Obviously i have evolved since, albeit not in the right direction, but what has evolved in the right direction are electric vehicles now back then we had just one to choose from the mahindra e2o, and now we have a plethora of them to choose from in a whole Different bunch of price point, this being the latest entrance to india, the brand new trev now weve seen the tigor before havent we in standard after that, but this video is very simple. I know what you want to ask. Can i live with this and thats exactly the question that i intend to answer in todays review. Lets take a quick moment to mark out the differences between the standard car and this ev version, though it gets a new front, bumper and grill, and some blue accents typical of an electric car. Pretty much everything else on the outside is the same, and on the inside too, the changes arent huge, a new instrument, cluster new seat upholstery and those same blue x and co2. So, overall, not much has changed now when you need to live with a car like this, it has to be completely uncompromising and sadly one of the parts where it does have a bit of compromise is the boot space. Let me explain: the battery pack actually takes up the space that the spare wheel used to be in, and there are two battery packs here. This is the smaller one. The larger one is underneath the rear passenger seat, where the fuel tank used to be spare wheel.

Incidentally, has moved here to the side, which means it does eat up some of the luggage space in the boot theres, no way youre gon na fit one of those big bulky bags that we love traveling around with, but small overnighters or cabin baggage theres. More than enough space for those – and you still have space to play around with all right then now that were behind the wheel – lets get a couple of facts straight out. The way this sadly isnt the same power or the same moto setup that you get in the next one ev it is less powerful. So this is just 75 horsepower and 170 newton meters of torque, which is more than enough for a car of this size, and i could now pull off lines like the torque comes in at 0 rpm and it feels linear and smooth in traffic, and it all Does because its an ev its supposed to do all of those things right? What it does surprise me with is how smooth and how quiet and how nice this car suddenly has become just like how the nexon ev is the best nexon. That tata makes the tigor ev honestly is the best tigor. That tata makes its the best of the lot for sure. In fact, this could very well be one of the nicest city cars that you can actually go out and buy price, not withstanding, of course. So the tigar ev offers you two driving modes ones, the d or the standard mode and the obvious other one is the s or the spot mode.

Now lets talk about the differences between the two, because there are some big differences in the way these two make. The car drive d mode, obviously, is the more gentle mode, its the most subtle mode, the grandfather mode, if you like to call it that it accelerates more gently, its more peaceful, its more sort of well just taking its time getting there, and i bet you get A lot better range, if you drive it in d all the time, but stick it in spot and thats, where all the fun is now. Look this isnt the fast or fun car, but it is electric and you do have all that cliched line talk that i talked about earlier. So why not have some fun? Why not make the most out of it and s mode really? Does that it actually its a lot faster, because you can get all that motor range that it provides to play with? Yes, its a little bit less on regeneration. The d mode actually offers 50 more regeneration well, at least according to the meter, but overall, just putting an electric motor into this car has made it a much much nicer car to drive by a margin right lets talk about the elephant in the room, which, of Course is range and thats what every future ev driver wants to know. Now the official ar ai range on this is a little over 300 kilometers and, frankly, youre never going to actually get that unless you are hyper miling with the mirrors turned in and the ac off and 50 psi in your tires, but thats not how normal people Drive behind estimate is a range of maybe the late hundreds or close to 200 kilometers to drive in the normal d mode and obviously in sport.

Youre gon na get a lot less. But let me do this in the near future. Lets bring you a video of an actual real world test where we take this from 100 charge to an absolute dead, zero and lets see how much we actually get. That said, from a normal day to day perspective, there is enough range for most peoples, commutes Music, and if at all, you do fall short charging. Infra is growing at a really really quick pace, especially in major metros and using apps. Like the tata power easy charge, you can plan your journey in a way you can account for every small stop and maybe some ice cream. Summing. This car up is very easy: its electric, literally and figuratively, but for all the good it does here is my curveball tata should have continued, offering the tigor as a commercial vehicle ev only and not in this fully loaded private vehicle format.