It may be a gloomy and wet day here in delhi, but the car that we have for you. Yes, this one right here promises to be thunderous and electric its the 2021 tata motors tigor electric vehicle. This review is going to be a bit different and a bit more personal because ill be driving it more as a prospective buyer than as a journalist. Ive been looking to get an affordable or a relatively affordable electric vehicle in my garage and in this review well find out if this can be that car, if youve also been interested in a battery part option at a relatively affordable price point, then this review is For you stay tuned Music Music. As far as compact sedans go, tigors looks arent, creating ripples, but i cant be hung up on style if buying an affordable ev. That said, the tigor eevee isnt shabby to look at at all. It may not be extravagant, but the redesigned front, bumpers, the new grille, the halogen headlights with led drls, the led tail lights or even the blue. Accents on the alloy wheels do help its cause. Much like the outside. The cabin of this ev isnt flashy and yet is sombra and sedate. It doesnt matter one bit to me, but theres, no sunroof in this car and true that some of the more premium features like ventilated seats and air purifier are missing as well, perhaps to conserve battery. I, as a buyer, am okay with that.

There are three variants of the new tigor ev on offer and depending on which variant you choose. You get features like the 7 inch infotainment screen right here. It supports android, auto apple carplay, of course, regular connections with bluetooth, audio usb and all are there as well. There are, there is support for about 30 connected apps on this system as well. Audio is handled by the very trusty harman system, so thats great too, and the screen itself is very responsive to touch, and thankfully it isnt very reflective either below it are a set of utility buttons and the entire setup is done up in piano black finish, which Gives it a slightly premium appeal, but of course the fact that this is an electric vehicle is also highlighted by this blue border around the central aircon and the side aircons right here in terms of feature list, this car also gets a glove box. Thats cooled the size isnt very impressive, but cool glove box is a nice addition. There is some storage space right here for uh for knickknacks there is some storage space like i have a bottle of sanitizer, its a small little cup holder. Here there is space to put your keys. Unfortunately, though, something very basic like an armrest for the driver, at least is missing. That said, the seats are nicely cushioned once again inside the tigor ev there is blue stitching. All around quality seems to be pretty good.

Thats not something i can say about well the plastics on offer, but really it isnt a luxury vehicle so ill. Pretty much excuse starter for uh for the use of these hard plastics right here. The steering wheel has controls on top. You can control uh volume and a lot of other functionality. Voice command is only for a phone and not for the main infotainment screen, and you can adjust it for height, but not for reach. Just behind it is the old digital driver display unit and its a quite a futuristic one. It gives you all the data that you need related to your drive, so that includes your range in percentage range in kilometers, the regenerative braking and well come to that when we get the tegori v on the move. So it also puts out that display and there is a an electric version of an instantaneous consumption, so it tells you how economically youre driving driving this vehicle. Of course, there are two drive modes as well, and those can be controlled through this central dial on the center console, but well come to that as well a little later in this review. Now, if you do choose to buy the tigor ev, you can also make use of the tata motors z connect app. You can download it from the apple store or the android store, and it looks something like this now. What it does is that you can make certain changes to your car uh just by using this app so remote location, for example.

Im sitting in my house. I want the air conditioning to be turned on. I can just press this button right here and five minutes. 10 minutes 15 minutes. You can choose the duration and the air conditioning will be on, of course, its child pro password protected. So you can just put in a pin of your choice and the car will turn on the air conditioning system. Similarly, you can make use of functionalities like alarm. You can turn on or off your headlights. You can even locate your vehicle by just pressing uh the alarm button on this vehicle. Apart from that, you can also run a diagnosis of the vehicles to check that all the parameters and elements are working as they should once this is over. You will also get a message for service due this particular unit service is due in another six thousand. Six. Seven hundred sixty three kilometers uh – i hope youve already noticed that there is 77 charge or 165 kilometers still left on this vehicle now theres a little over 300 liters of boot space in the new tagore, except the fact that the spare wheel is positioned vertically. So it eats up into luggage space. You can, however, choose to take out the spare tire and keep it at home, because starter motors is providing as standard quick air pressure, filling tire puncture kit quality shoes are also visible on the boot lid as wires, and sponge are exposed.

One of the great things that i like about electric vehicles, any electric vehicle, is just how silent they are thats it press of that push button, and this car is ready to go so lets see how this car performs engage, drive mode, central knob and push off Music assuming youll be driving the electric vehicle, primarily in city conditions. The tigor ev has good trades, good drive trades uh to handle city traffic conditions. Well, the steering wheel is nicely balanced. Its nicely weighted and weve encountered a whole lot of potholes during our drive. So far, and the tegori v has managed to really negotiate all of them pretty well. Interestingly, weve also got this car and driven this across waterlogged roads, and the tigori v has managed to wade through everything that uh is wrong with delhi road, especially in rainy days. Like today is, in fact, its also assuring to know that tata motors told us that you can do whatever you want on waterlogged roads, and this car will uh perform and just in case there is any emergency, we can call them for a rescue act. Happy to report that weve not had to call them so far, and this car has given us a whole lot of confidence, now engage the sport mode and theres a whole lot of fun. Just check this out. The torque is absolutely instantaneous, so that is definitely par for the taking um thatll be a lot of fun on clean highway roads.

When you have to make overtaking moves so thats great, the tagory v will go up against its sibling. The nexon ev remember there are certain differences and certain similarities between both vehicles from tata motors. The difference is well. The tigor ev gets a slightly smaller battery pack and therefore a slightly lesser range than the nexon ev theres, also less power less torque. But remember again, this car is priced uh below the next one. It sits below the next one ev in classification segments as well. The price difference is about a lakh to a little over two lakhs, depending on the variance that youre, comparing of both the electric vehicles. Remember the battery pack inside this car is ip rated and is waterproof so thats a great thing, but some of our readers, like you, have also asked: can this car be charged under an open sky, especially in rainy conditions? So yes, the answer to that is yes, it can be, and well again, that is something thats pretty great too. Some of the questions that we get when were driving electric vehicle is also about what impacts the range. Now, a range in real world conditions can be impacted by factors like youre driving how you drive the vehicle, the incline, the terrain in city conditions, youll, get a better range in on highways. Well, not so much its exactly the opposite. In the case of the conventional vehicles, so all of these factors do matter now when we received this particular car, it had 240 kilometers of range, but having driven around 30 kilometers.

Initially, we saw that the range had dipped by around 55 to 60 kilometers. The percentage indication of the charge left perhaps is a more clearer and accurate representation of when it is time to recharge this wig from heavy showers in the morning to bright sunshine. Now, in the afternoon, weve had quite an eventful day with the tata tigo 2021 ev as a standalone product. This car right here makes a solid case for itself, but if you are looking to make this or any other electric vehicle, as your only car, then a word of caution about the support infrastructure, which is still not right up there and range anxieties may persist. Specially on long drives, but if you already have a petrol or a diesel or even a cng vehicle in the house, then this car right here can fit right in what do you think about the car? And this review do let us know, but for now this is all that we have in this episode.