That should interest you Music. You may remember the ticker ev from earlier. It was available for commercial customers only and was based on a lower voltage electric architecture with lower power and lower range. That car has now been named the express dev as for the new tick or ev, a new grille air dam, projector, headlamps and smartly designed steel wheels, spruce up the design versus the previous iteration, like the nexon av, its virtually identical to its fossil fuel powered sibling. The tigor facelift that launched last year, its available in two colors, and if you like, the tigger youll, like the ev by extension, though personally, im, not a big fan of the truncated boot. Its a similar story in the cabin with the gear levers place being taken by the rotary drive mode selector, which can be a little fiddly to use the facelifted tigors digital instrumentation now displays state of charge rates. Your driving and the level of regen braking its a comfortable place to be if a little spartan for the asking price and the dope pockets are little. On the slim side, the tigor av is available in three variants: xe xm and xz, plus with the base xc standard worthy features, only being climate control and reversing sensors. The mid spec xm actually seems like the best bet for the value hunter while arca is the top xd plus dual tone variant with the full features list. That being said, safety comes standard across the range with the tigor ev being the first ev to be crash.

Tested by the global end cap with a 4 star safety rating same as the petrol to go, two airbags abs with ebd are standard, though no isofix anchor points are available. The battery is safe too, with ip67 waterproof rating and industry certification against nail penetration at a cell level. Unlike many other electric vehicles out there, the batteries for the trigger ev as they are in the next one av are set under the rear seat. So that means the floor itself. Isnt set higher up, which means you dont have that typical ev slightly knees up at your face feeling the legroom is the same as in the petrol variant and the headroom, though its a little short it pretty. Much remains the same. What you do get in the nexon ev is just the feeling of a little more with a little more space and, of course, adjustable head restraints and rear ac vents Music, where the tigor ev loses out to the petrol ticker is in boot. Space thanks to the higher boot floor, forcing the spare wheel into the luggage compartment, the largest compact sedan boot at 419. Liters in the petrol is down to 316 liters with the electric again comparisons to the nexon evr inevitable, with the suv boasting of a more usable 350 liter boot. While the high voltage zipron ev architecture is borrowed from the nexon ev, the electric motor is all new. Smaller and lighter than the motor that crossover and output, 75 ps and 170 newton meters of torque the 26 kilowatt hour battery is smaller in capacity too, but gives the ticker ev an ar ai certified driving range of three or six kilometer on a single charge.

Similarly, a zero to eighty percent charge is possible in 65 minutes via a 25 kilowatt dc fast charger, with a supplied ac charger needing 8 hour 45 minutes for the same right. So your initial impressions of the trigger av are going to be off an obviously very silent performer. Now the spec sheet might leave you a little disappointed, but in its regular drive mode, its absolutely adequate for city driving for most people in regular city driving, regular drive mode is what theyd want. There is definitely enough power and talk on call for quick city, overtakes theyre, not blindingly quick in the way that electric vehicles can be. But the talk is well metered out and it wont take relatively novice drivers by surprise Music. Now it is possible to get a little more out of the drive frame when you put it in its s mode and thats, when you feel the throttle responses get a lot sharper and theres a lot more happening. When you depress your right foot now considering the tigor av will definitely be the first electric vehicle for most of the people who are looking at buying it and probably the first car for some of the people considering buying it. It serves as a very good initiation into the world of electric cars and just look at how silent it is its silent enough that the ticking of the indicator gets amplified and even the raindrops falling on the windscreen.

You definitely hear it a lot more because theres, just no noise or vibes to speak of with the tigor eevee. Now, inheriting the nexon av ziptron electric vehicle architecture. That means its also inherited its largest drawback, which is the fact that it lacks traction, control or an electronic stability program, of course, in the digo ev, with its cut power and dock figures, thats not as big an issue where that does come into play is on A wet day like today, if youre, pulling away from low speed, turns like this. U turn, for example, if you are not careful with your with your throttle application, there will be wheel spin and they will be understood and the car will want to push on through. Now, its obviously a matter of getting used to it, but for a new driver that peril of driving an electric car still does remain, but thats only when its set in the small Music. The learning curve for driving the tigor easy is nice and gradual. Even the regenerator braking, which sometimes catches people off guard, is very progressive. In this car, Music tata has tweaked the region breaking parameters versus the nexon ev, where the braking could feel a lot more abrupt. This results in smoother coasting behavior when off the throttle. So when youre cruising in the digger ev at about 60 – and you take your foot off the throttle, it very gradually ramps up the regen braking and its definitely not for one pedal driving, because the car wont slow down enough and it definitely wont slow down to Walking speeds by itself that has range of small cars have always been known for their pretty exceptional ride quality and the tigger ev is no different.

In fact, it may just ride a little better than its petrol counterpart, just by virtue of the weight being carried low. The suspension and steering has also been retuned for the tigor ev to offer an experience thats more in tune with the seamless stock delivery from the electric power train, not that many owners are going to be hustling their tig or ev, but the handling feels fairly neutral. With the weight carry down low like we said, and the steering does feel precise enough, even though its not particularly agile, the tigor ev isnt meant to be that car. So it gives you a nice sense of calm confidence. Instead, our performance test actually threw up a lot of interesting numbers in drive mode. The tigor ev is slower than the nexon ev, which is to be expected, despite the lower weight of the tigger ev, but its really just how much slower thats the surprise. In its s mode, the ticker ev comes close enough to the larger and more expensive nexon ev for most people to not really care about the difference and say that is nearly enough, but considering just how much range the s mode eats into. I think, however, leave the tigger av and its drive mode, which most people are likely to do to get the best range out of it, and the car doesnt really perform the way you would expect rupees, 12 lakh or more electric vehicle to do so.

Where that issue is exacerbated is on the highway, where, in its demo, the tigor av doesnt really feel like its got the guts for highway overtakes. So it will give you fairly relaxed overtakes if what youre, trying to overtake isnt traveling too quickly, of course putting it into s, does remedy this quite a bit, but as weve seen putting it into s, also choose through your batteries. So youll have to choose quite wisely that ar ai certified range is in lab conditions and as weve seen with the nexon evs real world range, which hovers between 200 to 240 and regular driving expect about the same from the smaller lower. Therefore, slightly better aerodynamically, efficient, tig or ev, with figures extrapolated from our efficiency testing, you could probably expect around 225 kilometers or more, if youre, driving in the city and about 200 kilometers of highway driving. But of course, this depends on your driving style Music on its own. The tigor ev is a likable comfortable, zero emissions, car best suited for city use price between rupees 11.99 to 12.99 lakh ex showroom before any subsidies. The asking price may seem a little high for what is essentially, of course, competitive compact sedan with an electric battery as an initiation into evs. It would make sense for a lot of people, though we cant help but think even a base.