However, theres still a long way to go and theres one factor that is stopping the eevee boom in india, and that is infrastructure. But after talking to many industry leaders, i have come to know that one another major factor that is stopping the eb boom in india is the lack of choices for the buyers, Music and, if theres, one company that is working hard to solve. Both these issues in india, it has to be tata motors, now well talk about the infra bit in some other video. What well talk about is this new tata tigor ev, Music Applause Music. Now, before i start talking about the tigor av in detail, heres, a quick understanding on the strategy behind the launch of this product with the launch of the tigo rv tata motors, has now become the only company in india to provide two different evs with more than 300 kilometer range in sub 15 lakh category, not only this. They also offer their express t car for the fleet owners, which is basically based on the older tigor Music Applause. Now, moving to the design of the new tigor ev, we got to review the compact sedan dressed in a signature, teal blue shade, which looks rich with other light blue elements on the grill, the wheels and the bumpers signifying the green energy. However, theres also a daytona gray shade to choose from apart from that. Not much is happening in terms of the design, as it is the same fastback compact sedan design as the regular petrol tigor.

However, you get a handful of elements improving the overall aerodynamics to reduce the drag and hence enhance the range like the exterior. The cabin also resembles the irregular tigor with the same overall dashboard design, but with light blue elements throughout the cabin the gear. Stick has also been replaced by a rotary knob, which was a bit slow in response for me, the dual tone: cabin with piano black, finish elements flat bottom steering wheel, a large digital instrument, cluster adds to the overall premiumness. Having said that, the pop up style door locks inside the cabin are still old school Music. In terms of features you get 7 inch, hermanns touchscreen, infotainment screen with 4 speakers, sound system, rear parking, camera, push button, start electric boot, unlocking button and seat height adjustment tata is also providing ira connected suite with 30 odd features, including remote commands charging status, among others. In terms of practicality, the space is decent enough for four full grown adults, but i didnt find the cup holes and other spaces enough for keeping your stuff. The boot has a volume of 375 liters without the spare wheel or 316 liter with the wheel tata is offering a tire puncture kit in place of the wheel. In case you want bigger boot space. The boot opening button on the boot door itself is quite small and tedious to find Music. Now the biggest change in the new tigor ev is this ziptron technology. We first saw in the nixon ev and what it does is add a 26kwh battery to the tigor, which delivers an arri certified mileage of 306 kilometers to a single charge.

Now you can charge the battery using a ac wall mounted charger, which tata will be installing at your home at free of cost. You also get a 15 ampere wire, which you can take anywhere in india and use the regular sockets, and apart from that, you also get a wide network of more than 600 dc fast chargers across india. In association with tata power, the dc charger can charge the vehicle in under 1 hour, while the ac charger and the cable provided with the tgo can charge. The vehicle overnight now claimed versus actual range has been a hot debate for some time now and tata. Stop management has already clarified that the real life battery range would be around 250 kilometer if you drive the vehicle in the d mode, since i drove the vehicle, mostly in the s mode, i got close to 200 kilometer range. The 306 kilometer range is by array and they test the vehicle in different testing conditions than what we drive in regular roads, which also brings me to the drive modes. While there is a d mode for regular driving, it feels quite lethargic to drive the ev in this mode, while the s mode is quite responsive, peppy and fun to drive, but dries up the battery. Pretty quick, you also get to harness the full engine output in this mode, ranked at 75 ps and 170 newton meter. The steering is tuned to perfection and, despite a heavy battery pack, does its duty pretty well.

The suspension setup is on a softer side. Music. I got to drive the vehicle on a day with heavy rains, and so talking about brakes wouldnt be ethical, but they do get energy regenerative system also with no tailpipe. It felt quite comforting to take the car even in the waterlogged roads, which also brings me to the safety standards of the tigor, which is now rated 4 star in the global end cap safety test. The battery is ip67 rated and gets a liquid cool battery management system. You also get an eight years. Battery warranty from the company tigor also gets other safety features like dual airbags and abs, with ebd tata motors is one brand that knows how to successfully diversify its portfolio want to buy an electric suv will go for the next navy want to buy a more affordable Electric car well go for the new tigor ev at rupees 12 lakh. It is also the most affordable electric car in india.