or something, but of course, all electric and lets start here directly in the front where we have two very interesting features. First of all, asphalt design this huge kind of mono kit name, i would say you see, yeah its a mono kidney like a monobrow, but here you can see. This is one kidney, the other one, but here they are actually you know, combined in the middle, and this material on the top part has a very interesting effect, because i could literally take a screwdriver and do like this and could damage it and at room temperature Or you need to heat it a little bit when its cold, it repairs itself from crates from scratches, i hope at the later stage. We can also take a live sample of that for you, but ive seen it its its working very well and its like. How does it work its very interesting kind of like a memory material and also the wiper fluid here? Look at that blue centralization around the bmw logo, and here you can fill in the wiper fluid then under the logo, so yeah very interesting. This also a new bmw philosophy where they want to hide basically very practical features and make them still accessible at you know at some point the headlamps here slim integration led standard optional. You can also get laser lamps for that and very aggressive styling here with the black contrast here in the lower right part.

When we take a look at the side profile you can see, it has some kind of you know roofline. That goes a little bit flatter towards the rear. The door handles are guided by the security guys here at the moment, so yeah on the motor show here. Ia motorshow and munich not always easy to keep a clear look to the vehicle, but we try to make it as good as possible here for the impressions here. The big wheels you can see here in a two tone scheme. These are the 22 inch wheels different sizes available once again, the blue accelerations for the eye models, the length 4 meters, 95 or 195 inches 20, 21 or 22 inch are available actually, as for the wheel sizes, then these mirror caps here in the vehicle color. In this case, black frames around the window, and you can see here the door handles you can go in there so also streamlined, but then you grab in so theyre presenting different new. You know ways of opening the car. For example, the beam down i4 opens like you touch it and you pull it upwards. You can also check out this video on the other google fuel and towards the rear. We have this ix batch. This kind of separates the roof from the you know, top roof from the lower body, strong, shoulder accentuations and when the trunk cover here is closed. We can also take a look at the rear, so the bmw ix has the length of a bmw.

X5 is as flat as the beam delta x6 and has the big wheels just as the bmw x7, so taking different dimensions from the bmw suvs in the rear. Really extremely slim tail lamps right here once again, blue accentuations, then all the way over the place with the bmw i logo, and also with the blue logo around the bmw batch and in the lower part. We know also this diffuser styling. We also saw it with the bmw i4, for example, but overall, a very clean design in the in the rear end. It really looks different from the other bmw um suv models, whats your take on that, and we can also take a look here at the trunk. This is not too large. Actually, you can see interesting that we have here some carbon fiber. It seems or its more like cfrp here underneath yeah. You can also fold the seats here here, underneath some more space but actually kind of shallow. This whole trunk. You can take this top part here out and then you can also fold the seats directly from here in an electric way, but i would have expected a little bit more trunk capacity. 500 up to 1750 liters. It is as for the various sizes, 71 kilowatt hours, net or 105 kilowatt hours net, and that will either give you some four kilometers on 250 miles of range or in the bigger battery, some 600 kilometers or 370 miles of range.

Of course, in our driving part. To coming up very soon, we will test if this is really true. As for suspension, you start with a base, adaptive suspension and optionally. You can get a full air suspension for this vehicle door handles when i press in the front part not sure if its because the prototype stage, but i really have to press here that it opens not sure why well keep you updated on that door. Closing sound yeah extremely cheap, but its also frameless doors here, but we also check if this one is improving over time, then interior. This looks really fancy soft touch materials. Integration of the emit lighting is right here then kind of like a crystalline structure here of the seat control and there are still buttons you can really move and wow. This looks super fancy also here for the memory, seating and black fabric, then here next to the bowers and wilkins optional sound system and there you can also once again see the carbon fiber core here of that model, very interesting as for the seating materials, by the Way talking about materials, you will have a mix of fabric and microfiber and some wool chair then center tech in beige brown or black. This should be the beige center tech seat because the animal skin seed is in black and red and it has rather a symmetric shape and this asymmetric shape rather belongs to the center text, see thats.

You know, as my information goes – and this has here a perforated structure, and it also feels kind of soft overall. The new interior here is yeah really reminds us rather like a concept vehicle, and this is actually a production. Vehicle 12.3 inch screen on the left. 14.9 inch screen on the right and the seats here feel very soft, a very spacious interior, and you really feel this one is thought out to be an all electric vehicle and was planned also on an ev platform and thats. Also, what makes more sense with evs steering wheel here with the electric control and a completely new steering wheel? We have not seen with bmw yet in this kind of octagon shape, screws control ever here, still with manual buttons or real buttons to touch. At least i mix this capacitive, but here i can still set something but really cool shape. Definitely here right side, then, with a volume jog here for the music thats, also good, soon more to the infotainment here, also soft edge materials and this kind of like yard, bow all the way across the front interior. I really like this clean setup, and this one has one has an open space atmosphere in the front. You can, for example, also put a big handbag here in the front like this here. This open space area really cool and then you yeah have like a tablet here to use pc chargers and more space like inductive charging, uh pad for your phone cupholders and so on and even fancier here.

