Canadians just did a study and they found out that even on a vehicle that only has about 80 000 miles, the battery replacement can be more than the car is worth. You lose power as time goes on when canadian had a nissan leaf and it was supposed to go 121 kilometers, which isnt that much like 70 something miles. I guess, but then he found out that it only goes about 75 kilometers. Now, if you run the heat or the air conditioning, so he decided hes going to get another battery now in british columbia they become one of the most electrified vehicle market in the world. A bunch of monitor now theyre starting to wear out. They have a hard time finding them the dealerships gave them quotes of anywhere from listen to this, to replace the battery nine thousand dollars to thirty thousand nine hundred dollars to replace the batteries in the car. He had a hard time finding one go around and then finally nissan canada said: yes, we can replace it for 13 500, since they cant even find them some of the time guys are taking replacement ones out of wrecked cars. Oh great, you know you pay a whole bunch of money and youre getting a battery out of a wrecked car, for you know, anywhere from nine to thirty thousand dollars and another canadian had a chevy bolt right and the replacement of the battery. This was a 2017. So it was four years old.

The replacement of the battery was 40. The price of the car when it was new, which is more than a car, was worth so you think these things are economical, ha ha ha. No, they are. You can spend a whole bunch of money when that battery goes bad and its going to go bad, its not going to have the range that they claim, especially as they age thats all fantasy bs that theyre throwing out to try to get you to buy the Things in the first place and, of course, its colder in canada, the heater the electric heater is going to wear the battery out even faster, even shorter ranges. When you recharge a battery in a cold environment, it doesnt charge fully, and it also doesnt have as big of a range because its lost power, where the rubber meets the road canadians are finding out. Maybe not such a smart idea buying these electric cars as they stand today. Well, as usual, the tussles are crashing again uh. It turns out that a guy in yosemite in a fork road, his cars on autopilot and it crashed into a boulder and then when the rangers came, they said you know youre the fifth guy in the tesla to crash here. Obviously, the computer software cant figure out what to do on a forked road now so far, people found that theyre tricked by the full moon. They think the full moon is a street light burger king signs.

Now the guy had it on autopilot on yosemite and he said that it veered off the road he had his hands on the wheels and he tried to re straighten it. But it was on rocks on the side of the road and it slid it. Man into a giant boulder and to add insult to injury, it cost them a thousand bucks just to have it towed to the nearest tesla repair place because theyre so few and far between realize there arent that many of mine there. So you think these things work. Obviously they do not. Computers are a long way from driving our cars around if they cant even understand a fork. Road i had a customer in houston. Got rear ended because it thought the shadow of the underpass on the highway they were going under was a truck or something it hit the brakes, and then they were rear ended because the person behind him was following and all of a sudden. This car stops in front of him and the guy tried to step on his gas. He did, but it wouldnt go anywhere because it made itself stop. It thought it was a truck in front of it. The shadow so long way to go people before we have self driving cars. So, if youre going to yosemite in a tesla, my advice is turn it all off and drive it like a normal car. Well, if you saw the other day, i was talking about pictures of thousands of these fort broncos sitting in parking lots that they cant sell well heres.

What a lot of the truth is ford wasnt talking in, but now they are going to replace every single bronco molded in color, hard top because they made them all wrong. Theyre fighting away theyre coming apart. They made them all wrong and they got to replace every single one of them. If you own one theyre gon na, replace it but heres the real bad news lets, say you ordered one now they said well, its gon na be 2022. Before youll be able to get your vehicle, they got a backlog. The chip short is bad enough. Then they didnt build them right. Sometimes you cut corners too much when youre building things from what ive seen theyve already got two thin axles in the back. A little axle are too thin its supposed to be off road thing: hey those axles are going to end up snapping or bending if theyre, that thin theyre thick for a reason so that they can take strength and not bend. You make them thinner, yes, cheaper to make them and they weigh less, but theyre going to break and bend faster, its only common sense as far as im concerned. This is probably the tip of the iceberg thats just because you can see it and people. Oh look at those roots, its horrible. You can see it well. Imagine the internals you cant see so maybe if youre thinking about ordering or maybe youre going to cancel your order and do like scotty says wait a few years to see how it pans out.

