The first thing which mesmerized me about the car was the color. He obviously wanted to go for an ev. It was a very slick, design, definitely attractive. The look and feel was amazing. The interiors wowed me the features that was totally pulled me off its a suv which is compact. It is an amazing car and i love it. It was love at first sight, wanted to expect this car to be so smooth. It was unbelievable how silent a vehicle can be when we drove it first, its very quiet and, at the same time, zippy. I was taken aback by the instant torque provided by the motor, an s gear, its just phenomenal. I never thought that itll be that powerful, and then i made up my pine. This is this: is the car it can adjust to changing weather conditions pretty well. The ground clearance is also quite high. It has all the ingrained features and suv it just glides away in any kind of bumps. So you have a very smooth driving experience, always 200 kilometers in one charging close to 200, more than 220 kilometers almost covered 270 kilometers Music. I also like the charging station solution at home. Just imagine bringing the petrol pump at home, so charging the car at home is extremely simple and very comfortable. I charge once in two to three days. Fast. Charging is very convenient in half an hour. You know the charge goes to over 60 70 percent.

I think tata power is doing a great job in educating people how to use it and also setting up a lot of infrastructure around virtually no vibration makes the drive very, very quiet when we are inside the cabin actually. Sometimes i feel that im in a home theater, the people on the road also find it surprising that the car is smoothly coming next to them. Yes, its far more than i imagined. In fact, i felt it was much more luxurious than cars in few categories higher very roomy. Sweet comfort is superb, superb im using the app every day tracking my car, where it goes rather than calling my driver or calling my son. I could just know where the car is. You can use the app also to unlock the car sitting at home. You get to know through the app that whether you need to charge it before leaving. I turn on the ac. Sometimes before i start the car, the green nameplate right, it always attracts attention. Wherever i take the car, i can see a lot of curious onlookers asking me lots of questions. Ive already received a lot of requests for a test drive theres, a new kid in the block everybody wants to know wants to ask wants to test drive it its actually, a literally an ebers envy owners, bright kind of a car, its so important to be green And do all that we can to be green. The way mobility is going thats, the future its made in india and tata company.

So it really builds that trust equation. What more do you want a car made for every indian and thats? What im telling you, because of my own experience, go for it at tata motors. We look forward to coming up with a range of models that will provide the right, ev solution for all customers.