This is like a matte wood surface underneath the crystalline m. I knob i like to call that way because audi calls it that way, yeah, but this one also interesting turning sound. It really has an interesting haptic feedback so and then you can see this also new trend, so these buttons here are integrated, so they are also somewhat capacitive. Give you feedback. You also hear that, and when you integrate this with high gloss, piano like it looks cheap, but when you integrate it with wood surface here, then it actually makes sense and looks fancy doesnt it. So this middle console is super interesting this by the way, the shifting lever here, when you put it forward or backward. This is where you put in reverse gear, drive gear or b for more recuperation and so on, and here is another manual volume jog, and then we have the typical split opening for some more space and in this like a lot of space, i can almost hide My whole big microphone in here by the way better sound for you here from the motor show. This is actually quite noisy around here, but with that one, you only hear my voice infotainment system, os 8, so bmw, os 8 premiere here in the bmw ix. Nice realization of the vehicle, by the way it will be available as the xdrive 40, with 6.1 seconds, excavation figure or then 4.6 seconds in the acceleration at the x drive 50 with more horsepower – and here you can see this is an normal gps by bmw.

We know – and you know actually like lets – see the fairground here munich, but then again when you take a look at the um, you know or this by the way, the gesture control for the volume yeah. But then we have this new main menu, and this is kind of like i think, a little bit overloaded. I think – and also not too good of a contrast, so i do prefer the older software generation of bmw. I have to admit what about you. I would like to know from you guys: android, auto and apple carplay are both available here. Of course, in this case, no smartphone is connected. Yet, with this vehicle and once again back to the main menu here, you can have also hotkeys and the climate is integrated here. Yeah mia two zone, climate ac: it stays at the same place and is actually relatively easy accessible, but still, i think its, not a good trend that we get rid of these buttons, then and move it all the way to the screen instruments. Usually, you cannot adjust them that much with bmw vehicles. It will show digital speed, of course, and has a nice. You know appearance as for just the first visual impression, and when we drive this vehicle very soon stay subscribed. We show you all about that to get out of the vehicle by the way i press this button here and steven also moves up again. So this i mean just nice integration.

It also is kind of like a natural movement right here. I wonder where that i put the manual release, especially for our friends in the us and now im really excited to get to the rear, because this is a dedicated ev platform and you know, bmw has started with the eye project with the going separate, ev platform, Then they went back for the ix3 or the i4 using, like you, know, zombie platforms or just putting the evs on the existing platforms and with this one, however, they do a separate platform and again yeah not sure which direction they are going. But this one is a good direction, because we have plenty of legroom right here. Then we have no middle tunnel whatsoever. This is a very good open space here in the rear and once again the soft touch materials everywhere we see and look and its a very you know, roomish atmosphere in the rear. Once again, one means a six or six with one plenty of headroom left and also again with the perforated sensortech materials, make a good quality impression. Cup holders are right here, and we do you know we do fold the seeds, then from the trunk, so theres no possibility from here theres an extensive climate unit also for the real well seating is very not the best idea at the hot motor show right here And what we can also see here from the rear, when cornelius moves a little bit more down, yes, get on your knees and then films up.

We can see here this top roof. This has a electrochromatic function. So at the moment we have this kind of shade, but we can also not sure if its working right now, because um there might not be power at the moment, no, probably not, but when we drive the vehicle we can show you that you can. You maybe know it from mercedes as l, it can be like. Let you look through all thats look looking like this, so you dont need a separate shade. The glass itself is being induced electronic uh, you know electrically, and then you have this change of the visibility or non visibility: magic, yo, recharging, 11 kilowatt ac or dc charging, then 195 kilowatt. So it also ensures a good, fast charging opportunity and here cutaway model with the battery pack. As i said, either 71 kilowatt hours or optional 105 kilowatt hours net about 20 000 euros is the extra price it starts about 80, 000 euros or dollars and then 20 000. More. If you go for the bigger model, with some more standard equipment, and especially with the bigger battery pack here by the way, the red interior, this one is the animal interior so where you can see the rather more symmetric shape in this quilting style. So this confirms that the other one, the beige interior was the sensortech interior so really hard to differentiate. Nowadays, you really have to know like the structure from the configurator, from the build side to really differentiate it, gladly that we can rely on new good materials and here once again low center of gravity, its a big suv, but supposed to drive really really sporty.

We will find out for you of course – and this also has a different, exterior color – well its cut open at the moment here, but you can still already see. You know how this rather red exterior color will look like in the spoiler trim. 22 inch wheels then also in this case, can i scratch it like totally destroyed? No, not at the moment. Okay, damn it. I really wanted to destroy now to show you the effect that it repairs itself yeah. I hope at the later stage we get the possibility to do so again. Follow us soon for the driving part and compare the bmw i4, definitely their electric sedan, maybe also x5 plug in hybrid or tesla model x. We all have these interesting videos.