99 lakh rupees, can the new tata tigor ev get a bigger pie for tata motors lets find out. My name is dinesh devsharma and youre watching mashable india. The new tigor ev is another attempt at an all electric vehicle by tata motors. Yes, this car has been on roads for some time, but that has only been for fleet operators, and here is where the 2021 tigor is looking to change. The rules of engagement to test it out, we lived with the new tigor ev and used it like a normal commuter starting from the exteriors. The tigor evs design is almost identical to the conventional fuel model. The biggest differentiator will be the metallic teal blue paint job and the matching accents on the exterior of the ev. It also has an updated phase and gets a redesigned front. Grille bumper halogen headlights with led drls led tail lights and blue accents on alloy wheels. In addition to the signature blue color, there is another special addition in the try arrow pattern for the tigor ev. You can find it in the front. Fender air intake, the seat upholstery, its a truck the body panels and rear fenders seem to be identical to the ice counterparts. Only the ev doesnt get an exhaust pipe, but of course, on the whole, the new tigor ev looks quite appealing, especially in the teal blue exterior color scheme aesthetically. It stands as an evolution over the standard pre face, left, tigor and is sure going to be a head turner on the road.

The cabin layout of the tata tigor ev is identical to the standard tigor. Yes, there are a few unique design elements such as the blue colored highlights around the air convents and on the center tunnel and cool looking instrument cluster, and you also get upholstery with blue colored stitching, which gives a nice premium feel and the quality of the materials Used is satisfactory. Both the front and rear seats are comfortable with enough legroom for the rear passenger, though some extra thigh support would have been much appreciated. The design of the central control, however, looks a bit outdated with the mediocre harmon 7 inch. Infotainment system and tata should work on it. Another not so eevee feature that might put you off is the old school locking mechanism that takes you back to the 90s. Now moving on to the most important part, which is how the tata tigor ev like to drive. Well, if youre used to conventional engines, you would be shocked since the tigor ev has no noise. The driving experience is completely different and takes time if you are used to patrol or diesel model and ev is fast from the word go and smooth. It takes much less effort in driving it and it is a calmer experience to drive it in traffic. Just like in nixon ev tata motors has used its versatile and scalable zyptron electric module in this car as well. The tigor ev has a 26 kilowatt hour.

Lithium ion battery compared to nixon evs 30.2 kilowatt r, but delivers a comparable range of 306 kilometers per single charge against nexons 312 kilometers per charge in real life situation. It gave us about 230 kilometers per charge. The battery pack confirms to the ip67 standard of protection and also has an ais 48 rating, which means that this ev is likely to easily sail through flooded roads switch off automatically if trapped, underwater and even take the regular abuse of our road conditions throughout its lifespan. You can charge this car from 0 to 80 in just 60 minutes with ccs2 fast charger or 15 ampere plug and through the ac callbox charger. It will take around 8.5 hours, this battery powers, a permanent magnet ac motor, with the resulting power output being 74 ps and 170 nm, and to reach from 0 to 60 kilometer per hour sprint. The tigor ev will take 5.7 seconds. There are two drive modes which can be changed by the knob on the center console. However, the regular d mode is all what you need, and that is what we use most of the time. It is quick and a mere flex of the accelerator will have you going very fast through traffic gaps. It feels very quick and smooth in the real world. Most will take some time to adapt to this space, but once you do, you will not like anything else. Sport mode is not needed, and mostly the tyres cannot cope with the torque.

The ride and handling is pretty good, with precise steering and sporty handling. One thing we noticed is that the knob to change from d to n or r takes some time, and it is a bit nerve wracking, especially when you are taking a. U turn and reverse gets engaged a touch late. Also, the range drops less in the city than in the highway due to region, and that points to the fact that tigor ev makes sense as a city commuting tool at the starting price of 11.99 lakh rupees. It automatically becomes the cheapest ev offering from tata motors portfolio.