This is the aura cat. You can see here: small electric vehicle 4 meters, 25. 167 inches and you can see the round headlamps kind of like a chinese mini version. I would say – or maybe like a mix of a beetle and a mini. Something like this. You have carbon fiber visuals here in the lower part here in the red in the so called gt, trim here as well, and it actually has a decent range also depending on the battery size. You pick around 300 to 400, kilometers and 200 to 250 miles. Thats. Very interesting we see more and more big evs, but here now finally, we can see another small electric vehicle coming to the market. 18 inch wheels in this case in here, and also one more time here: carbon fiber visuals at the side and also the wheels here with a contrasting red and also in the side profile. You can see even more retro styling, more round shapes 49 or 63 kilowatt hours. Net is the battery capacity, so two versions theyre actually available. We can see here, chrome frame and lower part, a little easier trim in the upper part and towards the rear. We have actually here some kind of shoulder forming and once again, a gt batching right there. So interesting styling – and this is really small car segment, but even more exciting will be how much space we will have in the interior light strip. Here goes all the way across, but its integrated in the rear, shield, thats, very interesting and actually a very clean design.

And here, if you dont, go for the sporty gt model, this one would be the base version. But you can see, you can also get a contrasting roof color here and white, and also with this you know, greenish blue mixture and the most interesting thing is. You can take a look at the exterior color and this one here has a fitting interior to that. Then also with the um yeah theres a little bit more greenish, then, and also then here. The white contrast so really interesting to correspond exterior interior that works very well so especially to the finishing of the materials and also to the coloring. They pay a lot of attention this one here by the way front, wheel, drive around 170 horsepower and 8.5 seconds is the acceleration figure, and you can see here. This is also the gt model, but in a different color. So now a fine look here at the its also the gt trim, but then again in a different color. It is a metallic paint, but has some kind of lets say matte appearance, but this one works very well here once again, with the carbon, fiber looks and definitely yeah, you remember, the the mini john cooper works. Yeah definitely has something of that tired doesnt it. You know were also famous for our turning indicator check and this one here also nice integration, all the way around the wall around around the headlamps theres. Also a cool styling, wet isnt.

It lets directly take a look at the trunk area and we do have a electric tailgate here and actually a substantial loading sill, not too much of space, but also a small vehicle, but long enough, definitely for the city and so on. So more space underneath right here and lets take a look at the interior. You know, as a german, i always pay attention to panel gaps, and this one here is actually you know very interesting, so not big gaps and also the door closing sound is very solid, and this only the small car segment lets take a look here at the Interior, so here we have a soft touch at the inside of the doors on the top part, and then we have here this kind of neoprene style structure. We have it also in new mercedes cars, for example, and then here theres, you know structured materials on the inside and in this case then this gt strim with a black and red mix here – and this is all leather red high grade leatherette. So once again, an animal free interior from a chinese manufacturer and here once again also very interesting services they use. So what are they doing here? We cannot drive the car, yet we will do it at the later stage, but what we can already see so far and that they use really good premium materials also here on the seats. No one could mistake this one here saying like: oh, this is like animal skin you could, you could actually think it is, but its not so high grade.

As for this, oh, we even have red seat belts, ill show you very soon, but first of all, let me take a seat and see about the comfort. Once again, this is a small vehicle and especially when youre one means 86 or six with one. Like me, often theres, not much comfort in in the small vehicles, and you know so far. Its actually quite reasonable still have some headroom, although we have a panoramic roof here and also with the rear switches but yeah its not powered here at the moment. Scenery up and down this is also um, a good quality test, um yeah. Obviously we cannot move it in and out yeah up and down only yeah. This is something they should offer that you can also put the steering wheel stingray towards you. I like that that they still use real buttons here at the steering wheel, thats good, actually and then theres a 20.5 inch screen, so the digital instruments and the main infotainment screen is actually one lets. Take a detailed look at that interior overview once again, very cool materials for the dashboard and also here for this middle area. Everything structured and somewhat soft touch vents go all the way through and indeed yeah, the chinese mini. Here we can see they borrowed the design from mini definitely but the upper part. This one looks more unique with the screen it goes through, where it is two screens. Yes, however, its interesting here on the right side, you have done the touch and um yeah an own infotainment system, something we have not seen so far its actually a reasonably quick as well, and take a look here at the gps, for example.

So this one looks rather you know, android based also in the prototype stage, cannot see too much there. Yet, though, on the left side, we see the digital instruments and when we hit the brakes, this one appears then, and then there will be, of course, the digital speed and so on and so on. Once again, here at the steering wheel, we have the real buttons to control, for example, also the cruise control and so on, and on the inside here in the lower part, there are usb a chargers next to here 12 for power supply and cup holders. In the front part – and this then here an interesting shifting lever, so we just turn it know it from jacob landry of car so, for example, or false from from genesis and so on, electric handbrake and then inductive charging pad so more space underneath. So they rather kept kept it simplified and, with a you, know, simple, easy and accessible design here for the interior and when you think about the comparison to the mini, this ones supposed to hit the market here at around 30 000 euros. So definitely a more affordable choice, interior in the rear than here hardback at the rear doors and, following here again the black and the red scheme. By the way, this leatherette here is not a very slick surface. It has some kind its like a mix of leather and microfiber on the very top surface, so very interesting.

It makes it a little bit more cozy in winter times, for example, and you can see here hardly any middle tunnel because its an all electric con concept, of course, and lets take a look its a short vehicle. But yet i have the legroom as an you know: compact vehicle with combustion engine, which would be like 20 or 30 centimeters longer or something i sit relatively low, but also headroom wise. I fit in here so indeed considering the length of that vehicle or the shortness of this vehicle. You have really a lot of room here inside even on the middle seat, is actually quite plush to sit on. You can actually drive with five tall adults in here and its not that uncomfortable, so thats, actually quite astonishing, and also here, with the gt batching here stitching here on the inside on the head restraints. So what we see here from the chinese manufacturers at the iia motor show in munich is first of all, they always offer a lot of legroom. They have great materials on the inside infotainment system wise. We cannot test it here, yet all in the prototype stage. We really have to check if theyre actually faster, they promise very fast chipsets. Also a qualcomm chip, then here and from a new generation in this vehicle, well see at a later stage, then how that one plays out. This will be very interesting and also okay, if they can actually catch up with the driving dynamics and so on here with the electric vehicle thing, is you always have the batteries in the lower part of the vehicle that always brings the the center of gravity very Low and usually promises great driving, um experience.

So when the chinese manufacturers build electric vehicles, they do not have to invest that much in driving dynamics as they would do with the combustion engine models.