Dont jump on a bandwagon look. This is the best thing since sliced bread and you find out hmm well. This is moldy bread. I dont think its better jerry. The fairy says i got an o2 toyota camry. I wonder about coil packs. I want to replace them all the ones i have say toyota part denso, made in usa online. I can only find coil packs made in japan made by denso. Are they okay, yeah, theyre, probably even better? The japanese stuff is always better as far as im concerned that lasted almost 20 years, so what the heck then was made in the united states. But you know the japanese want the course perfectly fine want to make sure that its real and its not some scam, because youre looking online and a lot of times. They say one thing, and then the box comes in its something completely different thats. The only problem with buying stuff online, you dont, know what youre actually going to get id gotten stuff from things. That said, it was original equipment and then i look at it and thats the name of the company original equipment theyre, not the original equipment, toyota ones. They just took a name and cheated so buying onlines, always a bit iffy. I like buying them locally myself, then theres a problem. You just go back nope, they dont work here. Give me my money back ill go someplace else when youre dealing with stuff online theres, always that gamble of you dont know if youre going to get what they say, theyre going to send and then sometimes you cant return them and youre stuck daryl.

Mckee 157 says i just bought a 20 21 wrangler. How can i make it last forever? Dont drive it then itll last forever. Well i want to get scotty advice. He says gotten a stellanas product. I got the 3.6 with the six speed. It is the acen transmission all right. Okay, lisas got the toyota transmission right, but its still, the 3.6 chrysler fiat engine. Basically dont, listen to any crap. They tell you change the oil and filter every five six thousand miles. Dont overheat, take care of it and dont. Take it off road if you want it to last forever, because then pieces break off if youre going to do normal, driving, keep your fingers crossed baby, it change the oil a lot and do a lot of praying, and maybe it will last forever. I kind of doubt it everything wears out. Eventually, cheap products wear a lot faster than they used to, but i mean you bought it take care of it. I mean the transmission might last forever, but you cant ride on the transmission itself. My id mike says i got 2006 printer mercedes diesel with turbo 67 000 miles on it. How reliable is it 67 000 miles is nothing for one of those diesel engines that mercedes makes the only problem. Is they cost so much money theyre very expensive? They can. Last a long time i have customers that buy them for their businesses. If i buy the ford van its going to fall apart long before, and then even though its cheaper, that, if they look at the how much they spend per mile driven, they actually are better off with one of those mercedes, sprinter, vents and everything eventually wears out.

But with 67 000 miles, that thing should have a heck of a lot of time left just change the oil regularly. I have it serviced once in a while, but they can last a lot longer than what yours has on it for sure frout ranger 25 says. Is it worth it? I have a manual transmission, 94 chevrolet beretta, z26, 160, 000 miles doesnt run. Is it worth to trying to get running again depends whats wrong now realize that is never going to be a collectors item. I looked it up in edmonds. It said its worth 105 to 900 dollars the whole car. But if you do my video fixing a car that cranks it doesnt start up and you can fix it cheap enough. Go ahead, its a standard, transmission, theyre, reliable. You know it might last quite some time. You never know, but dont put a bunch of money in it since things worth maybe a hundred and nine hundred dollars its not worth anything. So it depends. What do you want? You want a knock around car if you can get it running, cheap enough sure, but dont put a bunch of money in it, because the thing is worth critically nothing. They were kind of an ugly body style that people never even liked anyways and with that kind of mileage, 160 000 miles its probably nearing the end of its life span. Anyways at least, can you get it running cheap? But if you cant sell it for scrap joel the box says my son left his car parked in town unlocked a thief tried to force it.

I have bought a new barrel for the ignition key. How can i replace that barrel? Do i have to take it to locksmith? Will it start once its installed? What should i do when you stick it in? It has to sync with the system in the car, but – and this is a gigantic, but if the only thing youre changing is just the barrel that goes inside, you can just change it. Theres no sensor in the barrel itself, thats just the mechanical part that the key goes into and then opens it up, so you can turn it. If youre, not changing any of the electrical components you should be able to put in start and drive away. Program is needed if you get a different key that has to be programmed. If you get a new electrical portion of the switch, it would need it, but youre just replacing the mechanical part and the computer doesnt give one iota what that is. Thats, just keeping you from turning the key without the right key in it, so there isnt any electronic components in it. So you should be able to just put that barrel in there and drive away ive done tons of cars like that. I go to places like autozone and say: hey you got, you know key and tumblr for this, especially like toyotas and hondas as they age and they wear out and they say sure, and you turn it. You push a little button.

Theres a little hole there and you get like an ice pick and stick it in then the whole old one pops out. Then you pop the new one in lets say: youre getting a barrel and youre getting a key assembly a barrel key assembly. Then yes, its going to have to be reprogrammed, because that key has the immobilizer chip in it. If youre, not using your key over, if, if thats the case, you bought a key and a barrel together, any good locksmith can get your old key and he can get that new barrel. You got and he can take it apart and make your old key work. Then youll be able to start it right up. So, if thats the case hey what the heck take your new barrel and your old key to a locksmith and say make this key turn this any good locksmith can do it ive seen guys do it for ages. You can even do it yourself, but theres a lot of little pieces in there. I tried once and i gave up and i took it to locksmith and he did it.