When can you drive it yourself and when does it drive fully autonomously? Well, tell you all about it in this video lets. Take a look here. This is a prototype vehicle with a lot of different sensors were going in depth on that lets. First, take a look at design in the front. This still has a karma wrap, but you can already see the characteristic front very short as it used to be from the vintage models, because this one here now, of course, is all electric battery 77 kilowatt hours net and also from this meb, the modular electric building Platform from the volkswagen ag, you can see the huge retro vw logo. In this case, this is the id bus ad, the autonomous driving vehicle and there we have different sensors. We have 14 cameras on the top. All the way around. We have 11 radar sensors. You can see, for example, the most prominent one here in the front and lower part. They will also be heated for this vehicle, so they cannot ice and maybe you know, fail or something thats very interesting, and then there are also six lidar available. One big one. Long range, in top one, so this one looking 400 meters or 1300 feet ahead and then short range lidar, like rotary lasers, also all around the vehicle. And why is that? They want to use this one here in 2025 for autonomous driving both in europe and also in the us first, with the driver later on than also when law allows it without a driver in general about the id bus.

You can see this electric building platform is actually not as such. Such a long beaker look at that this here from here to here in the short base version, is four meters 70 or 185 inches. Yet the wheelbase is extremely long. You can see the very very short overhang, both in the front and in the rear 19 inch wheels here by the way, but this is still then see here the wrap around this by the way. Here argo is the company both owned by or big share by vw and ford, which is developing the whole technology for the autonomous driving. Well, when can you drive it yourself? In 2022, early 2022 is available in the shortwave base version in europe to drive yourself, then in 2023 the longbear based version comes for the us, then around 5 meters or some 197 inches. This will only be then, you know available in the us for the longer base version in 2025, then everywhere also in these autonomous taxi buses, for example, you know in germany. We always call this one here or call this one bus, not because its a huge bus, but a small bus, so to speak, but definitely even though its a karma web. It becomes clear that it gets something of this vintage touch it had, and especially our fans in us are so much looking forward to get this one back then. Finally, in us, then of course, in this case, then all electric.

What about the range? Well, considering you have this battery? We already know it is basically passenger based, not commercial vehicle based. We can maybe expect some 400 kilometers or 250 miles, of course, at the later stage, well find out more about that. What is kind of clear, also in the side profile, you have the sensors here also in the side here. Also the side lighter. So, for example, when you approach the vehicle – and maybe you you hold it with your smartphone – that the car actually knows – you are here and youre not overrun by the vehicle, for example the site profiler. As we know, it form follows function, classical box design and once again you can see here the very, very short overhang in the rear recharging. As we know from the current meb platform, has a peak of 125 kilowatt well see if that one is developing over time and good news. As for the battery and as for the range for the long rebase version, there will be a bigger battery available. The final figures are not out there yet, but if you stay subscribed well, keep you updated on the final figures both for the shorter base and for the long wheelbase version. So we can also calculate with a little bit more range for the long version. That is then to come, for example, for the us market, but of course you can also order it in the european market and now to the rear.

We can see this typical box design, but we will have more than talens more in this horizontal way and actually, you know really slim and of course, the very low loading seal that you can easily get things in and out, especially here. The autonomous driving vehicle has another lighter here in the rear. This is the short range camera just for the area right there and more radar sensors right here. These then also cover a longer range, so very interesting concept. Definitely, but you can already see, although theres the karma wrap, how the basic dimensions will be technology wise, whats, also interesting. This building platform here is rear. Wheel drive, so the base version will also be rear. Wheel drive, so you might have a sporty driving feeling for this kind of microbus, and you remember that the battery sits in the bottom of the vehicle, so low center of gravity, plus rear wheel drive, usually results in a sporty driving experience. You will also have an overdrive version, so that adds another electric motor in the front, and you know from the id4, for example, there is this gtx version, so that will be somewhat similar if it will be called gtx who knows, but so to speak. We will have a performance id bus right there that might be interesting, for you wont it. The interior is not finished at all, and actually it was off limits, but for you we could negotiate a short glimpse and actually my impression when sitting here so its not the longest bus or micro bus than as you say in the us, it has rather antiguan Length, but actually you can see when i stretch my arms.

I cannot touch the front windscreen because its actually quite wide here, although it is a short overhang, so you have a very spacious feeling, because this module electric building platform is really using the interior space due to the long wheelbase. The interior here is also not finished. At all its also covered here you can see, and you will of course have a modern infotainment system, just like you see in the id3 or id4 models. Something like that. You have the upright seating position, as you know, and this also gives you some long term comfort and, of course way more than enough headroom with one medium 86 or six foot one another advantage for these electric vehicles. Is you have just relatively tiny electric motors comparison to the combustion engines? So, even if you have the overdrive version with the electric motor additionally in the front, you have just larger wheel house, so the wheels can turn way more to left and right, so that results in a very narrow turning circle. Important for the autonomous driving vehicle, especially in inner cities, but also for yourself when easing this car in and out of your parking lot for your family, for example. So i would like to hear from you guys: would you rather drive it yourself, or would you like to be driven, maybe not to you know no need to find a parking spot in the city or something like this and of course you can also tune into Other videos from us like the fox rang, t7, the combustion engine or pf version.

They are not related platform wise, but still somewhat related usage, wise and, of course, one of the main competitors, the messages v class right. There hope you enjoyed this insight for today.