You are supposed to come front, not go. Reverse electric car guru lets direct to sport. Small evs represent the future of transportation technology. Do you agree if, yes, youre watching evies stock filled motors, provide high performance levels? Now do you agree if yes, im guessing youre still watching, but how does the 2021 tata tigor ev measure up tata claims a range of 300 kilometers and 0 to 60 in 5.7 seconds, if youre still watching, im jovo cora for dry spock snap on your seat Belts and oh, we are gon na rock down to electric avenue, eddie grunt duh you caught that didnt you so lets get on with it and get electrified Music and now the big question: how does the territory go drive tata has given the trigger ev its high Voltage architecture, the ziptron: this is the same technology seen in the nexon as well. Coming to the powertrain. The trigger ev is powered by a 55 kilowatt electric motor paired to a 26 kilowatt hour, lithium lithium ion battery, which produces 74 bhp and 170 nm of top and does speeds like zero to 60. In 5.7 seconds, the tigor ev comes with two driving modes d and sports im currently driving it in d mode, so lets just dial it into sports and floor it. I felt that instantly evie, you see. The thing is that most of us are used to gasoline powered cars, so we have always been used to some kind of like an engine noise.

But when you drive this silent thats the thing theres a little bit of getting used to its like really silent. The only noise you tend to hear is like, when you tap on the brake pedal that sound tends to like creep into the cabin. The nvh levels are good and boy if you crank up the music system tata. Let me tell you this: you guys have done one hell of a job on the music system and if you really crank up the music, you tend to zone out from the outside world and you will really really enjoy your drive down the electric avenue and now Coming to the main point, the range tata claims a range of 300 kilometers, but we did manage to get around 220 to 230 and to aid this range tata has given the trigger regen braking. What generally happens is due to this technology. The battery charges when you coast or you hit the brakes and finally coming to the driving dynamics, lets start with this theory. The steering feels like really light at low speeds and its really helps to maneuver when youre parking in tight spaces, but as soon as you build up the speed and reach somewhere between 70 to like im doing like around 80. Now the steering weighs up really really well talking about the suspension there. You go its a bit stiff, but it really helps when youre really chucking the car through corners, because it gives you a confident drive.

But when you take on the off beaten roads or like some potholes, the drive is a bit bumpy because of the setup and finally the brakes. The brake bike is quite decent and the braking is progressive. You know having good stopping power actually gives you really good confidence while driving. So on that note its time to zip off Music and its time to talk about design and style. For that, introducing you to stephen neal our design and features expert to give you a complete low down on whats new. There are several design highlights on the new tata tigor ev, but first lets talk about the front end. The tata tigor ev in its 2021 avatar looks really striking and pretty in this shade of blue, its called teal blue tata motors will sell another color to you, its called daytona gray, but if youre buying this car, this is the color to have, because it just Blends in with the other elements on the car, the overall silhouette of the tata tigor ev hasnt changed much from the previous model. It remains the same in terms of overall shape and design, but there are a lot of design changes when it comes to the details and im gon na run you through all of those details, one by one, so lets check out the front end weve got this Prominent tata badging up front that sits on the front grille, which is a piece of plastic, its just a flat panel, uh, of course, its an electric vehicle.

It doesnt need a lot of cooling vents, so its a flat panel looks really nice. Also youve got the ev badging on it, which is finished in a shade of electric blue. The same electric blue is also seen on the lip underneath it its called humanity line by tata motors, but this lip runs around and wraps around underneath the headlamps as well. Well be talking about that in just a bit: youve got these dry arrow elements on the front grille and on the lower bumper as well. The bumper itself looks striking its got a lot of creases and cuts that make it look really. Nice uh even aggressive to an extent well that just about sums up the front front end of it but lets take a look at this part of the car. Youve got the wraparound headlamps, its got a tinge of chrome in it. The headlamp gets projector as well as reflector units. The low beam is handled by the projector halogen unit and the reflector halogen unit takes care of the high beam. The lighting is really good. Youve also got the halogen position lamp it. The basic shape of the headlamp hasnt changed much, but it looks really nice with the new elements added on to it and now lets talk about the side of the tata tigor ev. So youve got these striking new wheels on it. They look really great. The unique 14 inch wheels, but there is a little detail that i want to talk to you about.

So when you look at the wheel from afar, it looks really nice and striking its got. The dual tone finish even a tritone finish for that matter, because one quarter of the wheel is finished in that electric blue shade. But you look closer and you realize that that isnt, really the wheel, its a plastic cap, placed on top of a four spoke alloy wheel, to feel the alloy wheel. You have to put your finger behind the plastic cap thats clever packaging by tata motors. It brings down cost of production while keeping the cars look really premium, but well we could have done with good alloy wheels at this price bracket, but nevertheless it looks really great. Also youve got the dual tone outer rear view mirror and also it gets integrated, led indicators inside it now lets talk about the side and the rear end continuing from where we left off weve got the chrome strip underneath the windows that runs all along from the Front window over to the rear it slopes upwards and really blends into this notch pack design. Also, the chrome elements begin right. There youve got the chrome elements on the door handles as well, and that kind of gives it a contrast with the steel blue shade. Also youve got the chrome strip at the rear that connects the two split led tail lamps well be talking about that in just a bit. Lets talk about the boot, so you have access to the boot from here.

