Tycan 4s sounds pretty special doesnt it. This is our first chance to drive it and in this video im going to be finding out if its as good as it sounds, but before we get started, make sure youre subscribed and weve got some fantastic deals on new electric cars over at our website. Whatcarl.Com. At the moment, so if you are looking to buy just head over there or google what car deals now, the ev6 is the third electric model in kiers lineup after the e nero which won our car of the year award back in 2019 and the slightly boxier. But similar sized soul ev, but both of those cars are available with petrol engines as well, whereas this has been designed from day one to be a bespoke electric car. It actually has a lot in common with the hyundai ioniq 5 kia, of course, is owned by hyundai, but there are a lot of differences as well and not only in the looks department now weve already done a full walk around on this car already, you can Actually, watch that by clicking the link up there at the top somewhere, so im not going to go into too much detail about the looks and the inspiration and all that malarkey. But i do want to know what you think: do you prefer this to the hyundai ioniq 5, or do you in fact prefer the tesla model 3 to both of those korean cars? Let us know in the comments below what might surprise.

You, though, is the size of this car, its actually quite big, its slightly longer than a jaguar eye pace, and actually the wheelbase thats. The gap between the front axle and the rear axle is nearly as big as it is in a tesla model s. So this is a big car, and that should give it a lot of advantages when it comes to practicality, something well be covering a little bit more later on. It also makes the starting price of just over forty thousand pounds seem quite reasonable. Although the ev6 doesnt qualify for a two and a half thousand pound graph from the government, something that you can get on some versions of the small e nero and soul, ev its also around four thousand pounds more than the starting price of the ionic five, a Car that as ive already said, shares a lot in common with this, but it isnt quite as simple as that and heres. Why all uk versions of the ev6 have a 77.4 kilowatt hour battery in the ionic 5, you can choose between either a 58.2 kilowatt hour battery or theres, also a 72.6 kilowatt hour option, and yes, that does give the key a longer range between charges. If you go for the rear wheel, drive model that can do up to 328 miles on a charge, whereas this more powerful dual motor version that can do 314 miles. The ev6 can also charge at slightly faster rates than the ionic 5 at up to 250.

Kilowatts. In the ionic five, if you go for the bigger battery versions, they can accept up to 232 kilowatts, but smaller battery models. Only 175 250 kilowatts is also genuinely faster than you can charge any tesla model 3.. The only problem is, there are only around 15 locations across the country that have these super fast ionity charges that can deliver that much power, whereas tesla has more than 600 superchargers spread across more than 70 locations throughout the uk. As with all keys, you get a seven year, warranty as standard on the ev6 and on the whole car, not just on the battery. In the ionic 5, you get eight years of cover on the battery, but only five years on the rest of the car. The ev6 also has more powerful electric motors than its hyundai cousin, the rear wheel, drive version has 226 bhp and the dual motor four wheel drive version. That weve got here, has 321 bhp, but next year a 577 brake horsepower. Gt model will also be offered and that will be able to hit 60 miles an hour in just 3.5 seconds quicker than a tycan. 4S kia has intentionally set the ev6 up slightly differently from the ionic 5, with changes to the suspension, anti roll bars and steering. But has that paid off in reality lets go for a drive and find out Music now, as ive already said, were driving the dual motor version today, which is the most powerful ev6 you can buy until the gt model arrives next year, of course, and its pretty Quick actually naught 60 takes a run about five seconds, and if you can hear that, but theres this artificial space, ancient whirring noise, you get when you accelerate hard.

A lot of electric cars are employing similar technology. These days, including the thai can and the bmw ix3, and it just adds a dimension to the driving experience that you dont, get in a lot of cheaper electric cars. Now, in setting the car up to be a little bit more agile, a little bit more fun to drive than the ioniq five, that its based on kia acknowledges that there is a slight trade off in ride comfort. But really it depends what you like, if you like, quite a soft floaty type waft that you get in a lot of suvs these days and the ionic 5. Does that a little bit better, but in the ev6 you get a more controlled feeling, so on undulating roads like while im driving along here id argue its actually better because you arent bouncing up and down in your seat. Quite so much you feel controlled. You feel connected with the road more Music, now im not going to get carried away, this isnt a porsche tycoon or anything approaching that, but by wider electric car standards it handles pretty well actually even on these quite twisty roads that were on at the moment, theres Plenty of grip, not too much lean less than you would experience in 5, for example, and you can carry quite a lot of speed with some decent confidence. The steering that could be slightly better so kia has actually opted for a slightly slower setup than the one you get in an ionic 5.

