Now no other indian car maker is focusing on evs as much as tata motors. Now the brand has seen some success with the electric version of the nexon. Now, in what seems like the right step towards mainstreaming evs, they have launched this the tigger ev, their second electric vehicle for private buyers. Now you might be wondering why we have specifically mentioned private buyers well, thats, because the idea of an electric trigger isnt, a new thing at all tata in fact, has been making an electric version of the tigor for three years now, but that card is available only For commercial buyers, and when you look at its spec sheet, you will realize that it doesnt make all that sense for private users, given its low output, electric motor and limited range. The tigor ev that you see here, however, puts up a much better case for affordable evs, just like the nexon, but then again, because its basically a compact sedan. Its starting price is also a couple of lakhs lower than the nexon, its more affordable for sure and in many ways its the right choice for anyone looking to make that transition from petrol or diesel to electric. But is it really good value lets find out? Shall we, but before we go ahead, please take a moment to subscribe to our channel. If you like, what you see and also press that bell icon to stay notified, when we make a new upload now back to the electric trigger and lets just quickly take a look at the design before we get to the real highlight of this car.

Like the nexon ev, the teal blue color is exclusive to this electric version, and you also get gloss blue color trim below the grille around the fog lamps and on one portion of the wheels which, by the way, are actually full wheel covers designed to look like Alloys inside not much has changed, except for the level of equipment you get well. Now you get a rotary dial for the gearbox instead of a traditional lever and a new instrument cluster, which has been redesigned for the electric version. Besides that, you get matching blue surrounds for the ac vents, and the seats have a new cool pattern as well, as is the way with ev packaging. The battery pack has been put under the boot flow and because of that tata has had to reposition the spare wheel to sit vertically inside the boot. Now, as you can see, this placement eats into the boot space and, as a result, the capacity is now reduced to 316 liters, though you can always remove the spare wheel, if you absolutely need to use all of the board space for a short trip or something Music, the electric motor powering this car comes from the same ziptron line of tech that we have seen in the nexon ev. But here you get less power and torque at 75, bhp and 170 nm of torque. But then again the decoder is a much lighter car and because its usage is so much more urban friendly.

These power figures seem alright, both on paper and on the road. The acceleration at low to medium speeds is good, and even though you not feel a strong shove, as you go full throttle, progress is more than adequate for city use Music. We didnt get a chance to test the record ev on the highway. During our brief. First drive, but we did manage to test it for performance using our precision timing gear, as you can see here, are our best results in terms of 0 to 60 and 0 100 kmph, the 26 kilowatt hour battery pack allows for decent, if not great, straight line Performance but then this car offers enough punch around town and for reeling in those gaps in traffic. The performance on offer is more than enough. So what about charging times? Well, you can charge your tigger ev either using a standard 15 amp plug or a 25 kilowatt dc fast charger. Now it will take around an hour to charge the battery from 0 to 80 using the fast charger. However, it will take at least nine hours if you end up using the standard 15 amp plug, get the battery up to 100 and youre good for a claim driving range of around 306 kilometers, but bear in mind in real world conditions with changing traffic and road Conditions you can expect at least 240 kilometers of driving range in the tigor ev. We will be getting the tigor ev for a real world range test.

Just like we did with the nexon check out the nexons real world range at the link in the description or in the pop out banner. Let us know in the comments, if you want us to find out the real world range of the tigar ev Music, now tata motors is offering a warranty of 8 years and 1.6 lakh kilometers on the battery pack and the electric motor, which is great and before You figure the standard warranty on the vehicle stands at 3 years and 1.25 lakh kilometers couple this with a low maintenance, drive crane, and you can expect a car that is very affordable to own and run Music. More importantly, the trigger ev also has managed to score a commendable 4 star rating in the global end cap crash tests, making it one of the safest, compact sedans out there, Music in terms of variants. The tigor eb has been offered in three variants: xc xm and xz, plus with prices starting at 11.99 lakhs ex showroom. Now this base price doesnt represent particularly great value, because the base variant is missing. Quite a few essential features, Applause sure it gets modern equipment like climate control, a digital instrument cluster and led tail lights. But, on the other hand, you dont get basic features like power windows at the back alloy wheels or even a music system. The top spec exit plus is definitely the most value for money variant. If you ask me, you get all the good stuff, such as push button start, a nice harmon, music system, cool glove box, height adjustment for the drivers, seat, rear parking, camera, rear arm rest, auto folding wing mirrors and some more.

The tigor evs value proposition comes under scrutiny once again, when you consider the fact that the entry level nexon ev is a couple of lakhs more expensive, and for that you are getting a much superior electric vehicle in comparison, the tigor is less powerful, slower has a Smaller capacity battery pack and effectively marginally less range than the nexons area claimed 312 kilometers. However, it is significantly lighter than the nexon and the weight advantage could translate to a better real world range among the two. Naturally, the smaller tig or ev will also be easier to drive and park around town and for anyone who wants to switch to evs there is no better budget car at the moment. This also highlights the lack of options for ev buyers at the budget. End of the market, hopefully we will have more mainstream car makers, crowding the ev space over the next couple years. That way, you and i can relish competitive prices, better battery technology and a whole lot of options to choose from Music Applause.