Now, for those of you are not aware, the tigor ev has been around for quite some time, but the previous generation was available for commercial buyers or fleet operators. However, this new version is available for private buyers and it has been launched at a starting price of rupees 12 lakhs ex showroom, making it one of the most affordable evs that you can buy in the private ev segment. The new version is based on tata ziptron. Eb technology so expect advancement levels to be much higher than its predecessor. Weve, had the car for a day and now its time to hit the road and time to find out just how well the 2021 takeover ev performs in everyday driving conditions. And, more importantly, is it worth the money that tata is asking for it youre watching the auto x youtube channel? You can also get your daily dose of all things automotive on our website, auto and follow us on social media. Dont forget to check out our monthly magazine and make sure to hit the bell and subscribe button. So you dont miss a thing Music with the ziptron architecture. The 2021 takeout ev gets a single motor layout that powers the front wheels and the motor is powered by a 26 kilowatt hour. Liquid cool lithium ion battery pack now compared to the nexon ev thats, a smaller battery pack and therefore the power and torque figures are also reduced. The decor ev puts out 74 bhp and 170 newton meters of torque and it might sound a little insufficient for a car of this size, but once you get behind the wheel and you experience the single speed transmission, that offers you two drive modes, that is standard And sport mode, you realize that there is plenty of power and you do not really need more in terms of city driving.

As a result of these figures, the tigor ev claims a 0 to 60 kilometers in our time of just 5.7 seconds, which is quite decent and in terms of features. The car offers uh smart features like regenerative, braking, hill descent and ascend control, and quite a few safety features as well, such as a rear view, camera with dynamic guidelines, abs, ebd and, of course, dual airbags. Weve been driving the car for a few hours now and in terms of the overall drive experience, i must say the tigor ev impresses a lot thats, because a the drive is really comfortable thats. Also because of these really nice well bolstered seats and the overall cabin feel is also really good. The steering is light, but it has enough feedback to induce confidence and in terms of ride quality. The suspension works really well in absorbing most potholes and given the kind of road surfaces you find in cities like delhi, ncr, the tigor av suspension is adequate and it performs really well in all scenarios and its not just comfort where the tigor eb scores really well. Be it the driving dynamics, be it the braking, be the acceleration the car performs well across the board, and i am genuinely impressed by its overall driving dynamics Music. So now that you know all this about the tigor ev now ill come to the most important bit, and that is the driving range tata claims that the tigor ev can deliver up to 306 kilometers of driving on a full single charge.

That is the arai certified figure and the car comes with a ccs type connector. So if youre charging the car using a simple 15 ampere wall socket the zero to eighty percent uh charge, time is pegged at around eight hours and forty five minutes. But you do the same: using a 25 kilowatt, uh dc, fast charger and um, the same amount of charging can be done in just 65 minutes, which is quite impressive. Given that the top spec xz plus variant costs, rupees 13 lakh egg showroom, one would expect to find an appreciable list of premium features on offer and the tigor ev does not disappoint on this front, ranging from projector headlamps led drls, a smart key with push button Start cooled glove box, powered, auto, folding or vms to an electric boot release and a 7 inch harmon touchscreen infotainment system with an 8 speaker setup theres plenty to look forward to a special mention goes to the audio system for its simply stellar sound quality. And if you think the list of features stops there well, the tigor ev also offers tatas ira connected card tech with up to 35 features, all of which can be accessed and operated via tata motors z, connect smartphone app on the downside, though even the top variant. Only gets wheel covers instead of alloys and the rear parking camera offers mediocre, display quality Music. Well. To summarize, and to answer the all important question: is the new tigor tv worth the money that tata is asking for it? Well, in my opinion, a straightforward answer is yes, the car is definitely worth the money that tata is asking for it thats, because the car offers a really really comfortable and a joyous driving experience.

It has a number of premium features and, more importantly, it offers a pretty good driving range as per city driving conditions. Now, of course, we havent been able to test its claim of 306 kilometers on a single full charge, but let me tell you something: today: we have driven this car in absolutely treacherous conditions. I mean we have driven the car in knee deep water and the tigor ev has driven through all kinds of scenarios, with absolute ease, no problems whatsoever, so considering the fact that its an ev that can drive through knee deep levels of water. Well, that is pretty high praise and weve been driving the top spec exit plus dual tone version that is priced at rupees 13.14 lakh ex showroom, pan india. So for that price you get pretty good kit, a stellar driving experience and good driving range as well. So in my books, that is an ev that takes all the right boxes. Thank you for watching our 2021 tata tig or ebay review in case. You feel weve missed out on some crucial points in this review.