, and that just means that when you begin to turn the wheel, it doesnt react quite as immediately, but the margins arent huge And in both cases you could do with a little bit of a better sense of connection with the front wheels, its just quite remote and thats. The only thing that really lets this car down in the handling stakes Music. So what about the interior? Well, theres, not a lot to complain about at all when it comes to the driving position. Certainly the seats theyre, nice and supportive, particularly around the sides when youre going around corners and you get full electric adjustment. If you go for gt line, trim or above, i also really like this armrest here, its part of this sort of floating center console and its the same height as the one on the drivers door. So, on long journeys you can sit there quite comfortably and feeling very relaxed so thats good. Another thing i like are these physical controls for the interior temperature theyre quite rare these days, a lot of manufacturers either put the controls in the touchscreen itself or have fiddly touch sensitive controls, but kia has got physical dials for controlling the temperature, which is good. There are some touch sensitive controls for other parts of the air conditioning, though they do respond quite consistently to presses, which is good, but theyre, quite small and fiddly, and distracting to use while youre driving so thats, not so great.

The interior quality is also a bit of a mixed bag. Now bear in mind that this car starts at just over 40 000 pounds its, not cheap, so you would maybe hope for a few more soft touch. Plastics around there is a vague soft touch feel to the tops of the doors there and theres. This funky texture on the face of the dashboard thats replicated on the center armrest as well. Youve also got some gloss black and silver finish around the place that helps lift things and make it feel not too cheap in here, but also the glovebox lid. That feels a little bit low rent, as do the door bins down here, and there are some cheap plastics in the back as well, so really not bad for the class. But when you start pushing this car towards 60 000 pounds which it will cost, if you go for the rainstopping gt model, thats launched next year, then perhaps not quite so great. The infotainment system is very similar to the one you get in most modern hyundais and kias. Its nice and big usability is very good as well and the response times perfectly adequate, theres occasional lag when you press an icon before anything happens, but thats the case in most infotainment systems these days. The only thing worth mentioning is that in certain hindis recently we have noticed quite a few software bugs that cause various crashes and other things we havent experienced that in the ev6 today, weve only had a few hours with the car those.

So that is something worth bearing in mind and will require further testing. To be sure of storage is pretty good, though you get a couple of cup holders here: theres a good size bin under the armrest and a huge area down here below that you could put well lunch box or something and the glove box is very deep and Youll fit plenty in that as well, and there is absolutely loads of space back here. Look at that this seat in front is set up for my driving position. Im just over six foot and ive got probably a good foot of knee room there. The only slight complaint is that foot space isnt brilliant under the front seats – i could do with a little more of that, although i do have that seat set as low as it will go and actually headroom is good as well. Even if i sit as far back in the seat as i can, ive got a good couple of fingers left of space. So my head, isnt brushing the roofline so thats, very good, and actually life is pretty good for the middle rear passenger as well, because for one there is no big tunnel on the floor here to straddle, and secondly, headroom is pretty good as well. And that brings me on to two good two bad things about the ev6. There is a front or front boot, but isnt, very big. You can just about take a laptop the main boot isnt that big for a car of this size either its quite shallow, and although there is some underfloor storage, it isnt even enough to fit the charging cables in while youre waiting for ev6 to charge.

One button reclines the front seats and you can have a snooze and, to a smaller degree, so do the ones in the back. There is quite a lot of road noise in the ev6 and kiera acknowledges thats, partly because of the stiffer front and rear anti roll bars that are fitted to the ev6 compared with the ones in the ionic 5.. So its something to bear in mind. If you do a lot of miles on the motorway, this little gadget here plugs into the charging socket and converts your ev6 into a three pin domestic plug, which means you can even make a cup of tea. Music weve only spent a few hours with the ev6. So far, but thats more than enough time to tell you its a very fine electric car, is it better than the ioniq 5 and model 3? Well? That verdict will have to wait until later in the year when weve had a chance to drive all three cars back to back and also do our real world range tests on the ev6. So look out for that video in the autumn until then just head over to whatcar.