You also have a button on the dashboard that you can open the boot with, so the boot is a 316 litre unit. Youve got lots of space in here, but space is a little diminished by the spare wheel. The spare wheel is placed above in the boot. Its not in the usual place, because the usual place is taken up by the battery pack, but it looks nice its packaged. Well, it gets a neat cover, etc, but it does eat up a bit of the space. Now lets talk about the rear ends design. So youve got the badging of the vehicle over here. Youve got the tigor and the tata badging in chrome. You also got the ziptron badging, which is tatas new high voltage, uh electric vehicle platform that you also seen in the tata nexon ev. Well be talking about that platform and how it makes the tigor eevee so much better in just a bit, but stay tuned for that. You also got the eevee badging finished in a shade of electric blue up above youve got the shark fin antenna, and so youve got a little spoiler with an led stoplight in the shape of a led bar and well that just about sums up the rear. End of the tata tigor ev Music, we are inside the 2021 tata tigor ev and its a rather nice place to be in especially this place where im sitting the captains seat, lets go and take a look at the details.

So lets start by talking about the steering wheel. It feels really nice and chunky to hold youve got these cuts and creases that make it look really nice, also its a flat bottom steering wheel really sporty. You also got steering mounted controls and the positioning of the horn buttons are really nice. Youve got the controls for the headlamps and the wiper right behind it, and now lets talk about the instrumentation. Its got a digital instrument. Cluster youve got lots of parameters. Lots of information being displayed on it. It displays the gear position; it displays the battery percentage left the range left in it. It also has a region indicator that shows you when the vehicle is being charged. Also, it has this eco indicator that shows you how economically youre, driving and uh well its a pretty informative uh instrument cluster. This now lets talk about the interior and the overall cabin of the 2021 tata t or eevee its a really nice place to be in. As i said earlier, youve got the air conditioning vents right up above taking center stage on the dashboard. It has these electric blue, surrounds on all the three ac vents in the dashboard. Underneath the central air conditioning went, youve got the seven inch touchscreen infotainment system from harman its one of the best sounding music systems. You can get in this segment and for many segments. Above it, too, its got lots of features including apple carplay, android, auto etc, but its not wireless.

So you have to plug in your phone to the system through the usb port and thats how you can access these features also got buttons right, underneath it to lock unlock the car, also to open the boot etc and under that youve got the controls for the Air conditioning and the climate control, the climate control is displayed on the screen and also youve got the rotary, knobs and buttons at the bottom. It would have been great if tata would have given a separate screen for the air conditioning system, underneath it youve got a little cubby hole to place your phone. Your wallet also youve got the usb port and also youve got a 12 volt charger outlet for your smartphone and that just about rounds up the dashboard and all its features now coming to the seats, the seats are really comfortable, especially the front seats. Uh youve got really good bolstering. What really good back support even thigh support is really nice. You also got the tri arrow markings, the dryer embroidery on the seats and youve got the electric blue contrast stitching, and that makes it look really nice. The overall color choices inside the 20, 21 tata, tig or ev is top notch, and it feels really nice to be in here. Of course, wed have liked a little more soft touch, materials being used as a lot of hard touch materials, but it feels really nice to be inside this cabin welcome to the rear seat of the 2021 tata tigor ev.

You can see that the same colors that you saw up front have been carried over to the rear, also the dual tone: interior, the black seats, the contrast, stitching, etc is all here. It looks really nice its a comfortable place to be in, as you can see, ive set the drivers seat to my height to my driving style, and yet i have so much of knee room, which is really great for comfort. Also youve got lots of headroom despite having the notchback design. Also, if you want to stretch your leg, you can do so in comfort, which makes it really easy for long journeys for passengers in the rear seat of the 2020 on tata, take or ev also youve got the door panels finished in your dual tone. Youve got the chrome door handles and youve got the cubby holes to store your water bottles or whatever youre carrying along now lets talk about the rear seat. The thigh support could have been better to make comfort even better for long journeys. The seat is finished in a good material. The headrests are really soft and it should keep you comfortable over long distances. The seats have got the contrast, stitching in electric blue and also youve got the tri arrow embroidery on the seats as well. The passenger sitting in the center will not have a very comfortable ride over the long distance because of the transmission tunnel jutting out, but other than that the seat is very comfortable if there are just two people traveling in the back seat.

Well, youve got the foldable armrest, you can fold it down. You can see that it doesnt have the pull tab, so you have to slide your hand in to pull it out, but it makes you really comfortable. Youve also got cup holders in here. The finish of the cup holders could have been better and it is a tad bit tiny and well and that just about sums up the rear seat of the tata take or ev. There are a few things that could have been better about the new tigor ev. Firstly, youve got charging time. Of course, youve got the fast charger. The dc fast charger will juice up the battery from 0 to 80 percent in just about 60 minutes, and that is really quick, but youve got a disadvantage with that, and that is that it reduces the battery life of the vehicle. If used constantly tata suggests. You use it only in an emergency while traveling or you have to charge it up really quickly. That is when you can use a dc, fast charger, but otherwise the normal ac charger that you get with the car that you can plug in at your home. Well, that takes about 8.5 hours to charge up the vehicle and that we feel is a little too long, uh, of course, if youre leaving to charge overnight its great well, if youre, in a hurry that kind of ruins the day so charging times definitely could have Been better, secondly, you got the build quality.

The fit and finish, of course, tata, has come a long way and has really upped the game with this one. But there are a few niggles that we found here and there the quality of plastics could have been better. The rear seat is not foldable, so the boot space cant be expanded, etc. These are the little few niggles that we found. The quality certainly could have been better. Charging infrastructure is not a problem to do, in particular with the tigor ev. It is a general problem. Faced by all electric vehicles in india, charging infrastructure is still at a nascent phase and it is difficult to find charges out on the road so that kind of restricts the usage of electric vehicles. And that is something that we really look forward to as it improves. In the coming years, tata motors is also working on their own charging solutions through tata power, its called the tata ez charge and well its being installed across various locations in the country and were really looking forward to that. Once that is up and running, i think the tigor ev should make it anywhere without a sweat priced at rupees, 12 lakh. The tara trigger ev is the most affordable electric car in india.