I hope you can see this Music um yep again in a nap. Okay lets first see the gallery. Of course. I know mbs cars are amazing already so safety ive actually seen they have is a safest, c5 star in cap rating Music lets go to the side. Oh, they will only zoom it for us. What is it inspired from? Okay, okay, okay, oh you can see all this lets go down key accessories. You can see all those accessories cup holder, seat protection, the seat covers vacuum, cleaner steering, wheel cover car mat cup holder and thats it its all right configurations. This is the interior, all leather interior, leather, wrapped steering wheel. This is the cover panoramic sky roof, which is amazing, which is going to be also there in the uh upcoming mgaster. Three more drive, yes, thats it mgmaster is like the same features of xuv 700, which is just mind blown. They have all those special features, which is amazing, hey, oh its. Actually, a written mortgage got chrome, highlights, chrome, highlighting or tail light, or i dont know. I have not experienced this car. Oh this is there by usually london, i inspired headlamp, which is just cool. Okay lets check. Okay. This has all so many features that i cant, even save them itll be a very long video. So i dont want to make that rain sensing front wiper. First in the segment dual pan, pan a panoramic sunroof first and second.

First in segment, pm 2.5 filter six phase adjustable driver seat push button start stop with smart key entry. Smart key thats actually thats what they meant: electric gear, knob gear shift, knob cross control, drive, mods eco sport and normal whats. This okay kind of check just correct me if i in the chat box, if im wrong, uh cruise control, kinetic energy recovery system, kers, three levels: auto headlights, okay, good lets check on the interior, what leather seats drivers, armrest with storage leather, wrap, steering wheel with stitching Leather on door, trims and dashboard 8.9 cm multi info display rare 60 40 split seats. Here we finished, i guess no, no, no breathable glow logo, which is good, amazing, led drs, projector, headlamps r17, dual machined alloy wheels, finish silver finish on roof turn indicator thats it or there is move whats with the turn indicator. Okay, whatever safety, three point: symbol for all passengers: six airbags, dual front side curtain, abs, plus ebd plus brake assist electric parking brake, which is also nice over heated or im. Sorry, it does not overheated its heated or vm hill. Decent control lets just drag it down. Oh, this is so much hell start that assist rare disc brakes. This car is amazing: reverse parking camera with dynamic lines. Rare seat belt reminder first in segment, which is amazing, like uh. If the seat belt isnt put on the back uh itll just make those sounds. Not irritating, i think, its, not irritating its, not irritating its actually for your safety, which i appreciate.

Electronic stability control vibration, monitoring system, tpms, okay, thats it! Yes, yes, when it comes down to the power and passion mg021 outperforms, the competition battery capacity 44.5 kwh high tech battery range 419 kms max 350 newton meter, 0 to 100 kilometers per hour 8.5 seconds. Only nice maximum power, 142.7 ps, nice. Okay, i guess – were done. Specifications were done gallery also were done, safety were done for configurations, weve done sorry configurations, key accessories, we are done for power and performance were done, yo, my app and my mg app. Oh, i forgot about that. Sorry, you can uh download it from the app store and the play store, which is nice, get all these features internet car eye, smart yeah it has internet inside, which is nice even in the mdr uh hector also has that when it has these names, that is Familiar mg aster mg hector mg gloucester. All these are kind of familiar, so they can actually actually easily identify their car. Oh 419 km range in single charge, nice actually till here there is just 300 and something so it will still have charge, which is amazing, 44.5. Kwh high tech battery that we read coffee, eco, 3 challenge, nice, increased ground clearance of 177 mm nice, actually yeah, actually thats enough, enhanced type aspect: ratio of 200 nice. I liked it its my own opinion. Okay, just dont think its everyones opinion, its just mine. Five reasons not to worry about charging ac fast charges, portable charger with car dc super fast chargers, ac fast chargers at dealership, roadside mobile assistance, okay, nice contribute.

Your views towards nature see this instrumental cluster is just cool amazing, and this – and this thing is also amazing. Like this thing, just lifts up other cars will just have those petrol uh area right those there only it will be to plug in. But this is, they tried something variety and they they should just lift it up and they should plug it in, which is an amazing feature. Um. Yes, it is so thats it. I hope you, like my video, if you did smash the like button, subscribe and hit.